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Man's Best Friend:
The Old Drum Story

Annotated Bibliography
The Old Drum Trial

NOTE: This is a bibliography of scholarly studies about the Burden vs. Hornsby case in Missouri.  The works included may be advanced for some school-age readers. The bibliography, therefore, is intended as a resource for teachers interested in gaining a deeper understanding of these topics.

Chaney, Walter. “The True Story of ‘Old Drum’.”  Missouri Historical Review. 19, No.2 (Jan.1925):313-324.

Chaney provides an interesting account of Missouri’s most famous dog case and of the world-famous tribute to the dog that Vest delivered.  The author ties facts from court documents in as he weaves a descriptive tale of the events and people involved in the Old Drum trial.

Christensen, William O., and William E. Foley, Gary R. Kremer, Kenneth H. Winn, eds. Dictionary of Missouri Biography. Columbia [Mo.]: University of Missouri Press, 1999.

Edited by four leading authorities on Missouri history with contributions from over three hundred authors, this book is considered an indispensable reference work on Missouri history.  In an easy-to-read style, the volume contains over seven hundred biographies of men and women who have influenced state and national history including Cockrell, Crittenden, Philips, and Vest.

Crittenden, Henry Huston, ed.  The Crittenden Memoirs.  New York [NY]: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1936.

Compiled by H.H. Crittenden, son of Thomas T. Crittenden, the publication attempts to preserve events that occurred during his father’s lifetime and administration as Governor of Missouri.  Narratives describe “ridding the state of the James Gang” and personal recollections of political figures including George Graham Vest.  Illustrations are included of the prominent people with whom Crittenden came in contact with during his active public life of more than a half century.  Additional reminiscences are provided by his son, Henry Huston Crittenden.     

Johnson, Icie F. The Old Drum Story. Warrensburg [Mo.]: Chamber of Commerce, 1957.

An interesting collection of stories about the people, places, and events surrounding the Old Drum Trial.  By utilizing interviews with friends and relatives, newspapers, historical societies, and the Johnson County Court records, Johnson attempts to provide a factual account of the Old Drum story.

Priddy, Bob, Across Our Wide Missouri. Vol. 2 Independence [Mo.]: Independence Press, 1984.

Volume two contains educational and entertaining stories about Missouri history that occurred in the months July through December.  The book is a daily diary of  little-known facts and major events in Missouri history.  Contained in the second volume are stories about Crittenden and the James Gang, Vest and secession, Vest as the senator of two republics, and the trial of Old Drum.   

Shoemaker, Floyd C. Missouri, Day by Day. Vol.1 Jefferson City [Mo.]: Mid-state Printing Co., 1942.

This book is a highly readable account of people and events in the history of Missouri.  It offers concise, informative narratives documenting Missouri’s most important events and notable citizens. Volume one presents a day by day calendar of significant events in Missouri history that occurred during the months of January through June.  A short biography of Thomas Crittenden, Missouri’s twenty-fourth governor and lawyer for the defendant in the Old Drum trial, is included.

Shoemaker, Floyd C. Missouri, Day by Day.  Vol. 2 Jefferson City [Mo.]: Mid-state Printing Co., 1943.

Volume two continues the day by day accounts of significant events and important people in Missouri history.  In the same format as volume one, the remaining six months of the year, July through December, are covered.  Narratives about the lives of case lawyers Francis Marion Cockrell, George Graham Vest, and John Finis Philips are contained in volume two.

Stevens, Walter B. Centennial History of Missouri (the center state) One Hundred Years in the Union, 1820-1921.  Vol. 1 St. Louis [Mo.]: S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1921.

The book contains biographies and photographs of leading men during the first century in Missouri history.  Stories and reminiscences about Missouri’s Big Four-Cockrell, Crittenden, Philips, and Vest- are included along with a short narrative about the Old Drum trial and Vest’s Tribute to the Dog.