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Robin Carnahan, Secretary of State
Summer 2012

New Descriptive Videos Available



New descriptive movies are now available for checkout! More than 60 DVD titles have been added to Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library’s collection.

Descriptive videos are movies that have a voice describing actions, characteristics and dress of the actors, as well as details of the scenery or setting. This descriptive voice speaks during the time when there is no dialogue. The videos play on ordinary VCRs, DVD players and televisions.

The following guidelines are to be followed in order to borrow descriptive videos:

  • Borrowers must be active, registered users of Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library

  • Only 3 descriptive videos are loaned out at a time with a loan period of one week.

  • Videos are mailed via “Free Matter” mailing and can be returned to the library in the same manner by turning over the label on the mailing case

  • Some videos may contain strong language, violence or sex. When available, a nation motion picture ratings system is applied and noted in the catalog.

  • Wolfner Library does not loan or repair video equipment.

To browse a complete listing of video titles, click on the Readers Services link, under Featured Items, at www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner or call a reader advisor at (800) 392-2614 to request a large print catalog.

Own the Night

Summer is an exciting time for Wolfner Library’s younger readers. The 2012 Summer Reading Club is under way, with ambitious readers under the age of 18 tracking reading times in order to earn a free book and an entry into the grand-prize drawing for an iPad. Smaller prizes, including free books, will be sent to club members reporting their total reading times at the end of the program.

The iPad and free books are purchased with funds provided by the Friends of Wolfner Library. All other prizes are purchased with a grant from the Missouri State Library.





Web-Braille and BARD

For patrons using Web-Braille, the National Library Service (NLS) has announced plans for the integration of the Web-Braille service into the Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) system in 2012. Web-Braille users will use BARD to access and download materials. All Web-Braille users will need to register for a BARD account if they do not already have one. Web-Braille users will be notified about the integration and when they should start using BARD instead of Web-Braille.



Receive Wolfner News by Email


The email version of Wolfner News contains the exact same content as the print newsletter. Newsletters are also found on the Wolfner Library website at www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner by clicking on the Publications link on the left side of the Web page. Many of the previous issues are archived there as well.

Those who have an email address and would like to start receiving the newsletter electronically, or to update an email address listed in account information, should call a reader advisor at (800) 392-2614 or email the information to [email protected].

Please be assured that Wolfner News will continue to be made available in large-print, Braille and audio formats.



Blindness-Related Email Lists

Upon recommendation by members of the Wolfner Library’s Advisory Council, information on email lists of potential interest to Wolfner patrons is listed in this newsletter. Some library-related lists that may be of interest include:

Wolfner Library Announcement List

To join this list, send an email with “Subscribe Announcement List” in the subject line to [email protected].

BARD-Support is a one-way, announcements-only list. Replies sent to the list will not reach the administrators.

To join this list, send a message that includes your email address and your first and last name to[email protected].

BARD Talk is an excellent way to provide assistance with all things BARD-related. Subscribers receive email messages from other list members who are either asking questions or offering answers.

To join this list, send a blank email to
[email protected].

Digital Book Review Discussion List offers patrons of the NLS and BARD programs a place to post reviews and general discussion about digital books (DB) produced by the NLS.

To join, send a blank email to [email protected].

For a more comprehensive list of blindness-related email lists, please visit Wolfner Library’s website at www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner and click on Resources and Links.



Overdue Books

A goal of Wolfner Library is to provide preferred reading material on a regular basis. The return of items as soon as they are read will guarantee a steady flow of books goes out to patrons. The standard loan period for a book, not including transit time, is six weeks. If a book is needed for longer than this period of time, please call a reader advisor to request a renewal. Please send books back in a timely manner so others can enjoy them as well.



Forget Something?


If a digital book container is accidently mailed back without the cartridge in it, there is an easy solution. Place the cartridge on top of another cartridge that is being returned, then snap the container shut. It will be a tight fit, and the container will show a noticeable bulge, but that is all right; the bulging container is a sign to circulation staff that there is an extra cartridge inside. The extra cartridge will be removed and matched with its container.

Every book container is inspected when it is returned, so there is no need to call and say an extra cartridge is being mailed back. Simply drop the double-packed container in the mail and know that it will be handled properly.



Flash Drives and Battery LifeFlash Drive Image

Using a flash drive, also known as a thumb drive or USB drive, with the digital player will cause a reduction in available battery play time. It is always a good habit to plug the player into the wall outlet as often as possible. 

