Older Christian Fiction in Series

 This is a list of Christian Fiction Series from 2014 that lists all books in those series.  The newer list that is regularly updated follows a different format.

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October 2014

Terri Blackstock

Cape Refuge Series

This series follows the lives of the people of the small seaside community of Cape Refuge, as two sisters struggle to continue their ministry their parents began; helping troubled souls who come to Hanover House for solace.

Cape Refuge DB 55880

Southern Storm DB 55881

River's Edge DB 62161

Breaker's Reef DB 62508

Sun Coast Chronicles Series

From the absorbing legal drama to lightning paced action, the Sun Coast Chronicles offer suspense at its finest, tempered with remarkable realism and penetrating insights into the human heart.

Evidence of Mercy DB 53763

Justifiable Means DB 53764

Ulterior Motives DB 53765

Wanda Brunstetter

Brides of Lancaster

The Brides of Lancaster County tells the stories of four Amish young adults as they explore their place in the world-while finding true love in the process.

Lancaster Brides Romance Drives the Buggy in Four Inspiring Novels DB 61984

The Daughters of Lancaster County The Storekeeper's Daughter, The Quilter's Daughter, The Bishop's Daughter DB 66094

Indiana Cousins Series

Welcome to Amish country, where the simple life offers hope and healing! In A Cousin's Promise, disabled Wayne wonders if he should marry Lorraine. In A Cousin's Prayer, Freeman tries to win grieving Katie's heart. And in A Cousin's Challenge, sign language teacher Jolene falls for Lonnie, who’s deaf.

A Cousin's Promise DB 70301

A Cousin's Prayer DB 70535

A Cousin's Challenge DB 71213

Robin Jones Gunn

Glenbrooke Series

Jessica ran from her past...but can she hide from love? Jessica Morgan wants desperately to forget the past and begin a new life. She chooses a small, peaceful town tucked away in Oregon's Willamette Valley as the place to start over-Glenbrooke. Once there, Jessica conceals her identity from the intriguing personalities she meets-including the compassionate paramedic who desires to protect her and the jealous woman who wants nothing more than to destroy her. Will Jessica's deceit ruin all hope for the future? Or will she find a deeper peace that allows her to stop hiding the truth from those who love her most of all?

Secrets DB 46626

Whispers DB 59074

Echoes DB 47840

Sunsets DB 59255

Clouds DB 59325

Waterfalls DB 59510

Woodlands DB 59809

Wildflowers DB 60094

Kristen Heitzmann

Diamond of the Rockies Series

A trilogy of historical Christian fiction that recounts the adventures of a young Italian-American woman whose journey to a mining town in Colorado changes her life.

The Rose Legacy DB 72461

Sweet Boundless DB 73353

Dee Henderson

Uncommon Heroes Series

Uncommon Heroes Welcome to a world where friendships go deep, loyalties stand strong, and uncommon heroes perform the toughest jobs in the world. Dee Henderson's military romance series provides a detailed passage into the world of the military and homeland heroes, and those they love.

True Devotion DB 57753

True Valor DB 57765

True Honor DB 57785

True Courage DB 60523

Jan Karon

The Mitford Years Series

The Mitford Years is a series of nine novels by American writer Jan Karon, set in the fictional town of Mitford, North Carolina. The novels are Christian-themed, and center on the life of the rector, Father Tim.

At Home in Mitford DB 44194

A Light in the Window DB 44195

These High, Green Hills DB 44196

Out to Canaan DB 44958

A New Song DB 48430

Light from Heaven DB 62077

Father Tim Novel Series

Readers of Jan Karon’s nine Mitford Years novels will require no greater prod than that to be drawn into this latest installment about this newly retired Episcopalian priest. Father Tim's return to his old stomping grounds brings with it heartwarming nostalgia but also the exposure of deeply buried secrets and the discovery of newfound friends

Home to Holly Springs DB 65431

In the Company of Others DB 72119

Karen Kingsbury

Above the Line

The Above the Line Series follows two dedicated Hollywood producers as they seek to transform the culture through the power of film. In Take Four, after Chase Ryan returns to his family and a job in his hometown, filmmakers Keith Ellison and Dayne Matthews finally ink a deal to have the nation's top young  actor star in their current film. But at the same time, the actor takes a very public fall that threatens his reputation among his fan base. Meanwhile, healing happens for Andi Ellison in her relationship with God, her family, and those she loves, but is it too late? The new producers find they must truly act as missionaries in order to help save the film, their families, and the young movie star. Breakthroughs take place that the public will never know about, as the possibility of saving the world through film is finally a very real possibility.

