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Before Dred Scott:
Freedom Suits in Antebellum Missouri

Rachel v. William Walker (1836)

Brief of Appellant to Missouri Supreme Court

Rachel    )   Supreme Court June term 1836
    vs       )
Walker   )

          Rachel sued Walker for her freedom in the St. Louis Circuit Court & at the last March term there was a trial and judgment for Walker, from which Rachel appeals; according to the Bill of Exceptions the facts are that one Stockton an officer in the United States army then stationed at St. Peters, wishing to obtain a slave to live with him at that place, sent to St. Louis and purchased Rachel from Maj. Brant & took her to St. Peters where he kept her as a slave in his family for a year he was afterward stationed at Prairie du Chien on the east side of the Mississippi in Michigan Territory whither he removed and resided with his family there still holding Rachel in slavery & held her then near two years when he sold her. During all this time she was employed entirely in immediate attendance on his family—
Rachel is free
          See act of Congress of March 6, 1820 Story’s U.S. Laws page 1762 Sec.8 which forbids slavery North of 36 degrees 30 minutes. Also the Ordinance of 1787 for Government of Territory North West of Ohio I Vol. L, U.S. 475
I Miss. Rep. Winny vs Whitesides 472, 3 Mis Rep Nat vs Ruddle 400 & Julia vs Mckinney 270.

as to the child Merry vs Tiffin & Menard / Miss Dec 125 (1Miss R 725)

J. Spalding  
for appellant

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