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Jason Kander, Secretary of State
Fall 2014

Introducing the 2015 Adult Winter Reading Program

Time travelers, history buffs and intrepid explorers will enjoy this year's adult winter reading program theme, The Beginning of Our Great Nation. The program will begin January 26th and run through March 3rd. Registration begins on January 19th, 2015.

Where does American history begin? The answer can be elusive. Though historians date our origins to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, United States history has been unfolding long before the landfall of Columbus in 1492. Moving the timeline back offers more reading "territory" to explore!

Included in the program are books from 10 genres, both fiction and nonfiction, to please every reading preference. There will be a choice of 10 books per genre, and each cartridge will contain 10 books. That's enough books to keep reading all winter! In order to qualify for prizes, patrons need to read at least ten books from the reading lists provided. Qualifying patrons' names will go into a drawing for a number of small prizes and two grand prizes. Many thanks go to the Library Users of Missouri for faithfully funding the Adult Winter Reading Program.


New Wolfner Library Staff

Carol NolteWolfner Talking Book and Braille Library is pleased to announce the appointment of Carol Nolte to the position of special services librarian, effective September 17, 2014. Prior to this appointment, Carol served as a branch manager of Trails Regional Library in Lexington, Missouri. She received her Master of Library and Information Science from Central Missouri University in 2010. Carol intends to focus her efforts on increasing Wolfner's outreach and expanding its patron base.





Currency Readers Now Available to Wolfner Patrons

Currency ReaderThe National Library Service has partnered with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to provide currency reader devices—free of charge—to eligible individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The iBill Talking Banknote Identifier is a compact device, roughly half the size of a smart phone. It allows users to scan bills and announces the value in one of three ways: voice, pattern of tones or pattern of vibrations. Contact your reader advisor to request a currency reader.





 Returning Magazine Cartridges

Returning Magazine CartridgesAre you not receiving the current issue of your magazine? It could be because you have not yet returned your magazine cartridge from a previous month. These cartridges must be returned, just like books, by flipping the mail card on the container. Regular magazine service will resume when the previous month's cartridge is returned. As an alternative, audio magazines are available for download from the BARD website with no cartridge return required.





New Descriptive DVDs

Wolfner has recently added 75 new descriptive DVDs to the catalog! Here's a small sample of what's available. For more information on titles and descriptions, contact your reader advisor. Have your popcorn and Junior Mints ready!New Descriptive DVDs



Blindsight—DVD756—Six blind Tibetan teenagers climb Mount Everest, led by a famous, blind mountain—climber. Documentary, Action/Adventure. Rated PG.

Frozen—DVD768—When a princess curses her home with perpetual winter, her sister finds help to change the weather. Comedy, Animation. Rated PG.

Jack Reacher—DVD774—A homicide investigator looks into the case of a trained military sniper who shot five random victims. Action/Adventure. Rated PG—13.

Lone Ranger—DVD780—Native American warrior Tonto recounts the untold tales of the Lone Ranger. Action/Adventure, Western. Rated PG—13.

Monuments Men—DVD787—An unlikely WWII platoon is tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves. Drama, History, War. Rated PG—13.

Oz the Great and Powerful—DVD791—Disney's adventure imagines the origins of L. Frank Baum's beloved wizard character. Family and Children, Fantasy. Rated PG.

Pitch Perfect—DVD795—The Bellas, an all—girls singing group, competes against male campus rivals. Comedy, Musical, Romance. Rated PG—13.




2014 Summer Reading Program

New Descriptive DVDsResearch shows that children who read during the summer months maintain the reading skill gains they've made during the school year. Thanks to the Summer Reading Program, 62 of Wolfner's youngest patrons were better prepared for academic success when they returned to school this fall.

For this year's summer program the slogan for children ages birth to 12 was Fizz, Boom, Read; the slogan for teens ages 13—15 was Spark a Reaction; and the slogan for older teens ages 16—18 was Literary Elements. These themes promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning currently being emphasized in schools.

Participants were encouraged to count how many minutes they read from June 6 through July 25, 2014. Those who turned in their total time won a variety of prizes. This summer, 62 patrons registered; 29 children and 33 teens. Forty of those registered completed the program, reading a total of 120,538 minutes.

Every patron who completed their goal received participation prizes, such as slime flasks and ear bud headphones purchased with funds from the Missouri State Library/State of Missouri. Also awarded was a book in the format and reading level of his or her choice, which was purchased by the Friends of Wolfner Library.


New Descriptive DVDsBarbara Reading, the Missouri state librarian, and Lisa Peters, Wolfner Library's youth services librarian, selected two lucky patrons on August 15, 2014, to win an iPad. Planning is already underway for the 2015 Summer Reading Program with the theme Every Hero Has a Story.





