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Robin Carnahan, Secretary of State
Fall 2011

Stay Sharp: Be a Summer Reader!

Research shows that kids who read during the summer months maintain the reading skill gains they’ve made during the school year. For this reason, Wolfner has a summer reading club for patrons under 18 each year.

sdfIn 2011, the general theme for the club was World Cultures. The slogan for younger children was One World, Many Stories and the slogan for teens was You Are Here .


Club members were encouraged to meet timed goals by reading books and magazines on any topic and in any format, and those who completed the program won prizes! This summer, 58 patrons registered and 37 completed the program.

Every club member who reported a reading time received participation prizes, such as rubber punching balls, tote bags and jigsaw puzzles, purchased with a grant from the Missouri State Library.

Club members who met all reading goals for their club were entered into their club’s grand prize drawings. Some of the smaller grand prizes included tactile tic-tac-toe and tactile Rubik’s Cube puzzles. The main grand prize for sdfeach club was 10 Playaway audiobooks. The winners of the Playaways were:

Club 1—Tiffany, from Milan
Club 2—Lydia, from Columbia
Club 3—Maggie, from Wildwood
Club 4—Jessica, from Kansas City


All grand prizes, which were purchased with funds provided by the Friends of Wolfner Library and a grant from the Missouri State Library, were mailed to participants in August. We are already planning next summer’s program and hope you will join us in the summer of 2012!

Elizabeth Lang
Youth Services Librarian



Volunteer Spotlight

Summer in the recording studio is a hopping place! The Missouri Association of School Librarians sponsors an award program each school year that asks students to read books from a list and vote on their favorite. Since most of the books are unavailable in recorded format, we record as many as we can over the summer. We often have school teachers who record books during their summer break. The studio is often booked back to back.

This year we have a team recording award books who also recorded last summer. Patty Lockenvitz is a Spanish teacher and Shelley Swoyer is the librarian at Helias High School. During their volunteer sessions, they alternate tasks – when Patty reads, Shelley monitors, and when Shelley reads, Patty monitors.

Patty loves to read out loud and thinks it is wonderful to do it for someone else’s benefit. She says it is a privilege to volunteer, and she is sure she is getting more than she is giving. When asked about the experience she has for the position, she said, “Countless hours of reading aloud to students, my own children, and anyone else who will listen.” This summer she is reading ‘Jane in Bloom’ for the Truman Award program.

Shelley reads because she thinks this is such a great service. Reading is her passion, and as a librarian she reads lots of books. She was an attorney but decided to follow her passion and become a librarian. At Helias, she started a student ‘Library Squad’ that plans fun reading related activities and events for the school. She is reading ‘Hate List,’ a Gateway Award nominee.

Deborah Stroup
Coordinator of Volunteers

New Books from the Wolfner Studio

Adult Books:
The Big Bay by Kenny W. Duncan—MDB11073
Walt Brandon, born in the mid 1800's, sets out on a life of his own at an early age. He ends up in the American West at a time when lawlessness ruled west of the big rivers. A young man with a chip on his shoulder, he grows hard and cold and gets too fast with a gun for his own good; until he meets a woman who captures his heart and molds him into a real man.

Across the High Plains by Kenny W. Duncan—MDB10061
Clancy Delaney, born in Boston to immigrant parents and orphaned as a teenager, is forced to grow into a man at an early age. He runs away from trouble, leaving behind the girl he loves, and even falsifies his death in Missouri.

Three Valleys Ranch by Kenny W. Duncan—MDB11083
After the Civil War, Wade Tavner was a young man with little left. His boyhood home was completely destroyed, his way of life gone, and he was forced to fight and steal, finding himself on a path of destruction. All he owned could be carried on the back of his horse. So he loaded his belongings and headed out to find what life had in store for him in the open country of the west.

Fiddler's Ghost by Mitch Jayne—MDB10070
guyIn 1951, Steve Clark accepts a teaching job in a one-room school and moves with his pregnant wife Lacey to the colorful Missouri Ozarks. They move into an ideal house, but are forewarned by the locals that the last folks who lived there claimed it 'weren't natural'... Steve and Lacey encounter their unnatural inhabitant and attempt to unravel the mystery of the fiddler's ghost.

Murder Between the Covers by Elaine Viets—MDB11076
Helen takes a job in a bookstore. Life seems to be settling into a routine. She has a cozy home, an interesting job, a boyfriend, and friends at her apartment complex. That all changes when her apartment is swarmed by termites, her boss is murdered, her boyfriend turns into a jerk, and her good friend is arrested. Strong Language. Sexual Situations. Dead-end Job Mysteries series, book 2.

Murder Unleashed by Elaine Viets—MDB11038
Helen Hawthorne has no choice but to take on a series of dead-end jobs to make ends meet. Unfortunately, they're exposing her to a lot of people who end up dead. Her latest gig at the Pampered Pet Boutique isn't proving to be a warm and furry exception-and now she's got a murder to solve and a kidnapped pup to find, all before a Category 3 hurricane hits. Strong Language. Sexual Situations. Dead-end Job Mysteries series, book 5.

Murder with Reservations by Elaine Viets—MDB11077
Lauderdale is keeping Helen Hawthorne both financially and physically fit. But when a maid turns up dead in a Dumpster, no one feels safe— especially not Helen. To make matters worse, her philandering ex just checked into the very hotel where she works. The cops don't seem to care much about a murdered maid, but they have noticed there's something shady about Helen. And if she doesn't manage to dodge their questions and shake off her ex, it could be checkout time… Strong Language. Sexual Situations. Dead-end Job Mysteries series, book 6.

