Crack of the Pistol:
Dueling in 19th Century Missouri

State of Missouri v.Abiel Leonard (1824)

State of Missouri
County of  Howard

Circuit Court October
Term 1824


I Gray Bynum clerk of the said Court do certify that at the term aforesaid of the said Circuit court for the county of Howard Abiel Leonard was convicted on a charge preferred against him by the Grand Jurors for the body of the County aforesaid for sending a challenge to Taylor Berry to fight a duel and upon that conviction the Circuit court aforesaid by their Judgment considers that the said Abiel Leonard be rendered incapable of holding or being elected to any post of profit trust or emolument civil or military under the Government of this State.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
affixed the seal of said court at office the 15th day of April
AD. 1825.

Gray Bynum


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