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Houston, Summer Reading is Coming in for Landing!

Summer Reading spaceshipWolfner Library patrons ages 18 and under are invited to participate in Wolfner Library’s Youth Summer Reading Club. This year’s slogan is “A Universe of Stories,” and will feature a variety of space and Sci-Fi themes! Wolfner Library always strives to provide fun and accessible prizes each year. For 2019, we are giving grand prizewinners the opportunity to choose from three different prizes. Options include an iPad, a Samsung tablet, or Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones. We will also be awarding top readers with a “A Universe of Stories Top Reader” t-shirt. The program will run from May 30th-July 30th. Child with eyepatch in spaceshipRegistration is currently open online at https://tinyurl.com/wolfner-2019-src or contact the Youth Services Librarian at 800-392-2614.

Attention Parents and Caregivers of Summer Reading Club Registrants:

In an effort to be more inclusive, Wolfner Library is requesting parents or caregivers provide the developmental age of their child during registration. This assists in determining which activities and small prizes are provided at registration.

Teen Poetry Contest Logo

 Teen Poetry Contest 

Announcing the 2018/2019 winners of Wolfner Library’s third annual Teen Poetry Contest! We received eight poems from six teen patrons. After Wolfner Library staff reviewed them, the poems went on to Walter Bargen, Missouri’s first Poet Laureate, for judging. Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Wolfner Library, we were able to provide some amazing first, second and third place prizes. First place won a MacBook Air, second place received an iPad with keyboard and third place received an iPad. Thank you to all who submitted poems and to Mr. Bargen for being our celebrity judge for the third year in a row!

First Place:

Answer? by Jessica Johnson

Today is a bad day,

Today is a good day,

Today is an okay day,

Today is a day.


What do we mean when we say these things,

What do we mean when we want to cry but no tears shall fall,

What do we mean when we want to laugh but no bubbles will arise,

What do we mean when we want to help but our hand won’t reach far enough.


Those who have the way but not the will,

Those who have hope but they can’t find the green grass,

Those who try but simply can’t find the courage,

Those who wish but can’t find a star.


What is the point they say,

What is the meaning of life,

Answers don’t come to me,

It’s like I’m learning my C,B,A’s.


Who can help but don’t have the strength,

Those who say Goodbye but not Hello,

Those who receive but do not give,

Those who know the answer but will not answer.


What has this world come to,

What have we become,

All empty shells? Without a soul?

The answer is cold.


Second Place: 

Dar Ghazi by Lydia Olmsted


Dar Ghazi,

A man of love,

Love so strong that you can feel it in his eyes,

In his gentle nuzzles,

In his calming breath,

In his relaxed ears,

Through his back,

And in his gentle, soothing voice.


Dar Ghazi,

A man with a heart full of compassion,

Compassion that is always there when you need it;

And that comforts you in challenging times,

Compassion that is always understanding and sympathetic.


Dar Ghazi,

A leader,

A leader who guides me physically and mentally,

A leader who teaches others how to act,

A leader whose traits make this world a better place.


Dar Ghazi,

A protector,

A man who keeps me safe when in his presence,

A man who guides me away from potential danger,

A man who is always looking after me.


Dar Ghazi,

A man with unique comforting abilities,

Who has beautiful energy that helps me relax when going through rough times,

Who gives lovely, gentle hugs,

Whose cute nuzzling makes me smile,

Whose velvet muzzle appeals to my sense of touch,

And whose soft smooth fur and warm, gentle breath warms me up on the coldest days.


Dar Ghazi,

A very trustworthy man,

One who always has my back,

One who I can count on to always be there for me,

And one who I know won’t ever deceive me with his actions.


Dar Ghazi,

A very skilled and talented man,

A man who has a beautiful trot and canter,

A man who has competed and won in many shows,

And a man with great wisdom and intelligence.


Dar Ghazi,

A man who has changed my life forever.

And a man who will always have a special place in my heart.