Wolfner Recording Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary

In July, Wolfner Library celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Volunteer Recording Program with a reception sponsored by the Friends of Wolfner Library. Barb Wood, executive deputy secretary of state for Missouri, gave brief remarks, as did State Librarian Barbara Reading and Phillip Carbo, audio book specialist at the National Library Service.

The recording booth was installed in June 2004. After the special recording software and computer were set up, volunteers were recruited. By September, Missouri books were being recorded. The first book recorded was Orphan Trains to Missouri by Michael Patrick. The narrator for that book was volunteer Tom Collier.

In the ensuing 10 years, 59 volunteers have given 12,450 hours of their time in the recording program to record approximately 450 books. Books recorded must have a Missouri connection. They may be books about the state, such as biographies or history, or be written by a Missouri author. Also recorded are books chosen by the Missouri Association of School Librarians that have received a Reader Award. Those books are read by students across Missouri who vote on the winners. All of the books recorded at Wolfner's studio supplement the main Wolfner Library collection, which is supplied by the National Library Service, Library of Congress.

The most popular book recorded in the booth has been Outlaw Tales of Missouri by Sean McLachlan. The most popular series has been the Bretta Solomon Gardening Mysteries series by Janis Harrison. Some other interesting items recorded have been You Say it How?, an audio pronunciation guide which is on the Wolfner website, and Divided Loyalties, an audio guide for a Missouri State Archives exhibit about the Civil War.


Recommended by Wolfner Library Staff

cake in the shape of a 
sound board

Abbey Rimel, Wolfner deputy director for public services, made a beautiful cake in the shape of a sound board.

Booth recording samplesAttendees were given the opportunity to listen to some of the books that have been recorded in the booth.

Phillip CarboPhillip Carbo, National Library Service audio book specialist addresses the audience.

Volunteers Paul Otto and Dan Diedriech


Volunteers Paul Otto and Dan Diedriech check out a display as other volunteers chat in the background.



New Books from the Wolfner Recording Studio

If You Were Only White: The Life of LeRoy "Satchel" Paige by Donald Spivey—MDB11234

Negro League BaseballThis incisive and important biography of Satchel Paige—one of the true legends of American sports who was the heart and soul of Negro League Baseball—gives us a vivid picture of "the world's greatest pitcher" and the times that shaped him and were shaped by him. An essential book not only for baseball fans and scholars but for those interested in American Studies and the history of American race relations.

The Ones You Do by Donald Spivey—MDB10101

The Ones You DoOn the lam with his second wife and $47,000 of Lunch Pumphrey's ill—gotten gains, former pool shark John X. Shade flees to the steamy bayou town of St. Bruno and to the wife and kids he abandoned years before. Violence, strong language, sexually explicit. 1992.

Missouri Association of School Librarians Award Books, 2014—2015

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen—MDB 11314

When the difficult star of the reality television show "Expedition Survival" disappears while filming an episode in the Florida The Ones You DoEverglades using animals from the wildlife refuge run by Wahoo Crane's family, Wahoo and classmate Tuna Gordon set out to find him while avoiding Tuna's gun-happy father. Grades 6-9. Mark Twain Award nominee.


The Night She Disappeared by April Henry—MDB11324

Told from various viewpoints, Gabie and Drew set out to prove that their missing co-worker Kayla is not dead, and to find her before she is, while the police search for her body and the man who abducted her. Junior and Senior High. Gateway Award nominee.

Privateer's Assistant by Susan Verrico—MDB11326

From Charles Towne, Carolina Territory, in 1712, thirteen-year-old Jameson Cooper, orphaned and indigent, is abducted by privateers working for Queen Anne but proves himself worthy to be called a royal sailor through his writing and drawing skills, as well as his hard work and courage. Grades 4-6. Mark Twain Award nominee.

The Young Healer by Frank McMillan— MDB11323

Feather Anderson discovers her Lakota heritage with her grandfather and in doing so follows in his footsteps of becoming a medicine healer. Grades 3-6. Mark Twain Award nominee.



Wolfner Library Staff Listing

Brandon Kempf
Reader Advisor Cp-G and Wi-Z
[email protected]

Abbey Rimel
Deputy Director for Public Services
[email protected]

Ginny Ryan
Reader Advisor H-L
[email protected]

Deborah Stroup
Coordinator of Volunteers
[email protected]

Cheryl Hassler
Reader Advisor M-R
[email protected]

Carol Mathews
Reader Advisor S-Wh
[email protected]

Paul Mathews
Reader Advisor A-Co
[email protected]

Carol Nolte
Special Services Librarian
[email protected]

Lisa Peters
Youth Services Librarian
[email protected]

Diann Stark
Reader Advisor Institutions
[email protected]

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