Wolfner NEWS, WINTER 2017
John R. Ashcroft, Secretary of State

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Adult Winter Reading Program Categories Announced

Globe, suitcase, and compass image
Visit exotic locations with a dash of adventure. With the theme “Passport to Adventure,” readers will have the opportunity this year to sample a variety of travel and adventure titles. Registration is open beginning January 9th, 2017 and the program will run January 23rd through March 6th. To qualify for prizes, patrons must read at least 10 titles from the provided reading list and submit their number of books read by March 14. If you haven’t already, register now! Included in the program are books from 10 categories of travel featuring a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction. Patrons may elect to enjoy the program by category or by individual title. Wolfner Library would like to thank the Library Users of Missouri for funding this year’s Adult Winter Reading Program.

This year, Wolfner Library will be offering the following ten category themes:
Across the Pond: Enjoy the Tuscan sun, sample Spanish tapas and take in the history of European countries. No need to book a flight or pack a bag!
Appalachian Trails and Alpine Expeditions: Take a hike through these adventure-packed tales of survival, friendship and tragic loss on mountains as far flung as Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa or as near as the White Mountains in New Hampshire.
Desert Caravan: Nomads, naturalists and eccentrics share their fascination with the harsh beauty of the desert.
Great American Road Trips: Whether by car or wagon, back roads or highways, the adventure and romance of the open road calls to us.
It’s a Jungle Out There: Soldiers, hunters, castaways and explorers relate tales of struggle, survival, and death in the jungle.
The Many Storied City: These books profile cities of the world and take you on an intimate tour of notorious neighborhoods and sparkling nightlife. Meet the colorful residents and navigate the streets with a seasoned guide.
Space, the Final Frontier: Explore the adventurous lives of men and women who dared to travel to the moon, to other planets and other galaxies. This mostly non-fiction set of books includes a few works of speculative fiction about distant space travel.
Time and Time Again: Indulge humanity’s favorite daydream of breaking the bonds of time. These book selections speculate about the future and let us touch our own history.
Water Voyages: Climb aboard and encounter pirates on the high seas, smugglers hidden among the islands and lost tribes along the Amazon.
Wonders of the World: Whether ancient or modern, exploring these natural wonders and man-made landmarks will mystify you.

Teen Poetry Contest Update
Teen Poetry image

The submission deadline for Wolfner Library’s Teen Poetry Contest has passed, and we are busily reviewing submissions. Wolfner Library is pleased to announce that Walter Bargen, Missouri’s First Poet Laureate, will serve as our guest judge and will select the winning poems which will be published in the spring 2017 newsletter.


Spotlight on Missouri Resources: Missouri Assistive Technology

Header image for Missouri AT

Missouri Assistive Technology (Missouri AT) helps to provide Missourians with assistive technologies and the training to utilize them. Missouri AT provides short-term loans of devices to schools and agencies, provides demonstrations of assistive technologies and connects individuals with the technology they need. Several programs are offered by Missouri AT. The Show Me Loan program offers low-interest loans to disabled Missourians. The WorkAbility Loan Program helps to purchase equipment needed for a disabled Missourian to work from home. The Telecommunications Access Program provides equipment to qualifying individuals who have difficulty using the phone or internet. The AT Reimbursement for Schools and Kids Assistive Technology Program provides funding for assistive technology for Missouri youth. Missouri AT also offers a Swap’n’Shop and a medical equipment recycling program to provide low-cost assistive technology to disabled Missourians.

Missouri AT can be contacted at 816-655-6700 or at [email protected] Their website is at http://at.mo.gov.


Spring Book Club Selections

Novel Reads: A fiction book club

Life of Pi book cover artInvention of Wings book cover artThe Letters book cover art

On February 9th at 2 PM, a discussion of The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (DB054950). Narrated by Steven Carpenter.
Pi Patel, the sole human survivor of a shipwreck, is in a lifeboat with zoo animals. After 227 days in the Pacific, the boy and the tiger make landfall.

On March 16th at 2 PM, a discussion of The Invention of Wings by Susan Monk Kidd (DB078079). Narrated by Martha Harmon Pardee.
Sarah Grimké is given a slave girl named Handful as a gift. They become close friends. Sarah grows up to become an abolitionist, and Handful retains her independent spirit.