Third Place:

Monsters by Dionna Towns


There’s a monster under my bed.

Oh wait, maybe it’s in my head.

I’m just trying to erase what has been said.

But there are monsters in my head.

There are demons within and they are counting

every one of my sins.

The voices are so loud I can’t even hear a sound.

They’re just so loud.

There are monsters under my bed.

Oh wait, maybe they’re in my head.


 Summer Book Club Selections:


Fallen Angels Book CoverA Flight of Arrows Book CoverNujeen Book Cover

May 16 at 2 p.m. Novel Reads: Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers DB 29775, BR 17796

Narrated by Earle Hyman.

With dreams of college fading, Ritchie Perry, a black youth from Harlem, enlists in the army. He is sent to Vietnam and into a bloody, violent nightmare where he sees desperate heroism and equally desperate cowardice. He struggles to survive racist officers, pitched battles, guerrilla raids, and multiple wounds. Strong language and violence. For high school and older readers.

May 23 at 2 p.m. Good Books (mild reads): A Flight of Arrows by Lori Benton DB 89741, LP030460

Narrated by Liz Pearce.

William, from The Wood's Edge (DB 82082), has joined the British Army to hide from his family as he tries to sort out his new identity. As the American Revolution reaches the Mohawk Valley, Two Hawks and Anna try to build a life together. Unrated. 2016.

May 30 at 2 p.m. Big Ideas: Nujeen: One Girl’s Incredible Journey from War-Torn Syria in a Wheelchair by Nujeen Mustafa with Christina Lamb DB 88414

Narrated by Emily Ellet.

The story of Nujeen Mustafa, who was born with cerebral palsy and journeyed from Syria to Germany in a wheelchair. Denied education in Syria because of her condition, she taught herself English using American soap operas. Nujeen fled after her small town became the epicenter of conflict between ISIS militants and Kurdish troops. Some violence. 2016.


Game of Thrones Book CoverWhere Courage Calls Book CoverThe Republic of Pirates Book Cover

June 13 at 2 p.m. Novel Reads: Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin DB 45742, BR 21103

Narrated by Roy Avers.

In a bygone world of decades-long seasons, three families struggle for the throne. When honorable Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell is sent south to be the hand of the king, he faces many ambitious and ruthless people. Meanwhile the king contends with wildlings and creatures beyond the domain wall. A Song of Ice and Fire series, book 1. Some descriptions of sex, some strong language, and some violence. 1996.

June 20 at 2 p.m. Good Books: Where Courage Calls by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan DB 78313, BR 20446, LP030814

Narrated by Theresa Conkin.

Beth Thatcher from Toronto takes a teaching post in a remote coal-mining town in western Canada. She adjusts to outdoor plumbing and oil lamps while organizing the one-room school, Bible studies, and English lessons. Meanwhile, two Mounties come courting. Return to the Canadian West, book 1. 2014.

June 27 at 2 p.m. Big Ideas: The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard DB 88736, BR 17738

Narrated by Jeremy Gage.

An account of the Golden Age of Piracy and the "Flying Gang," a group of eighteenth-century pirate captains who joined forces, including Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch and "Black Sam" Bellamy. Examines why many of those involved turned to piracy and how they self-governed before their ultimate downfall at the hands of Captain Woodes Rogers. 2007.


 Artemis Book CoverBringing Columbia Home book coverSpace Race Book Cover

July 11 at 2 p.m. Novel Reads: Artemis by Andy Weir DB 89733, BR 22166, LP033119

Narrated by Rosario Dawson.

Jazz Bashara smuggles contraband into the moon city of Artemis as a way to make extra money. After she takes on a particularly lucrative job, however, she soon finds herself entangled in a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself. Some strong language. 2017.

July 18 at 2 p.m. Good Books (mild reads): Bringing Columbia Home: The Untold Story of a Lost Space Shuttle and Her Crew by Michael D. Leinbach DB 90380

Narrated by Gregory Maupin.

