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open book logoWOLFNER NEWS, Summer 2015

Jason Kander, Secretary of State

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Wolfner Library Magazines on Cartridge!

New magazine titles are now available including Guideposts, Midwest Living, Smithsonian, Southern Living and Redbook. All magazines offered by Wolfner Library will be distributed to subscribers on peach-colored cartridges. As with NLS magazines on cartridge, subscribers will need to return their magazine cartridge in order to receive the next issue. Call Wolfner Library at (800) 392-2614 to request a catalog!


 Cheryl Hassler Retirement Party

Cheryl Hassler Retires

If you are a patron whose last name begins with letters M through R, you may have had the pleasure of speaking with reader advisor, Cheryl Hassler. Cheryl retired in spring of 2015, planning to spend more time with family. She has stated that she will miss all of her patrons, but knows they will be in good hands. Diann Stark, an experienced reader advisor who has been working with Wolfner Library for 18 years, will now serve Cheryl’s former patrons.


 Every Hero Has a Story Image

Reminder for Wolfner Library’s 2015 Summer Reading Club

Wolfner Library patrons ages 18 and under still have time to enjoy the 2015 Summer Reading Club. The program began June 5 and runs through Aug. 13. This year’s theme is “Every Hero Has a Story.” To be eligible for free books and prizes, participants must track reading times and turn in total times by the Aug. 21 deadline. The grand prize, an iPad Air 2, will be awarded to one winner from each age category: ages 6-12 and ages 13-18. The iPad will have Wi-Fi access (cellular service is not included). Prizes are provided through the generous support of the Friends of Wolfner Library and the Missouri State Library. Register online at http://sgiz.mobi/s3/Wolfner-Summer-Reading-Club-2015 or call (800) 392-2614 for more details about participation.


 Mary Grace Newman


Volunteer Update

Mary Grace Newman started as a volunteer at Wolfner Library in June, 2009. She follows in the footsteps of her older sisters, Jessie and Rachel, who read books and monitored other readers in the recording studio. Mary Grace also convinced her father, Steve, to become a recording studio volunteer. Volunteering at Wolfner Library has been a real family affair! Mary Grace has recorded 184 children’s books and six chapter books since 2009.

 Mary Grace graduated from Jefferson City High School in May, where she received the Character Award, the DAR Good Citizenship award as well as Seals of Excellence in

Mathematics, English and Social Studies. Her passion for volunteering will continue when she moves to New York City, where she will participate in City Year, an AmeriCorps program. She will work with high-risk students in high-poverty communities to improve their academic skills.

Mary Grace has been much appreciated by staff and patrons of Wolfner Library, and will be greatly missed after she leaves. The books she recorded will still be available, and since they are now being put on BARD, they will be accessible for children all over the United States to enjoy.

Thank you, Mary Grace!


 Lesley LePage

New Volunteer

Wolfner Library welcomes the newest member of our volunteer team, Lesley LePage, who recently became a reviewer and editor for the Wolfner Recording Studio. Lesley retired from state government, but wanted to ‘be useful’ as she moved into another phase of life. She had heard about the Wolfner recording program some time ago (although she can’t remember where), and thought it sounded neat to read books. She says she had no idea the process of creating audio books was so involved. It sounded so simple to come in and read a book! Lesley is reviewing right now. However, she may audition to become a narrator in the future. She loves books and libraries, and is enjoying her time at Wolfner Library.


 Battle of Westport CoverThe Bridge CoverHigh Heels Are Murder Book CoverWest of Bliss Book Cover

New from the Wolfner Library Recording Studio

You will notice a change in the book numbers for local books. As we transition to BARD, all locally recorded books will have a DBC number instead of the MDB numbers currently used.


The Battle of Westport: Missouri’s Great Confederate Raid by Paul Kirkman–DBC01434

On Oct. 23, 1864, a Confederate cavalry led by Major General Sterling Price clashed with Union forces just south of Kansas City, MO, near the town of Westport. It was the largest battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi.

The Bridge by Stan Crader–DBC05403

Tommy Thompson recalls with vivid detail the summer of 1967, when he was twelve years old and living in a small town in rural America. At that time in his life, all he wanted was a Honda motorbike, and he believed the smartest person in the world was his Uncle Cletus.

The Canaan Legacy by Michael A. Kahn–DBC05373

The senior partner in one of Chicago’s prestigious law firms is DOA, and Rachael Gold, a smart and savvy young lawyer, is retained to investigate his death. Some violence, some strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex.

Halfway to Half Way by Suzann Ledbetter–DBC05695

When one of Sanity, Missouri’s most esteemed citizens is murdered, Hannah Garvey, the manager of an exclusive retirement community, is driven nuts by Delbert Bisbee and his gang of senior sleuths who keep sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Hannah Garvey series, book 5.

High Heels are Murder by Elaine Viets–DBC01425

Josie Marcus has been hired to mystery-shop a shoe store, but one step leads to another and Josie finds herself in St. Louis’ seedy underbelly. Caught up in a web of crime, Josie hopes against hope that she won’t end up murdered in Manolos. For adult readers. 2006. Some strong language and descriptions of sex. Josie Marcus series, book 2.

Insane Sisters, or, The Price Paid for Challenging a Company Town by Gregg Andrews–DBC01474

Insane Sisters is the extraordinary tale of two sisters, Mary Alice Heinbach and Euphemia B. Koller, and their 17-year property dispute against the nation’s leading cement corporation: the Atlas Portland Cement Company.

