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Crack of the Pistol:
Dueling in 19th Century Missouri

Sites of Interest on Dueling



Mound City on the Mississippi/A St. Louis History

This St. Louis Historic Preservation site provides short narratives on the people, events, and structures important to St. Louis both past and present.


The George Washington University Law School

Within this website by searching for the topic of duels, the Jacob Burns Law Library may be accessed.  Several links are available on a variety of topics related to the history of dueling, the Code Duello, and famous American duels.


The Political Graveyard/A Database of Historic Cemeteries

This website is a source of U.S. political biography that literally tells where the dead politicians are buried.  There are links to information on politicians who participated in duels and who died in duels.  A less than complete source, it provides insight into how widespread the practice of dueling was in the early history of the United States.