Chronicle of the investigation of the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia over Texas on its return in 2003. Discusses the cause of the accident, interagency work protocols, and the contributions of volunteers, which allowed for the recovery of crew remains and forty percent of debris. 2018.

July 25 at 2 p.m. Big Ideas: Space Race: The Epic Battle between America and the Soviet Union for Dominion of Space by Deborah Cadbury DB 64644

Narrated by Butch Hoover.

Examines the superpower rivalries that fueled the race to the moon and the engineering masterminds behind it: Sergei Korolev in the Soviet Union and Wernher von Braun, a former Nazi, in the United States. Discusses the political paranoia of the cold war era and the technological advances it produced. 2006.

Rehabilitation Services for the Blind Adult Services Workshop

Do you have questions about the services Rehabilitation Services for the Blind offers for adults? These include in-home services, such as assisting with daily living, providing guidance and counselling, and job assistance. On July 9 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Adult Services Librarian Amy Nickless will host a conference call featuring Katy Cawdron from Rehabilitation Services for the Blind. To participate, please call Wolfner Library at 800-392-2614 and ask for Amy or e-mail [email protected] to register. Registered patrons will be given the conference call phone number. Registration is limited to 25 patrons.

New Patron Workshop

Are you a new user of Wolfner Library? Or are you a current patron with questions about using the BARD or WolfPAC? On August 8 from 2 to 3:30 p.m., Adult Services Librarian Amy Nickless and Reader Advisor and BARD Specialist Brandon Kempf will be hosting the inaugural New Patron Workshop on our conference call line. To participate, please call Wolfner Library at 800-392-2614 and ask for Amy or e-mail [email protected] to register. Registered patrons will be given the conference call phone number. Following an overview of WolfPAC and the variants of BARD, all questions will be answered. Registration is limited to 25 patrons.

Going forward, a New Patron Workshop will be offered on a quarterly basis with dates announced in the newsletter. While targeted to new patrons and/or their caregivers, all patrons are welcome to patriciate if they are interested in learning more or are new to using BARD or WolfPAC.

Adult Winter Reading Program Voting

To vote for your favorite theme for next winter's program, visit our survey: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4917111/Adult-Winter-Reading-Program-2020-Theme-Vote

Prequels to Upcoming Theatrical Releases

So many movies coming up in theaters between April 1 and June 30 that are part of great series! To check out the beginnings and middles of these franchises, call your reader advisor to order the audio described versions!

If you can’t wait to see Godzilla: King of the Monsters, you might try Kong: Skull Island (DVD00391) while you wait.

If you are excited about Toy Story 4, check out the first threeToy Story Movie Poster!

Toy Story (DVD00134)

Toy Story 2 (DVD00356)

Toy Story 3 (DVD00656)

If you’re ready to experience some dragon riding adventures with How to Train Your Dragon 3, check out the first two!

How to Train Your Dragon (DVD00686)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (DVD00099)

If you need a little refresher before Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War is waiting on the shelf! (DVD00511) Please ask about the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when you do.

X-Men Apocalypse Movie PosterExcelsior! If you’re biting your nails wondering what will happen in Dark Phoenix, we have three other movies featuring the X-Men to enjoy.

X-Men: First Class (DVD00744)

X-Men: Days of Future Past (DVD00160)

X-Men: Apocalypse (DVD00214)


Volunteer Profile

Theresa Sullivan sitting at a desk in front of a microphone.

Theresa Sullivan has served at Wolfner as a narrator since June of 2009. She has worked a total of 815 hours, recording 41 books since she began. The young adult novel ‘Croak’, by Gina Damico (DBC01419) was her favorite book to narrate. When asked if there was a book she read that she hated, she replied, “Yes, but fortunately I don’t remember the name.”

