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Jason Kander, Secretary of State
Summer 2013

Notes from the Director

Office Shuffle at Wolfner Library!

Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library's front office staff have moved to the second floor of the James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center in the secretary of state's office. The move allows the administrative staff to be on the second floor along with the Library's recording booth. Wolfner's book collection and circulation staff remain on the first floor. When visiting Jefferson City, please feel free to visit the library at its new second floor location.

Barbara Reading New State Librarian

Barbara Reading has been appointed to the position of State Librarian. She previously served as the State Library's Director of Library Development and has served in the State Library for nearly 20 years. Margaret Conroy, the previous State Librarian, accepted a new position at the St. Charles City-County Library District.


New Wolfner Staff

Local LibrariesThe library is pleased to announce the appointment of David Shay to the position of Special Services Librarian and Lisa Peters to the position of Youth Services Librarian. Prior to their appointments, both Lisa and David worked in the Library Development and Reference Services Divisions of the State Library.

Lisa received her Master of Science in Library Science from Drexel University's online program in June of 2012. She plans to continue building the summer reading program and growing the youth collection.

David received his Master of Arts in Library Science from the University of Missouri in 2010. He looks forward to helping expand Wolfner's outreach efforts and bring Wolfner's services to new patrons.


Increase in Audio Books!

The National Library Service (NLS) Collection Development Advisory Group recently announced in Washington, D.C., that NLS would soon contract with commercial audio book producers to supplement the 2,000 audio book titles produced yearly by the NLS studios. By partnering with commercial audio publishers to obtain audio books, NLS plans to make new titles available to patrons in a timelier manner.

Over the next few years, the number of commercial audio titles available is expected to surpass those produced by NLS. Hachette Book Group will play a large role in this expansion by providing, free of charge, to the NLS unabridged recordings on select backlist and recently released titles.

Because NLS may not always have access to the print book prior to the release of the audio version, it may not be possible to assign sex, violence, and strong language content descriptors to these titles. Thus, a number of titles acquired from commercial audiobook publishers will be characterized as "unrated." This new tagline will appear in the body of the annotation.

Richard Smith


NLS App for Apple and Android Mobile Devices

Archivists sort and organize local records

The NLS Materials and Development Division (MDD), Automation Office and Network Division staff are currently developing an app—BARD Mobile—that facilitates reading NLS audio and braille books on Apple and Android devices. "The app will enable eligible users 4 Wolfner News Missouri State Library to read digital talking books and electronic braille. iPhones support 40 different braille displays and Androids support about a dozen," explained MDD chief Michael Katzmann. "Any of our digital books and magazines can be downloaded from BARD directly to the device. Due to poor accessibility of older devices, our app will only work on newer versions of Android." BARD Mobile will be free to registered BARD users. To sign up for BARD, visit nlsbard.loc.gov and choose the link for BARD application instructions.


Please Return Your Magazine Cartridges for Reuse

When you receive a magazine on digital cartridge, read at your own pace but remember it is vital that magazine cartridges be returned for re-use to ensure that your service continues. Simply reverse the address card and mail the cartridge back in the red plastic container which has "magazine" in print and braille on top.


Mysteries for Younger ReadersNLS Bibliography 2012

IntroductionDig Into Reading and Beneath the Surface Logo

Mysteries written for children might seem like lightweight diversions, but can also be valuable educational tools. The amateur detectives in these books interact with adults and often outsmart them. They find clues, sort them out and evaluate the suspects—all the while bringing the reader along on the journey. Plots can hinge on the ability to crack codes, use deductive logic and analyze contradictory statements. All fiction exercises the imagination, but mysteries have the additional benefit of helping young people develop their critical skills and experience the satisfaction of having solved a puzzle.

Call Wolfner Library to receive a large print copy of this bibliography. The electronic version which includes links to BARD can be found on the NLS site at Mysteries for Younger Readers.