The Outlaw Album by Daniel Woodrell–DBC05408

A collection of twelve short stories by Daniel Woodrell featuring characters motivated by desperation into criminal behavior. Sexually explicit, strong language, violence.

Paperboy by Stan Crader–DBC05459

Paperboy tells the story as only an afternoon paperboy in rural America in the 60s can. Thousands of readers identified with the unique characters of Colby while reading The Bridge (DBC05403). They grew to love Tommy and the band of boys, were entertained by their childish pranks, and touched by their generosity.

West of Bliss by Suzann Ledbetter–DBC05718

A going-away party for Eulilly and Chet Tomlinson at a restaurant is interrupted by a workplace shooting. Former Secret Service agent Chet shoots the gunman and the case is chalked up to a disgruntled restaurant employee. But David Hendrickson, Hannah Garvey, and the senior sleuths of the Valhalla Springs retirement community think the incident is too cut-and-dry. Hannah Garvey series, book 4.



MASL Award Nominees, 2015-2016

Gateway & Truman Award

Escape from Eden Book Cover

Escape from Eden by Elisa Nader–DBC01477

Sixteen-year-old Mia longs to escape from Reverend Eden’s cult, of which she has been a member for six years, and finds support from new arrival Gabriel, but their investigation into the group’s inner workings yields disturbing discoveries. Gateway Award nominee, 2015–2016. For Senior High.

The Girl Who was Supposed to Die Book Cover

The Girl Who was Supposed to Die by April Henry–DBC01443

When a girl awakens in a ransacked cabin not knowing who, or where, she is, she only knows that she must follow Cady and Ty to stay alive. Truman Award nominee, 2015–2016. For Senior High.


Mark Twain Award

 The Great Trouble Book Cover

The Great Trouble: a mystery of London, the blue death, and a boy called Eel by Deborah Hopkinson–DBC01471

Eel, an orphan, and his best friend Florrie must help Dr. John Snow prove that cholera is spread through water, and not poisonous air, when an epidemic sweeps across their London neighborhood in 1854. Mark Twain Award nominee, 2015-2016. For grades 5-8.

Rogue Book Cover

Rogue by Lyn Miller-Lachmann–DBC01476

An eighth-grade girl with Asperger’s syndrome tries to befriend her new neighbor, facing many challenges along the way. Truman Award nominee, 2015-2016. For grades 6-9.


 Digger Dog Book CoverDown by the Barn Book CoverOh So Brave Dragon Book CoverHooray for Hat Book Cover

Building Block Picture Book Award nominees, 2015

This Book Just Ate My Dog by Richard Byrne–DBC01448

Buddy and the Bunnies: Don’t Play With Your Food! by Bob Shea–DBC01449

Row, Row, Row Your Boat by Jane Cabrera–DBC01452

Naked! by Michael I. Black–DBC01450

Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won–DBC01451

Digger Dog by William Bee–DBC01467

I’m My Own Dog by David Ezra–DBC01472

Down By the Barn by Will Hillenbrand–DBC01446

Oh So Brave Dragon by David Kirk–DBC01453


Adult Winter Reading Program…in the summer?

It may be the middle of summer, but Wolfner Library is already planning the Adult Winter Reading Program. What books would you enjoy reading next winter? We would like you to tell us! Vote for your favorite theme on our Adult Winter Reading Program Survey. Deadline to vote: Aug. 30, 2015.

Visit the Adult Winter Reading Program Survey to vote now!



Change of Address?

To ensure a constant flow of good books, make a quick call to Wolfner Library and inform your friendly reader advisor of your new address. If you’re moving outside of the state of Missouri, be sure and contact Wolfner Library. Our staff will ensure you continue to enjoy books from the talking book and braille library of your new home state.


Wolfner Library’s Facebook Page

Keep current in between newsletters by visiting Facebook! Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library staff maintains a Facebook page. Regular updates on the collection, special events and Wolfner outreach visits to Missouri locales are posted here. Be sure to like us when you visit! https://www.facebook.com/wolfnerlibrary



Wolfner Library on the Road

Late summer and into fall, Wolfner Library staff will travel to the following public events, providing brochures, applications, demonstrations and useful items to help get the word out about the terrific services Wolfner Library can offer Missourians with visual or physical disabilities.

Baue Silver and Gold Healthy Living Senior Fair

St. Charles Convention Center (St. Charles) 8/11/2015

Missouri State Fair Senior Day

Fairgrounds (Sedalia) 8/19/2015

Leader Publications Grand Times Senior Expo

Arnold 10/7/2015

Mature Living Festival

Parkade Plaza (Columbia) 10/9/2015


Wolfner Library Staff Listing

Donna Riegel,
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Abbey Rimel,
Deputy Director for Public Services
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Deborah Stroup,
Coordinator of Volunteers 
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Vacant Position
Special Services Librarian 


Lisa Peters,
Youth Services Librarian
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Paul Mathews,
Reader Advisor A-Co
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Brandon Kempf,
Reader Advisor Cp-G and Wi-Z
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Ginny Ryan,
Reader Advisor H-L 
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Diann Stark,
Reader Advisor M-R
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Carol Mathews,
Reader Advisor S-Wh
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Marsha Posz,
Reader Advisor Institutions

[email protected]


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