Theresa has a Master’s degree in oral interpretation of literature and a Master of Health Science in Communication Disorders. She served as an instructor of English and Speech at Lincoln University for six years. She raised three children, two boys, one girl, and then became a speech/language pathologist at North School, Jefferson City Public School District. She has been active in local theater groups, currently serves as a docent at the Governor’s Mansion, and serves on the curriculum committee for Learning in Retirement.

She says, “My favorite volunteer activity is Wolfner and I especially enjoy preparing and reading teen books.”

New Books from the Wolfner Recording Studio

Adult Books

Blood River Rising Book CoverCaptain for Laura Rose Book CoverDeadly Deceit Book Cover

Blood River Rising: The Thompson-Crismon Feud of the 1920s by Victoria Pope Hubbell DBC09711

This true story is set in Wilcox Bend, a promontory of woods and farmland embraced by the Osage River in the northern Ozarks of Missouri. A blood feud erupts between two hitherto peaceful families in the 1920's, and it is the contention of Hadley Thompson, who approaches a local historian about writing his story, that the Ku Klux Klan was the cause of it. Some strong language and violence.

A Captain for Laura Rose by Stephanie Grace Whitson DBC09753

When tragedy strikes, Laura Rose White must defy conventions and find a way to serve as captain of her family's steamboat in order to save her livelihood, but first she must seek help from the disreputable but skillful pilot    Finn MacKnight.

Also available in large print (LP030010).


Deadly Deceit by Jay Dix DBC16277

When the husband of an ex-girlfriend gets killed and forensic pathologist Dr. Mark Jamison is assigned the case, he almost destroys his reputation by trying to help her out.

Reading the Sweet Oak Book CoverSoaring With Vultures Book CoverWest Plains Dance Hall Explosion Book Cover


Reading the Sweet Oak by Jan Stites DBC09734

A group of women forms a romance novel book club and explore modern-day love and the bonds of friendship.

Also available in large print (LP033102).


Soaring with Vultures by Dan Kelly DBC09735

A fictional account of an 1868 killing in Lafayette County, Missouri. After the Civil War, Union Colonel William Warner moved his family to Missouri in hopes of finding peace and building a new life, Instead, his dreams turn into a nightmare after his daughter marries the wrong man.

The West Plains Dance Hall Explosion by Lin Waterhouse DBC09740

On Friday, April 13th, 1928, there was an explosion at a dance hall in the small town of West Plains, Missouri. In the aftermath, the town was torn apart by conflicting accounts, accusations, and grief at the loss of thirty-nine lives.


Young Adult Books

On Etruscan Time Book CoverNothing To Lose Book CoverRunner Book Cover

On Etruscan Time by Tracy Barrett DBC09765

While spending the summer on an archaeological dig near Florence, Italy, with his mother, eleven-year-old Hector meets an Etruscan boy who needs help to foil his treacherous uncle's plan to make him a human sacrifice--1,000 years in the past. For grades 5 through 8.


Nothing to Lose by Alex Flinn DBC09747

A year after running away with a traveling carnival to escape his unbearable home life, sixteen-year-old Michael returns to Miami, Florida, to find that his mother is going on trial for the murder of his abusive stepfather. Some violence. For Senior High and Older.


Runner by Carl Deucker DBC09748

Living with his alcoholic father on a broken-down sailboat on Puget Sound has been hard on seventeen-year-old Chance Taylor, but when his love of running leads to a high-paying job, he quickly learns that the money is not worth the risk. Some strong language. For Junior and Senior High.


Children’s Books

My Father the Dog Book Cover

My Father the Dog by Elizabeth DBC09634

A young girl suspects that her father is really a dog because he performs such acts as fetching the newspaper and chasing balls. Preschool - grade 2.

 Officer Buckle and Gloria Book Cover

Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann DBC09630

The children at Napville Elementary School always ignore Officer Buckle's safety tips, until a police dog named Gloria accompanies him when he gives his safety speeches. Show-Me Book Award nominee, 1997-1998. For grades K-3.