Having the player plugged in for 8-9 hours will produce a full charge.



Recent Books from the Wolfner Studio

Baseball’s First Lady: Helene Hathaway Robison Britton and the St. Louis Cardinals by Joan M. Thomas—MDB11064

Cardinals owner M. Stanley Robison willed his club and ballpark to niece Helene Britton when he died in 1911, making her the first woman owner of a major league baseball club. Helene, a young wife and mother of two, confidently accepted her inheritance. Operating among baseball magnates of the day, she attended owners’ meetings as an equal and took an active role in running her club at a time when society dictated that a lady should not attend a baseball game without a male escort. This biography details her influence on the evolution of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Dictionary of Missouri Biography, edited by Lawrence Christensen—MDB11121

Written by nearly 300 talented authors from around the country and edited by four of the leading authorities on Missouri history, this monumental work contains biographies of more than 700 individuals who have, in some way, made a contribution to the course of state and national history.

Covering all periods as well as all regions of the state, this remarkable volume illustrates the state’s cultural, racial and ethnic diversity. Although the men and women chosen for inclusion in this book came from many walks of life, all of them were either born in Missouri or through their lives touched the state in a significant way. Many of the people will be instantly recognizable, but others will be less well-known. Each of them, however, achieved notoriety in some area of activity — politics, business, agriculture, the arts, entertainment, sports, education, military service, diplomacy, social reform, civic improvements, science or religion.

Young Adult Books

Workstation Image

Faith, Hope and Ivy June by Phyllis Naylor—MDB11114

During a student exchange program, seventh graders Ivy June and Catherine share their lives, homes and communities and find that though their lifestyles are total opposites, they have a lot in common. Mark Twain nominee, 2011–2012. For grades 3–6. 2009.

Flash Burnout: by L. K. Madigan—MDB11092

Fifteen-year-old amateur photographer Blake gains self-awareness through his relationships with a girlfriend and a friend who he helps come to terms with her feelings about her homeless, methamphetamine-addicted mother. Gateway Award nominee, 2011–2012. For senior high. 2009.

Invisible Lines by Mary Amato—MDB11110

Coming from a poor, single-parent family, seventh-grader Trevor must rely on his intelligence, artistic ability, quick wit and soccer prowess to win friends at his new Washington, D.C., school, but popular and rich Xander seems determined to cause him trouble. Truman Award nominee, 2011–2012. For grades 6–9.  2009.

Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret—MDB11116

Thirteen-year-old Sunny, accompanied by a stray dog, takes advantage of a monetary windfall to travel from her Nebraska foster home to Enumclaw, Wash., in order to find the twin sister from whom she was separated at age three. Mark Twain nominee, 2011–2012. For grades 5–8. 2009.

Juvenile Books

Calabash Cat by James Rumford—MDB11161

Calabash Cat, a West African cat, sets out one day to find where the world ends. His adventures take him across a desert, grasslands, a jungle and the ocean until he finds what he is looking for. For preschool–grade 2. 2003.

Gorilla by Anthony Browne—MDB11125

Neglected by her busy father, a lonely young girl receives a toy gorilla for her birthday, and together they take a miraculous trip to the zoo. For preschool–grade 2. 2002.

The Very Boastful Kangaroo by Bernard Most—MDB11153

A very, very boastful kangaroo brags that it can jump higher than anyone, but a teeny, tiny kangaroo cleverly wins the jumping contest. For kindergarten–grade 3. A Green Light Reader, Level 2. 2000.

Books used in the recording process at Wolfner Library are purchased through generous funds provided by the Friends of Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library. Thank you, Friends, for your continued support to enhance service to Wolfner’s patrons!



Wolfner Library Staff Listing

Brandon Kempf
Reader Advisor Cp-G and Wi-Z
[email protected]

Abbey Rimel
Deputy Director for Public Services
[email protected]

Ginny Ryan
Reader Advisor H-L
[email protected]

Deborah Stroup
Coordinator of Volunteers
[email protected]

Cheryl Hassler
Reader Advisor M-R
[email protected]

Carol Mathews
Reader Advisor S-Wh
[email protected]

Paul Mathews
Reader Advisor A-Co
[email protected]

Carol Nolte
Special Services Librarian
[email protected]

Lisa Peters
Youth Services Librarian
[email protected]

Diann Stark
Reader Advisor Institutions
[email protected]

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