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Basic Information About Braille ASCII (.brf) Files

Braille is a 63 symbol writing system used by the blind and visually impaired as a tactile method of reading. A Braille ASCII file (usually .brf) format is a computer file with the Braille symbols represented in computer code that can be displayed by a Braille embosser or note taker.

It is a text file that looks like gibberish to a sighted person when viewed by a word processor but is displayed as Braille with the appropriate equipment. It is similar to an HTML file when viewed by a word processor -- when displayed as Braille by a web browser, the file makes sense.

The Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library uses Duxbury software to translate files, usually from Microsoft Word, to Braille ASCII with the "save as" feature.

Web-Braille files may be read online or may be downloaded for offline viewing or embossing with a Braille display, Braille-aware note taker, or Braille embosser.

Equipment needed to read or print the files is available from various sources. The following links are some of the organizations that have Internet sites that sell or make the equipment available.


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