Take One DB 69747

Take Two DB 69752

Take Three DB 71132

Take Four DB 71515

First Born Series

A fresh new look for the bestselling Firstborn series-the second installment in the continuing Baxter Family Drama from America's number one inspirational novelist, Karen Kingsbury. Revisit the Baxter family in all their life-changing events, or share the series with someone who hasn't discovered it yet.

Fame DB 61505

Forgiven DB 62411

Found DB 63577

Family DB 64653

Forever DB 65917

Lost Love Series

Sometimes hope for the future is found in the ashes of yesterday. With hallmark tenderness and power, Karen Kingsbury weaves a tapestry of lives, losses, love, and faith-and the miracle of resurrection.

Even Now DB 65716

Ever After DB 66031

Reyonlds Series

This series about the resiliency of love, the power of commitment, and the amazing faithfulness of God.

A Time to Dance DB 57529

A Time to Embrace a Story of Hope, Healing, and Abundant Life DB 57509

Sunrise Series

SUNRISE is a transition novel as the focus begins to spin from the Baxter’s being the hub to the Flanagan’s becoming the center. Thus the audience sees Katy and Dayne happily preparing for their wedding while Jim and Jenny cope with teen drinking problems. The story line smoothly switches the spotlight as readers will see firsthand the excessiveness of alcohol on the body and the impact of DUI on the lives of more than just the alcoholic. This is a terrific tale as the aptly named book begins a new Hoosier SUNRISE.

Sunrise DB 66455

Summer DB 66239

Someday DB 66535

Sunset DB 67914

Beverly LaHaye

Women of Cedar Circle

Women of Cedar Circle books are about a tightly knit circle of friends in a suburban cul-de-sac whose faith, love, and encouragement help each other make it through the changing seasons of life will rush to follow the progress of the characters they've come to know and love.

Seasons under Heaven DB 51217

Showers in Season DB 52213

Times and Seasons DB 53473

Season of Blessing DB 57255

Tim LaHaye

Jesus Chronicles Series

3 books- the stories of Jesus by Luke, Mark and John

John's Story The Last Eyewitness DB 65464

Mark's Story The Gospel According to Peter DB 66678

Luke's Story By Faith Alone DB 68432

Beverly Lewis

Abram's Daughters Series

ABRAM'S DAUGHTERS introduces readers to an Old Order family, a close-knit community and a devout people whose way of life and faith in God is as timeless as their signature horse and buggy. Set against the backdrop of post-World War II, this compelling saga spans three generations of a Lancaster County Amish family.

The Covenant DB 56398

The Betrayal DB 56399

The Sacrifice DB 59512

The Prodigal DB 60280

Annie’s People Series

Annie Zook is forced by her father, the bishop, to choose between her forbidden art and joining the church, the only life she knows.

The Preacher's Daughter DB 62283

The Englisher DB 62875

The Brethren DB 64146

Heritage of Lancaster County Series

The Shunning Katie Lapp comes across a satin infant gown in a dusty trunk in her parent's attic, she knows is hold a story that she must find answers to. The Confession Katie’s identity had been shattered when she found the satin baby dress in her parent's attic, now she is painfully torn from her close knit community in the frightening ordeal called the shunning.

The Reckoning Shunned from the plain life she once knew, Katie finds solace in volunteering with hospice patients...a labor of love that she hope will bring honor to the memory of her birth mother.

The Shunning DB 53518

The Confession DB 53519

The Reckoning DB 53520

Lynn Morris

Cheney and Shiloh Inheritance

This is a follow up series to Cheney Duvall, M.D. "Cheney Duvall is now married to Shiloh, but that doesn't mean life will get any easier. Shiloh's past continues to come back to haunt them, and the couple finds themselves swept up in adventure and excitement as they use their medical skills to help the needy."

Where Two Seas Met DB 56607

The Moon by Night DB 62941

There Is a Season DB 64032

Janette Oke

A Prairie Legacy Series

Growing up is never easy. But a loving family, a strong faith, and a courageous spirit help young Virginia Simpson meet the challenges---from adolescence to adulthood!