On April 13th at 2 PM, a discussion of The Letters by LuAnne Rice (DB068413). Narrated by Nicola Daval.
After their son dies, estranged husband and wife Sam and Hadley communicate through letters. Their correspondence reveals the history of the couple’s love, their journeys through grief and reasons for hope.


Good Books: A mild reads club

Harry's Excellent Adventure cover artFarewell to Manzanar book cover artGuernsey Literary Society book cover art
On February 16th at 2 PM, a discussion of Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure by Matthew Alegro (DB069543). Narrated by Michael Kramer.
Author retraces the 1953 2,500-mile cross-country road trip of Harry and Bess Truman and describes the Trumans’ post-presidential life in Missouri.

On March 23rd at 2 PM, a discussion of Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston (DB043194). Narrated by Catherine Byers.
An intimate look at the painful years during World War II when the Wakatsuki family was imprisoned in a California internment camp for Japanese Americans.

On April 20th at 2 PM, a discussion of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schafer and Annie Barrows (DB067526; BR021120). Narrated by Corrie James.
Writer Juliet Ashton corresponds with Dawsey Adams and other members of a literary society created as a front during the Nazi occupation of the British channel island Guernsey. Intrigued, Juliet sails to Guernsey after the war, where she finds new inspiration.

Big Ideas: A nonfiction club

Road to Little Dribbling cover artIndigenous Peoples History cover art84 Charing Cross Road cover art

On February 23rd at 2 PM, a discussion of The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson (DB083624). Narrated by Nathan Osgood.
Bryson visits England and describes a number of sites he visits, including London, Oxford and Morecambe Bay, and recounts historical and modern stories of residents.

On March 30th at 2 PM, a discussion of An Indigenous People’s
History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (DB082383). Narrated by Mary Kane.
Dunbar-Ortiz analyzes how native tribes actively resisted national expansion and examines the systematic destruction of the lives and cultures of the native civilizations.

On April 27th at 2 PM, a discussion of 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff (DB039381; BR009859). Narrated by Barbara Caruso.
Hanff tells how her love of old books sparked a twenty-year transatlantic correspondence between herself and Frank Doel of Marks and Co, Booksellers in London, England.


New Descriptive DVDs

Wolfner Library has been busy purchasing new descriptive DVDS, which feature added narration to describe what is happening on screen. The following movies and many others are now available from Wolfner Library:

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (DVD00178)
Bat man v Superman: Dawn of Justice (DVD00162)
Catching Fire (DVD00137)
Cinderella (DVD00166)
Deadpool (DVD00156)
Divergent (DVD00158)
Inside Out (DVD00132)
Jurassic World (DVD00148)
Miracles from Heaven (DVD00184)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (DVD00141)
The Revenant (DVD00155)
Taken 3 (DVD00154)
Miracles from Heaven movie artCinderella movie artDivergent movie artBatman vs Superman movie art


News from the Recording Studio

Will Stuck sitting in recording booth
Will Stuck, storyteller extraordinaire, reading children’s books in the Wolfner recording studio.
In September, Will Stuck, Children’s Department Manager at the East Hills Branch of the St. Joseph Public Library and a well-known storyteller, presenter and workshop leader, recorded four children’s books in the Wolfner studio. The most fun was “The Book with No Pictures” by B.J. Novak (DBC09571). “In this book with no pictures, the reader has to say every silly word, no matter what.” Preschool — grade 2. The other books recorded are all Building Block Picture Book Award Nominees or Show Me Award Nominees.

Lisa Hellman sitting in recording booth

Our own Youth Services Librarian, Lisa Hellman, makes her reading debut by recording a Building Block Picture Book Award book, “Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups” by Tadgh Bentley (DBC06514) “A little penguin enlists the help of the reader to get rid of his major hiccups.” Preschool-grade 2.

New Books from the Wolfner Recording Studio
Building Block Picture Book Award Nominees

Dads First Day book cover artDon't Want to be a frog book cover artLittle Penguin book cover art
Dad’s First Day by Mike Wohnoutka (DBC06525)-Read by Will Stuck
Oliver and Dad have spent a fun summer together but when it comes time for the first day of school, Dad discovers that he is not ready and does everything he can to postpone the big day. Preschool-grade 2.