 Quiltmaker's Journey Book Cover

The Quiltmaker's Journey by Jeff Brumbeau DBC06078

The quiltmaker grows up wealthy and sheltered, but radically changes her life after she discovers the poverty and need outside her town. For grades 2-4.

 Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt Book Cover

Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt by Lisa Campbell Ernst DBC06386

While mending the awning over the pigpen, Sam discovers that he enjoys sewing the various patches together but meets with scorn and ridicule when he asks his wife if he could join her quilting club. For kindergarten - grade 3.

 Toes Book Cover

Toes by Tor Seidler DBC16263

After getting lost on Halloween night when he is only a few months old, an intelligent seven-toed kitten makes his way into the life of a struggling musician. Grades 4-7.


Valentino Finds a Home by Andy Whiteside DBC09573

Valentino is a guinea pig trying to find a home where he can live happily ever after. He runs away from home and has many adventures until good fortune lands him in a pet shop. Preschool - grade 2.


2019 Wolfner Library Patron Survey


Due to a recent glitch in our processes, the biannual patron survey was not included in the Winter 2019 audio, braille and online editions of the newsletter. The survey is being reissued as part of this edition of the newsletter. Your input on this survey allows staff to make informed decisions about programming and services. If you received the braille, audio, or online edition of the newsletter and are interested in participating in the survey, the link to the survey is https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4704214/Wolfner-Library-Patron-Survey-2019. This survey is anonymous, so please be candid.

If you prefer to complete the survey over the telephone or receive the survey in an alternate format, please call us at (800) 392-2614. If you are subscribed to the large print edition and already provided survey results, there is no need to fill out the survey a second time.

Order Forms in Talking Book Topics

Every issue of Talking Book Topics includes an order form. One of the instructions in that order form is to return it to your local cooperating library. In Missouri, Wolfner Library is the only National Library Service cooperating library, so those order forms need to be mailed to us, not local public libraries.

When you are ready to send in the order form, it can be placed in an envelope address to:

Wolfner Library

P.O. Box 387

Jefferson City, MO 65102


Instead of using a postage stamp, write “Free Matter for the Blind” in the upper right hand corner. When placing in the mailbox, leave the envelope unsealed per Post Office regulations for sending mail via Free Matter.


Digital Talking Book Machine Software Update

The National Library Service (NLS) has updated how bookshelf mode works on its digital talking book machines. Bookshelf Mode is used when multiple books or magazines are on a cartridge. This update to Bookshelf Mode (version 2.1.16) allows users to sequentially play cartridges with multiple titles on a single cartridge without entering the Bookshelf Mode. This new feature, Sequential Play, enables users to press the play/stop button to go on to the next title when the player announces “end of book.” Standard Bookshelf Mode will work as before, allowing users to play multiple titles in the order desired. However, this simpler method makes it possible to move from book to book with less hassle.

This update will be included on future magazine cartridges containing multiple titles and on cartridges containing multiple books, such as those used for the Adult Winter Reading Program and book clubs. When the cartridge with the update is placed in your machine, it will update automatically and the player will announce that the software is being updated. BARD users who wish to have this functionality on their player can download the update from the BARD Main Page. Patrons who are not subscribed to magazines, do not use BARD, and do not otherwise use cartridges containing multiple titles do not need to worry about this update as it will have no effect on how your books are played.

New Cartridge Color

In addition to the current mint, white and peach colored cartridges used by Wolfner Library, a royal blue cartridge will also be in use starting this spring.

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Facebook Logo

Wolfner Library and the National Library Service both have Facebook pages. Log on to find and like us on Facebook today! Wolfner Library’s page is located at https://www.facebook.com/wolfnerlibrary. NLS’s page is located at https://www.facebook.com/ThatAllMayRead/.

Upcoming Holidays

Just a reminder to patrons, Wolfner Library will be closed on the following holidays:

May 8, 2019    Truman’s Birthday

May 27, 2019  Memorial Day

July 4, 2019    Independence Day