A Touch of Betrayal by Catherine Palmer—MDB11080
Fashion designer Alexandra Prescott fully expects her latest business trip to be an adventure. After all, she is looking for inspiration for a line of exotic fabrics. But her well-ordered plans are shattered by news of financial disaster and an attempt on her life! She is forced to turn for help to Grant Thornton, an infuriatingly independent anthropologist whom she has met under suspicious circumstances. Treasures of the Heart series, book 3.

East of Peculiar by Suzanne Ledbetter—MDB10060
Kissing her high-pressure advertising executive job in Chicago goodbye, Hannah Garvey says hello to Valhalla Springs, a retirement community in the Missouri Ozarks. Thinking she's found a place to rest and recoup, Hannah instead finds herself in the deep-end of a murder with an unlikely victim and way over her head with the handsome local sheriff! Strong Language. Hannah Garvey Mystery, book 1.

Children's Books

Rooster Can't Cock-a-Doodle-Doo by Karen Rostoker-Gruber—MDB11061
When Rooster's throat is too sore for him to crow, the other farm animals help both him and Farmer Ted. For preschool–grade 2.

The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson—MDB11066
While all the other animals on the farm enjoy eating their regular food, the cow chooses to eat the one thing that she loves best. Building Block Award Nominee, 2011. For preschool–grade 2.

Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog by Alison Jackson— MDB11052
Upon finding a large gold nugget on her pig farm, Desert Rose sets out to buy the biggest, fattest hog in Texas to enter in the state fair, but first she must get the hog to Laredo and every animal she asks for help is just as "ornery" as the hog. Show Me Award nominee, 2011-2012. For Kindergarten–grade 3.

Stars Above Us by Norman Geoffrey—MDB11046
Amanda's father is a soldier, but before he leaves for war, he teaches her not to be afraid of the things that live in the dark--which includes fireflies and crickets--and about the stars. Show Me Award nominee, 2011–2012. For kindergarten–grade 3.

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama—MDB11040
In a letter to his daughters, Barack Obama reflects on the traits of thirteen groundbreaking Americans, such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackie Robinson, and George Washington, and shares how children embody them. Grades 2–4.

Deborah Stroup
Coordinator of Volunteers



We need your help


Please double check each book before you mail it back to us. Open each box and make sure that the correct book is in the box. We have had a number of empty digital book boxes returned to us. We have also had a number of boxes returned containing the wrong book. Please open and read only one book at a time.




BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) Program

Why wait for the postal service to deliver audiobooks when Wolfner's BARD website has over 20,000 digital books and 40+ digital magazines available for download 24 hours a day, seven days a week?! To participate, you must have:



  • Email
  • High-speed Internet
  • Someone who can fill out online forms, download large files and unzip them
  • An NLS digital talking book player, a USB cable and a blank digital book cartridge on loan from Wolfner Library


Register today by using the BARD application found at https://nlsbard.loc.gov/MO1A. We will be in touch after the application is reviewed!

Digital Foreign-Language Collection

The BARD site, https://nlsbard.loc.gov/MO1A, now contains a Digital Foreign-Language Collection (DFL) that consists of specially-acquired digital titles in languages other than English. Obtained from agencies serving persons with print disabilities in other nations as well as commercial vendors abroad, these are distinct from the foreign-language titles produced by NLS (mostly Spanish) that are available for download from BARD. All titles in the DFL collection bear the prefix DBF - for digital talking book, foreign. If you use screen-reader software, please be aware that this page contains descriptions in other languages and multinational character sets.

Newsline® Services Now Available to Download

Many of our patrons already subscribe to Newsline®, the telephone service maintained by The National Federation of the Blind (NFB). Newsline® gives its subscribers same-day audio access to more than 80 major newspapers and magazines, including 8 Missouri newspapers.

At the last Wolfner Advisory Council meeting, council member Chip Hailey shared information on his experiences using the software available through NFB that allows subscribers to download audio news stories over the Internet and play them back on NLS Digital Talking Book Machines.

The software is called the NFB-Newsline® NLS DTB Loader and it may be found at the NFB Newsline web site. Go to:http://www.nfbnewslineonline.org/nlsdtbloader.htm. This software is free to NFB Newsline® subscribers.

NFB is offering similar applications for other digital book players such as the Braille+, Victor Reader Stream, Book port Plus, Icon and Book Sense. To find out more, visit www.nfbnewsline.org or contact NFB by phone at 866-504-7300.

You must be a NFB- Newsline® subscriber to download and use these new services. For more information, or to subscribe to this free service, please contact your reader advisor.

Wolfner Library Staff Listing

Richard J. Smith
Director of Wolfner Library
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Deborah Stroup
Coordinator of Volunteers
[email protected]

Archie Andrews
Machines Coordinator
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Natalie Junkin
Special Services Librarian
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Elizabeth Lang
Youth Services Librarian
[email protected]

Paul Mathews
Reader Advisor A-Co
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Brandon Kempf
Reader Advisor Cp-G and
[email protected]

Ginny Ryan
Reader Advisor H-L
[email protected]

Cheryl Hassler
Reader Advisor M-R
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Carol Mathews
Reader Advisor S-Wh
[email protected]

Diann Stark
Reader Advisor Institutions
[email protected]

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