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Jason Kander, Secretary of State
Spring 2013

Wolfner Staff


Elizabeth Lang, Deputy Director for Public Services of Wolfner LibraryWolfner Talking Book and Braille Library is pleased to announce the appointment of Elizabeth Lang to the position of Deputy Director for Public Services of Wolfner Library, effective February 18, 2013.

Prior to this appointment Elizabeth served as Wolfner's Youth Services Librarian and earlier as the library's Special Services Librarian. Elizabeth's many initiatives included the automation of school registration for library service, planning and implementation of a yearly summer reading program and the initial set-up of the library's Facebook page.

Elizabeth's long experience of providing successful customer service to Wolfner Library readers makes her an excellent choice for this position.


Dig into Reading and Beneath the Surface: The 2013 Summer Reading Club is coming soon!

Dig Into Reading and Beneath the Surface LogoReading during the summer helps students keep their reading skills sharp, so each year we invite Wolfner patrons under the age of 18 to join Wolfner's Summer Reading Club. This summer the theme for kids 12 and under is Dig into Reading and the theme for teens ages 13-18 is Beneath the Surface.

Those who sign up will receive instructions, a reading log and a list of great book suggestions. Club members can read anything they like, and will count up reading time. The program will run from June 10 to July 26, and at the end each member who reports total reading time will receive a free book and be entered in a grand prize drawing. Watch for more information about the Summer Reading Club in your mailbox in May!


 Cassette magazines move to digital flash cartridges

Wolfner Library transitioned the audio magazine program to the digital cartridge media. This means all audio magazine subscribers will need to have a digital talking-book player to read their magazines.

The audio magazine cartridges are light blue and will ship in a dark red container with a distinctive logo. The cartridge may contain several issues of the audio magazines to which you subscribe. When a cartridge with more than one magazine is inserted into a digital talking-book player, you will hear instructions for navigating among the multiple periodicals on that cartridge. Magazine cartridges are recycled and must be returned. To return the cartridge, turn over the address card on the container and place the cartridge in its container for mailing. If cartridges are not returned your service may be disrupted.

Subscribers to Talking Book Topics will receive it on digital cartridge with their other audio magazines. The print order forms for Talking Book Topics will be mailed out separately from the magazine cartridge.

All magazines are available for download from BARD. More than 1,500 Missourians are registered to download materials. February's top five most popular magazines downloaded were:

  • Consumer Reports February, 2013
  • Magazine of the Month January, 2013
  • National Geographic February, 2013
  • Ellery Queen March, 2013
  • Outdoor Life February, 2013

Remember, a friend, relative or caretaker can assist with downloading books and magazines from BARD. Register today
by using the BARD application found at nlsbard.loc.gov/ MO1A. A Wolfner staff member will contact you after the application is reviewed.

Over forty audio magazine titles are available from National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), Library of Congress for download or on digital cartridge. NLS Reference Circulars list all magazines produced or distributed by the NLS and can be viewed on its web site at https://www.loc.gov/nls/braille-audio-reading-materials/magazines/



Wolfner Library provides a telephone service to be used by anyone who cannot read a printed newspaper because of a visual or physical disability. NFB-NEWSLINE® uses digital technology to bring blind and visually impaired readers an easy-to-use telephone service that "reads" all the text from various newspapers across the country. Users need only a touch-tone phone and their personal identification numbers to access the nationwide, toll-free number. By following a touch-tone menu, you will be able to access different sections of the newspaper—the front page, the sports page, the business page, etc. You choose the newspaper and voice you prefer.

The newspapers from Missouri currently available through NFB-NEWSLINE® are:

  • Columbia Daily Tribune
  • Jefferson City News Tribune
  • Kansas City Star
  • Saint Joseph News Press
  • Saint Louis American
  • Saint Louis Post Dispatch
  • Southeast Missourian
  • Springfield News Leader

Applying for NFB-NEWSLINE® is as easy as a phone call, and there is no application or subscription fee. Call Wolfner Library at 800-392-2614 to request an application form or, if you are a registered patron of Wolfner, our staff can sign you up for the service over the telephone. All users are assigned a personal identification number (PIN) and a security code to gain access to NFB-NEWSLINE®.