The Tender Years DB 47432

A Searching Heart DB 47433

Song of Acadia Series

New beginnings are connected to all that has come before. And the past penetrates into what is yet to come. The common thread is a yearning to discover their identities in their families, in their communities, and in their God.

The Meeting Place DB 49353

The Sacred Shore DB 52083

The Birthright DB 53342

The Distant Beacon DB 55412

The Beloved Land DB 55413

Judith Pella

Patchwork Circle Series

Set in a fictional town, Maintown, Oregon, in 1882, she combines diverse characters and a plot with a twist. The reader is not sure which young woman will win the heart of the new minister.

Bachelor's Puzzle DB 65681

Sister's Choice DB 66891

Marty Perry

Pleasant Valley Series

Three Amish-set novels in which a woman's faith must guide her through challenging times.

Leah's Choice DB 70094

Rachel's Garden DB 70644

Anna's Return DB 71313

Sarah's Gift DB 73335

Tracie Peterson

Brides of Gallatin County

After the unexpected death of their father, the three Gallatin sisters-Gwen, Beth, and Lacy-must fashion a life for themselves in the Montana wilds, operate a roadhouse that sits at the crossroads of two stage lines. But the saloon owner in town has his sights on the roadhouse, and an unexpected visitor from the east adds to the chaos. Though each sister hides a secret sorrow, they determine to look to the future with faith and a dose of humor-all to embrace the love they long to claim as their own.

A Promise to Believe In DB 69635

A Love to Last Forever DB 70941

A Dream to Call My Own DB 71598

Ladies of Liberty Series

A Trilogy of Christian historical romances. These three books completely stand alone. Read them in any order and you will love the characters no matter what.

A Lady of High Regard DB 65891

A Lady of Hidden Intent DB 66842

A Lady of Secret Devotion DB 67665

Song of Alaska Series

Peterson launches a new historical series with this winner. She knows readers have come to expect romance, mystery and family secrets in a quality story, and she delivers. The characters are interesting without being irritating, and the Alaskan details transport the reader to another place and time.

Dawn's Prelude DB 70341

Morning's Refrain DB 71489

Twilight’s Serenade DB 72297

Westward Chronicles Series

This series features the Harvey girls in each book. They are stories about never giving up, no matter how severe the situation and always keeping faith, no matter how small it might be.

A Shelter of Hope DB 51115

Hidden in a Whisper DB 51116

A Veiled Reflection DB 51117

Lauraine Snelling

Dakotah Treasures Series

Author Lauraine Snelling once again takes readers west to the untamed land of Dakota Territory. She tells the stories of four women surviving and flourishing in the Dakotah territories introducing new characters both unique and appealing. The characters are lively, honest, and have good moral standings.

Ruby DB 68770

Pearl DB 68786

Opal DB 68857

Amethyst DB 69009

Daughters of Blessing Series

This series follow the Red River of the North series, you return to North Dakota in 1900 and to your favorite characters from the Red River of the North.

A Promise for Ellie DB 70009

Sophie's Dilemma DB 70041

A Touch of Grace DB 70313

Rebecca's Reward DB 70353

Home to Blessing Series

This series follows the Red River, Return to Red River, and Daughters of Blessing series. It continues with the Bjorklund family in Blessing, North Dakota.

A Measure of Mercy DB 71770

No Distance Too Far DB 71771

Red River of the North Series

This is the first series of the Bjorklund family.

An Untamed Land DB 67616

A New Day Rising DB 68069

A Land to Call Home DB 68095

The Reapers' Song DB 68812

Tender Mercies DB 68813

Blessing in Disguise DB 68814

Return to Red River Series

Second Bjorklund family series.

A Dream to Follow DB 67095

Believing the Dream DB 67115

More than a Dream DB 67125

Bodie Thoene

AD Chronicles Series

The A.D. Chronicles is a series of Christian historical fiction novels. The series is a spin-off of the Thoene's Zion Legacy series.

First Light DB 60485

Second Touch DB 60507

Third Watch DB 61427

Fourth Dawn DB 64252

Fifth Seal DB 69904

Sixth Covenant DB 71342

Seventh Day DB 71352

Eighth Shepherd DB 71360

Ninth Witness DB 71372

Tenth Stone DB 71382

Eleventh Guest DB 72938

Lori Wick

The English Garden Series

English Garden series is filled with engaging characters and stories. Featuring multiple families in Collingbourne, England in the 1800s.

The Proposal DB 57040

The Rescue DB 57044

The Visitor DB 57052