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Youth Missouri Books


(Updated August 3, 2018)

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For Grades 2-4



As Fast as Words Could Fly by Pamela M. Tuck


A thirteen-year-old African American boy in 1960s Greenville, North Carolina, uses his typing skills to make a statement as part of the Civil Rights movement. Based on true events. Show-Me Book Award Nominee, 2015-2016. For grades 2-4. 2013. 


The Blue House Dog by Deborah Blumenthal


A boy whose beloved dog has died, and a dog whose owner also died, find each other and slowly begin to trust one another. Show-Me Book Award Nominee, 2012-2013. For grades 2-4. 2010.


Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson


When Ms. Albert teaches a lesson on kindness, Chloe realizes that she and her friends have been wrong in making fun of new student Maya's shabby clothes and refusing to play with her. Show-Me Book Award Nominee, 2014-2015. For grades 2-4. 2012.


Frog's Best Friend by Marion Dane Bauer


Frog learns how to share his best friend, Turtle, with the other animals. For grades 2-4. 2002.


Lucky Beans by Becky Birtha


During the Great Depression, Marshall, an African American boy, uses lessons learned in arithmetic class and guidance from his mother to figure out how many beans are in a jar in order to win her a new sewing machine in a contest. Show-Me Book Award Nominee, 2012-2013. For grades 2-4. 2010.


The Missing Pieces of Me by Jean Van Leeuwen


When nothing she does seems to please her mother, Weezie decides to find her missing father. For grades 2-4. Mark Twain Award Nominee, 2016-2017. 2014.


Nine for California by Sonia Levitin


Amanda travels by stagecoach with her four siblings and her mother from Missouri to California to join her father. For grades 2-4. 1996.


The Pickle Patch Bathtub by Fran Kennedy


Complaining of legs grown too long for the kitchen washtub, a farm family's children set out to earn enough money for a real bathtub. Material from primary sources accompanies full-color paintings by Sheila Aldridge to illustrate this story. Show-Me Book Award Nominee, 2006-2007. For grades 2-4. 2004.


The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau


When a generous quiltmaker finally agrees to make a quilt for a greedy king but only under certain conditions, she causes him to undergo a change of heart. Illustrated by Gail de Marcken. For grades 2-4. 1999.


The Quiltmaker's Journey by Jeff Brumbeau


The quiltmaker grows up wealthy and sheltered, but radically changes her life after she discovers the poverty and need outside her town. For grades 2-4. 2004.


Red Legs by Ted Lewin


The night before a battle in the Civil War, drummer boy Stephen thinks of home and the next day's fight. The next day he bravely marches into battle with his regiment. For grades 2-4. 2001.


A Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin by Jen Bryant


Horace Pippin loved to draw from the time he was a very small child. He drew pictures for his family and his classmates. As a soldier in World War I, he filled his notebooks with drawings, even though he was badly wounded. Returning home, he couldn't lift his right arm. But he loved art too much to give up, and became a wonderful painter whose art is displayed in museums and galleries across the country. Show-Me Book Award nominee, 2015-2016. For grades 2-4. 2013.