Friends of Wolfner Library

The Friends of Wolfner Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2013. Doors will open at 11:00 a.m. with the meeting beginning at noon. Bring a sack lunch, veggies, dips and drinks will be furnished. Feature Speaker will be Victoria Fortner to talk on Native American culture and traditions For information or questions please contact Karen Skender 314-481-8184 or 314-956-2383.


Download Wolfner Library Digital Books from
the SHELF Project

Dig Into Reading and Beneath the Surface LogoWolfner Library provides local digital books by the states of Missouri, Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado, California's Braille Institute, Utah Kansas and Idaho for download. The SHELF Project (Shared Electronic Files) is an online
catalog of locally recorded titles available for download to play on a Library of Congress player.

Books may be accessed through Wolfner Library's online catalog, WolfPAC, at https://wolfpac.sos.mo.gov/.
Log in to WolfPAC and access SHELF by using an ID and password. A user ID is usually the first five letters of the patron's last name and the first letter of the patron's first name followed by two digits. This code is printed on all mailing cards sent to patrons. (example:Harry Potter POTTEH01) Passwords are often the patron's seven digit phone number (no area code). Should there be any problems with login information, please contact Wolfner Library for assistance.

Once logged in, go to the Wolfner SHELF link. There are now 1,778 SHELF titles in SHELF for download. More titles will be added on a regular basis. To download the book, scroll to the bottom of the record and click on the Download locally recorded title link. Download the same as a BARD book. Please try SHELF and enjoy books recorded by volunteers of
Wolfner Library as well as other network libraries around the country.


NLS Survey

The NLS is conducting a survey to understand how to better serve the needs of readers of talking books and braille. Take the survey now to let your opinions be heard and help us better serve you. To take the survey online, or to learn more about it, go to www.LibraryOfCongressSurvey.com, or call 1-866-545-1618 to schedule a time to take the survey over the phone. You do not have to be a current NLS reader to take the survey. The 25 minute survey is designed to learn more about your experiences with talking books and braille, what types of talking book and braille materials and services you are looking for, and what NLS can do to get you interested in the free Library of Congress talking book and braille program. If you aren't currently using NLS, let us know what services you want and how we can add you to our list of NLS readers. If you are a current NLS reader, let us know what we are doing well, where we can improve, and what new services you would like NLS to offer. Your answers to the survey questions will be kept confidential. Take the survey now to help Library of Congress NLS better serve all readers who use talking books and braille. The NLS survey will be conducted from March 11–May 10, 2013.


New From the Wolfner Recording Studio

The Canaan Legacy by Michael A. Kahn—MDB11120
The senior partner in one of Chicago's prestigious law firms is DOA, and Rachael Gold, a smart and savvy young lawyer, is retained to investigate his death. Rachel Gold series, book 1.

Called to Courage by Margot Ford McMillen (digital conversion of MOD00005).—MDB11229
Profiles the lives and achievements of four women who played important roles in the history of Missouri, including Native
American Ignon Quaconisen, pioneer Olive Boone, African-American Martha Jane Chisley, and businesswoman Nell Donnelly.

The Devil's Tickets by Gary Pomerantz—MDB10056
Discusses the rise in popularity of the card game bridge during the early twentieth century and explores the murder of Jack Bennett whose wife shot him after having an argument during a hand.

A Little Help From My Friends…and Other Hilarious Tales of Graying Graciously by Jean Carnahan—MDB11223
The former First Lady of Missouri, and U.S. Senator, with the help of two imaginary friends, shares her insights about aging gracefully in humorous anecdotes and observations about life. As she says, "Because Laughing at Life Never Gets Old".

North of Clever by Suzann Ledbetter—MDB11033
Hannah Garvey, manager of the Valhalla Springs Retirement Community, and her gang of geriatric gumshoes join Sheriff David Hendrickson, Hannah's slightly younger romantic interest, for a third lively romp that picks up the week after readers leave South of Sanity (MDB11007), the second installment in Ledbetter's madcap series. Hannah Garvey series, book 3.