I Don’t Want to be a Frog by Dev Petty (DBC06508)-Read by Will Stuck
A frog who yearns to be any animal that is cute and warm discovers that being wet, slimy, and full of bugs has its advantages. Preschool-grade 2.

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups by Tadgh Bentley-(DBC06514) A little penguin enlists the help of the reader to get rid of his major hiccups. Preschool-grade 2.

Show Me Award Nominees

Gaston book cover artMogie book cover artTooth Fairy Wars book cover art

Ninja Red Riding Hood book cover artStrongheart book cover art

Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio (DBC06529)
A proper bulldog raised in a poodle family and a tough poodle raised in a bulldog family meet one day in the park. Kindergarten–grade 3.

Mogie: The Heart of the House by Kathi Appelt (DBC06501) A rambunctious puppy finds a home at the Ronald McDonald House, a place that houses sick children and their families while they undergo treatment. Kindergarten–grade 3.

The Tooth Fairy Wars by Kate Coombs (DBC06516)-Read by Will Stuck
A determined young boy and a no-nonsense Tooth Fairy tussle over who gets to keep his baby teeth. Grades 2-4.

Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen Schwartz (DBC06515)
In this twist on “Little Red Riding Hood,” a certain wolf trains to be a ninja in order to catch his prey, but he is not the only one mastering a martial art. For Kindergarten–grade 3.

Strongheart: The World’s First Movie Star Dog by Emily Arnold McCully (DBC06505)
When silent movie director Larry Trimble decides to put Strongheart, a police dog, into his movies as the lead actor, he must first train him to play with toys and walk like a regular dog. However, Strongheart becomes a sensation until his military training leads to trouble, and possibly the end of his career. Kindergarten–grade 3.


Mark Twain Award Nominees

Million Ways Home=Missing Pieces of Me
A Million Ways Home by Dianna Dorisi Winget (DBC06500)
When her grandmother and guardian suffers a stroke, twelve-year-old Poppy Parker’s life turns upside down. Then when she witnesses a murder and has to go into witness protection with Detective Brannigan’s mother, it becomes hard to believe she will ever find a way home, let alone save Gunner, a beautiful German shepherd with an uncertain future. Grades 4-7. 2014.

The Missing Pieces of Me by Jean Van Leeuwen (DBC06499)
When nothing she does seems to please her mother, Weezie decides to find her missing father. Grades 2-4.


Gateway Award Nominees

Book of IvyNILCall Me by My Name
The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel (DBC06496)
In an apocalyptic future where girls from the losing faction are forcibly married to boys of the winning faction, sixteen-year-old Ivy is tasked to kill her fiancé Bishop. However, when she finally meets him, he is not the monster Ivy has been led to believe. Contains some violence. High School and older readers.

NIL by Lynne Matson (DBC06490)
Transported through a “gate” to the mysterious island of Nil, seventeen-year-old Charley has 365 days to escape--or she will die. High School and older readers.

Call Me by My Name by John Ed Bradley (DBC06495)
Growing up in Louisiana in the late 1960s, where segregation and prejudice still thrive, two high school football players, one white, one black, become friends, but some changes are too difficult to accept. For grades 6-9.

New Books for Adults

Fugitive SpringIntentional Walk

Fugitive Spring by Deborah Digges (DBC06461)
Deborah Digges, renowned poet, recalls growing up in 1950s Jefferson City, Missouri, as the sixth of ten children in a Dutch Reformist family. Among her most vivid early memories are the family orchard whose apples were picked every August by prison inmates, the rats her doctor father used for his cancer research, and the pond where she almost drowned.

Intentional Walk: An Inside Look at the Faith That Drives the St. Louis Cardinals by Rob Rains (DBC01464)
The St. Louis Cardinals has been one of the most successful franchises in baseball major leagues for over a century. They have won 11 World Series titles and some of the most famous players in the history of baseball have played for the ‘Cards’. This book examines the role a strong Christian faith has had in the lives of players, management and support staff for the 2012 team.

Upcoming Holidays

Just a reminder to patrons Wolfner Library will be closed on the following holidays:

Lincoln Day (Observed) Monday, February 13, 2017
Washington’s Birthday Monday, February 20, 2017


Wolfner Library Staff Listing

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