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1930-1970 Hospital Staff

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1851: The New Asylum

1945: Patients Over Politics

1960: Ending Segregation

1930-1970: Hospital Staff

1962-1976: The Peterson Years

1930-1970: Hospital Staff

In 1950, a young aide learned, on her first ten-hour night shift, to mix medicines, read charts, and take patients to breakfast. The second night, the supervisor told her to pay close attention, because in the future she would work alone. After protesting her fear of administering the wrong medication to the more than thirty patients, the aide quit. Low pay, hard work, and difficult conditions forced many good workers to leave the hospital. In the 1970s, employees were asked to work without pay for two weeks due to a tight budget. Still, dedicated and loyal staff have made careers at the hospital, where conditions continually improve. "It has its own culture," said an employee.

Nurses' training classes.
Nurses' training classes.
Fulton State Hospital

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