South of Sanity by Suzann Ledbetter—MDB11007
This sequel to East of Peculiar (MDB 10060) features the same cast of characters, including the spunky band of senior citizens from Valhalla Springs retirement community. Hannah Garvey, our resident sleuth, gets caught up in yet another mystery when the restaurant dishwasher opens fire during a going-away party. And, a marriage proposal from Sheriff David Hendrickson completely flummoxes her. Hannah Garvey series, book 2.


Young Adult Books

Bruiser by Neil Schusterman—MDB11191
Award-winning author Shusterman delivers a suspenseful and chilling psychological thriller about friendship, family, and the sacrifices we make for the people we love. Gateway Award Nominee, 2012-2013. For Senior High.

Scrawl by Mark Shulman—MDB11204
When eighth-grade bully Tod gets caught committing a crime on school property, his penalty is to write in a journal during
detention. He reveals aspects of his life that he would prefer to keep hidden. Some violence and some strong language. For grades 6-9 and older readers. Truman Award nominee, 2012-2013. 2010.

Soccerland by Beth Choat—MDB11220
Flora Dupre has a chance to fulfill a life-long dream and keep the promise she made to her mother before losing her to cancer when Flora receives an invitation to try out for the Under-15 US Girls' National Soccer Team at the International Sports Academy, but a family tragedy forces Flora to reexamine her priorities and determine what soccer means to her.

Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick—MDB11183
Amber Appleton, living in a school bus with her mom, refuses to give in to despair and continues visiting the elderly at a nursing home, teaching English to Korean women, and caring for a Vietnam veteran and his dog, but a fatal tragedy may prove to be one burden too many for the seventeen-year-old girl. Gateway Award Nominee, 2012-2013. For Senior High. 2010.


NLS Mobile Applications

NLS is in the process of developing applications to enable the download and reading of its books using commercial mobile devices. Two versions are being developed independently—one for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and one for Google Android devices.

Some features are outlined below.

The applications will:

• play NLS digital talking books

  • communicate with Bluetooth-connected refreshable braille
  • displays for reading NLS braille (BRF) files
  • download books directly from BARD
  • accept books loaded from a connected computer (e.g., iTunes files)
  • be free, but require a BARD account to be activated and to download books
  • employ the accessibility features native to the devices, such as Talkback and Brailleback on Android and Voiceover on iOS

The iOS application is at the internal testing stage. The NLS Engineering Section is evaluating this working version without all of its final features. The iOS version is expected to be available to patrons in late spring.

The Android application will only be available on Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean" and later versions because of poor accessibility support on earlier versions. The application is expected to be available to patrons on the Android market in late summer.


Wolfner Library Staff Listing

Brandon Kempf
Reader Advisor Cp-G and Wi-Z
[email protected]

Abbey Rimel
Deputy Director for Public Services
[email protected]

Ginny Ryan
Reader Advisor H-L
[email protected]

Deborah Stroup
Coordinator of Volunteers
[email protected]

Cheryl Hassler
Reader Advisor M-R
[email protected]

Carol Mathews
Reader Advisor S-Wh
[email protected]

Paul Mathews
Reader Advisor A-Co
[email protected]

Carol Nolte
Special Services Librarian
[email protected]

Lisa Peters
Youth Services Librarian
[email protected]

Diann Stark
Reader Advisor Institutions
[email protected]

Wolfner News is a quarterly publication of
Secretary of State Jason Kander's office.

Wolfner NEWS is also available in braille, on cartridge, by email, or in human voice audio for listening over the internet at Wolfner’s Web site www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner/wolfnews.

If you would like to receive an alternate format, please call the library at 1-800-392-2614.


Wolfner Library is open Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed for state holidays.


Contact Information

Toll-free in state phone number (800) 392-2614
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FAX number (573) 751-3612
E-mail address [email protected]
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