Wolfner Summer Reading Program 2013

Wolfner Summer Reading Program

Research shows that kids who read during the summer months maintain the reading skill gains they've made during the school year. For this reason, Wolfner has a summer reading club each year for patrons under 18.

In 2013, the slogan for children was Dig Into Reading, and the slogan for teens was Beneath the Surface.

Club members were encouraged to meet timed goals by reading books and magazines on any topic and in any format, and those who completed the program won prizes! This summer 39 patrons registered, including 24 children and 15 teens.

Every club member who reported a reading time received participation prizes, such as dinosaur skeletons and tenta-cools balls. The Friends of Wolfner Library is also generously providing a prize book in the format and reading level of each child's choice.

The grand prize for each club was an iPad, purchased with funds provided by the Friends of Wolfner Library. The winner of the iPad in the Dig Into Reading Club was Zaccary from Hazelwood. The winner of the iPad in the Beneath the Surface Club was Linda from Jackson.

All prizes will be mailed to participants in August and September. We are already planning next summer's science themed program and hope you will join us in the summer of 2014!

Lisa Peters
Youth Services Librarian


New From the Wolfner Recording Studio

Adult Books

Across Our Wide MissouriAcross Our Wide Missouri, Volume 1 by Bob Priddy—MDB11230

"On this date in Missouri history" something interesting is sure to have happened. For more than twenty years, Bob Priddy has been telling us what that something was in a radio series, always starting the broadcast with "On this date in Missouri history." Now he has published these true stories of Missouri men and women, outlaws and lawyers, sports figures and politicians, cities and small towns, colleges and prisons and more!


Bradleyville BasketballBradleyville Basketball: The Hicks From the Sticks by James Leon Combs—MDB11151

Combs recounts the true story of country life, high school basketball and a 1960s championship team from the small Ozark Mountain town of Bradleyville, Missouri. This book covers the team's humble beginnings playing on a muddy outdoor court, to winning three state championships and a 64-game winning streak, a state record still unbroken today.

The BridgeThe Bridge by Stan Crader—MDB11166

Tommy Thompson is 12 in the summer of 1967, living in a small town in rural America. All he wants in life is a Honda motorbike. Tommy begins a summer-long quest for the Honda and his love, Wendy. Over the summer Tommy helps his best friend, Booger, cope with family tragedy. He is terrorized by Clyde Goodpasture, the biggest bully in the sixth grade, and the town of Colby is shaken by news that its shoe factory will close.


Deaths on Pleasant Street by Giles Fowler—MDB10068

Giles Fowler reconstructs the 1909 murder case that shocked early 20th century America. Kansas City doctor Bennett Clark Hyde was accused of poisoning his wife's uncle, philanthropist Colonel Thomas Swope, and creating a typhoid outbreak among the Swope family to inherit their fortune. Included are details of Hyde's initial trial and subsequent appeals.


Across Our Wide MissouriJane Froman, Missouri's First Lady of Song by Ilene Stone—MDB11263

Jane Froman grew up in Missouri, and earned an associate degree from Columbia College. She became a vocalist for Cincinnati radio station WLW and in 1934 was voted the top 'girl singer' of the day in a poll of listeners. She traveled with the USO during World War II and had her own television show from 1952-1955. The author relied on an unpublished autobiography and other archival sources housed in the Western Historical Manuscript Collection at the University of Missouri in writing this biography.


Bradleyville BasketballThe Love Pirate and the Bandit's Son: Murder, Sin, and Scandal in the Shadow of Jesse James by Laura James—MDB11008

True crime blogger Laura James draws on historical conjecture and forensic fact to argue that Jesse James Jr. was responsible for the brutal murder of socialite Zeo Zoe Wilkins on March 15, 1924.


Across Our Wide MissouriThe Moonflower Vine by Jetta Carlton—MDB11005

On a farm in western Missouri during the first half of the twentieth century, Matthew and Callie Soames create a life for themselves and raise four headstrong daughters. This book tells their stories one lifetime at a time. Over the decades they will love, deceive, comfort, forgive, and ultimately come to the bonds of love that hold the family together.


Bradleyville BasketballMy Folks' Depression Days, edited by Michele Webb—MDB11006

'Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without' was the rallying cry of the Great Depression. In this moving collection of true stories of people who lived through it, it's apparent that they survived by pulling together, not just as families, but as communities. Through cash and food shortages, drought, dust storms and hard times, they stayed afloat in desperate times by helping one another.

Young Adult Books

Across Our Wide MissouriHidden by Helen Frost—MDB11242

When fourteen-year-olds Wren and Darra meet at a Michigan summer camp, both are overwhelmed by memories from six years earlier when Darra's father stole a car, unaware that Wren was hiding in the back.


Bradleyville BasketballThe Musician's Daughter by Susanne Dunlap—MDB11034

In 18th century Vienna, Austria, 15-year-old Theresa seeks a way to help her mother and brother financially while investigating the murder of her father, a renowned violinist in Haydn's orchestra at the court of Prince Esterhazy, after his body is found near a gypsy camp.


Children's Books

Across Our Wide MissouriCharlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond—MDB11252

While Charlie, a sleepy basset hound, tells about the busy life of a ranch dog, his best friend Suzie, a Jack Russell terrier, is getting the work done.


Bradleyville BasketballGrandpa's Tractor by Michael Garland—MDB11256

Grandpa Joe brings his grandson, Timmy, back to the site of the family farm. The visit brings back many memories, which Grandpa Joe shares with Timmy. His fondest memory, however, is of his father's red tractor.


Across Our Wide MissouriPainter and Ugly by Robert J. Blake—MDB11259

Painter and Ugly, two sled dogs who are inseparable best friends, are put on different teams for the Junior Iditarod, but they manage to find their way back to one another for the big race.


Bradleyville BasketballPeanut Butter and Homework Sandwiches by Lisa Broadie Cook— MDB11257

When his teacher is out sick for a week, Martin MacGregor has a difficult time with the homework assigned by the substitute teacher.




Check Out Your Local Public Library

Many public libraries offer audio books for downloading to your computer and transferring to an MP3 player or iPod. Some can be played on your Wolfner digital player with a thumb drive. In most cases, to use each service you will need to get a valid library card, create a free account to download the audiobooks from the library and install the audio book service's free software. Checking out your local public library is a great way to supplement your audio readings from Wolfner!


New Descriptive DVDs

Wolfner has new descriptive DVDs. A sampling of titles has been included below. For more information on titles and descriptions, contact your reader advisor.


The Adventures of Tintin—Action and Adventure—PG. DVD 720.

Anonymous—Drama—Rated PG-13. DVD 665.

Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son—Comedy—Rated PG-13. DVD 668.

The Big Year—Comedy—Rated PG. DVD 721.

The Descendants—Drama—Rated R. DVD 722.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—Drama—Mystery—Rated R. DVD 724.

Hop—Family and Children—Rated PG. DVD 684.

Marcus Garvey—Documentary—Biography—Not Rated. DVD 664.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time—Action and Adventure—Rated PG-13. DVD 705.

Shrek Forever After—Family and Children—Comedy— Rated PG. DVD 716.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3—Action and Adventure— Rated R. DVD 733.

X-Men: First Class—Action and Adventure—Science Fiction— Rated PG-13. DVD 744.


Wolfner Accepts Emails and Faxes

Wolfner Library now accepts emails or faxes with scanned signatures of certifying authorities in lieu of hard copy originals. Save postage and speed up delivery of library service by emailing or faxing library applications. Applications may be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to (573) 751-3612. (Please note new fax number!)



Archivists sort and organize local records

We ran into Fredbird at the 4th Annual Senior Health & Fitness Jam 2013 in St. Louis. He thought downloading Wolfner Library's talking books on BARD was a grand slam! Wolfner Staff will be attending a number of events across the state. If you are there, drop by and say hello. We'd love to hear from you!

Missouri State Events Wolfner Library Will Be Attending
Missouri Council for
In-Home Services
Annual Conference
Tan-Tar-A Resort,
Osage Beach
Senior Fall Classic
Health Jam
Emerson Family
YMCA, St. Louis
Tan-Tar-A Resort,
Osage Beach
Missouri Optometric
Association Annual
Hilton at the
Ballpark, St. Louis

Friends of Wolfner Talking Book and Braille

The Friends held their annual meeting in Jefferson City
on April 27, 2013. The Friends approved a budget of close
to $9,000 to help Wolfner staff provide library services.
Budget items included funds for the Library's summer
reading program, Missouri audio book recording program
and print/braille children's books.


Friends Board of Directors

April 1, 2013—March 31, 2014

President—Karl Cook, Kirkwood
Vice President—Donna Neal, Saint Louis
Secretary—Judy Burch, Kirkwood
Treasurer—Jeremiah Wells, Kansas City


Shirley Grauel, Kansas City
Zeze Miller, Jefferson City
Joe Morgan, Odessa
Jackie Peters, Kansas City
Bob Williams (Editor of the Friends Newsletter), Mountain View
Richard Smith (Wolfner Director – Ex Officio), Jefferson City

In order to become a member, pay dues or make a
donation, please contact Jeremiah Wells, Treasurer. He
can be reached at:

Friends of Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library
PO Box 24834
Kansas City, MO 64131
(816) 942-6337
[email protected]


Download Wolfner Library Digital Books from
the SHELF Project

Dig Into Reading and Beneath the Surface LogoWolfner Library readers have access to the SHELF Project which offers locally produced Missouri, Massachusetts, Colorado and Idaho talking books for download. The SHELF Project (Shared Electronic Files) is an online catalog of locally recorded titles combined with the capacity to download these available titles to play on a Library of Congress player or other compatible third-party 18 Wolfner News Missouri State Library purchased player such as a Victor Stream, BookSense, PlexTalk Pocket or BookPort Plus.

This collection of digital books enhances the National Library Service (NLS) collection. Regional recordings are comprised of materials that are unique or even one-of-a-kind, providing a rich source of information for readers. The goal of this project is simple and straightforward: to make it easier for eligible readers to find books, specifically books that may not be found in any other way.

Books may be accessed through Wolfner Library's online catalog, WolfPAC, at https://wolfpac.sos.mo.gov/.

To sign up for BARD, visit https://nlsbard.loc.gov/login/NLS and choose the link for BARD application instructions.



Wolfner Library Staff Listing

Brandon Kempf
Reader Advisor Cp-G and Wi-Z
[email protected]

Abbey Rimel
Deputy Director for Public Services
[email protected]

Ginny Ryan
Reader Advisor H-L
[email protected]

Deborah Stroup
Coordinator of Volunteers
[email protected]

Cheryl Hassler
Reader Advisor M-R
[email protected]

Carol Mathews
Reader Advisor S-Wh
[email protected]

Paul Mathews
Reader Advisor A-Co
[email protected]

Carol Nolte
Special Services Librarian
[email protected]

Lisa Peters
Youth Services Librarian
[email protected]

Diann Stark
Reader Advisor Institutions
[email protected]

Wolfner News is a quarterly publication of
Secretary of State Jason Kander's office.

Wolfner NEWS is also available in braille, on cartridge, by email, or in human voice audio for listening over the internet at Wolfner’s Web site www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner/wolfnews.

If you would like to receive an alternate format, please call the library at 1-800-392-2614.


Wolfner Library is open Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed for state holidays.


Contact Information
Toll-free in state phone number (800) 392-2614
Jefferson City area local phone number (573) 751-8720
FAX number (573) 751-3612
E-mail address [email protected]
Web site address www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner
Wolfner's online catalog wolfpac.sos.mo.gov/