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Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board (MHRAB)

February 2002

Blue Springs Historical Society, Blue Springs: $3,000 for preservation supplies for its archives, which includes manuscripts, documents, abstracts, maps, 100 historically significant original photos and more than 2,000 black and white photos that cover the 1970s and 1980s. The Society also will create negatives from the 100 historically significant photos.

Caldwell County Historical Society, Kingston: $434.61 for preservation supplies and shelving as recommended by the consultant retained by the Society with MHRGP grant funds from cycle I.

Cedar County Library, Stockton: $4,494 to microfilm the Cedar County Historical Society's copies of The Cedar County Republican, The Jerico Springs Optic, and The Stockton Journal newspapers to preserve them and provide access to patrons. Use of the newspapers is causing deterioration.

Columbia College, Columbia: $4,212 to hire a consultant to conduct a comprehensive review of the historical holdings of Columbia College and to determine how these materials should be organized, preserved, managed and made available for public access.

Diaspora Connections Unlimited, St. Louis: $5,000 to hire a consultant to survey the collection, to sort and catalog the materials, to develop an archival collection policy and to recommend purchase of appropriate equipment and supplies and appropriate personnel to conduct the archives operations. Funding also includes the purchase of archival materials.

Friends of Historic Boonville, Boonville: $2,863.55 for shelving, flat file units and two dehumidifiers to preserve and protect original Cooper County records and decades of Boonville newspapers, photographs, letters, family stories, slides, maps, etc.

Harrison County Genealogical Society, Bethany: $3,161.50 for a microfilm reader/printer to allow patrons access to the 227 rolls of microfilm available to them and the means to print information. The Society has federal census information from 1850-1930, as well as census information from several other counties.

Joplin Historical & Mineral Museums, Joplin: $1,886 to hire the services of a preservation consultant to assess and file a conservation report on the archive of the Joplin Museum Complex. The consultant will assess the physical condition of the archive, prioritize the current need and make recommendations for the future.

Joseph R. Palmer Family Memorial Library, Elsberry: $4,457.50 for a microfilm reader/printer for its genealogy room, which includes records on film of the Elsberry Democrat, the Lincoln County Census records from 1830, the Lincoln/Pike Veterans Census, the Lincoln County Herald and minutes from the Salt River Association and the Cuivre Association.

Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City: $2,892 for preservation supplies and film conversion recommended by the cycle I grant-funded consultant. The funds will provide for the preservation of archival records and improved accessibility to the collection, which includes print, slides, film, etc. related to KCAI's history.

Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society, Fulton: $1,138.56 for preservation supplies and shelving for its photographic collection, which will allow maximum access by the public. The Society has approximately 30 linear feet of boxes of photographs that are not stored in archival containers.

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM)/Still National Osteopathic Museum (SNOM), Kirksville: $4,945 to purchase standard museum environmental monitoring devices (standard hygrothermographs, sling psychrometer, visible light meter and display case thermo hygrometer). The professional papers and photographs of Dr. Andrew Still, which were professionally preserved with funds from cycle I, are housed in the Museum.

Lincoln University, Jefferson City: $4,765 to purchase archival quality enclosures to properly preserve the University's photograph collection and to provide patrons the opportunity to view the collection without actually handling the photos. The 10,000- photo collection documents Missouri's black heritage and its educational history.

Midwest Jesuit Archives, St. Louis: $2,000 to purchase a reconditioned microfilm reader/printer so the Archives can minimize the handling of its most fragile, earliest original records.

Missouri School for the Blind, St. Louis: $4,999.40 to implement the recommendations of the consultant who was retained with cycle I funds, which includes hiring a processing archivist to sort, categorize, list and label MSB's collection. The processing archivist will receive assistance from MSB staff and will be trained by the cycle I consultant.

Missouri Valley College, Marshall: $9,189.17 for 1) microfilming 107 bound volumes of Missouri Valley College History, 2) archival boxes for storing the existing printed material and 3) a reader/printer for viewing and printing the microfilmed records. The collection includes MVC information and photographs dating from 1889 through the early 1980s, as well as historical information about the City of Marshall.

Moniteau County Historical Society, California: $4,604 for professional photocopying and restoration (500 photo scans and 500 5 x 7 prints) of buildings (homes, businesses, schools, churches, etc.), sites (cemeteries, mines, scenes, etc.), portraits and family groups from 1860 to present.

Morgan County Historical Society, Versailles: $4,057.26 for supplies and shelving for the Society's collection, which includes books, photographs, newspapers and documents that have been stored in old boxes, dresser drawers, filing cabinets, etc. Some of the items include signed documents of Harry S. Truman, passports from 1858, Civil War era letter, church and school records and leather bound hotel registers.

National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni, St. Louis: $3,290 to retain a consultant to assist in the development of a written plan that will identify short- and long-range projects for records management and preservation activities of the organization. The grant includes $890 for storage cabinets to secure important documents.

National Military Heritage Society, Inc., St. Joseph: $5,000 to hire a consultant to help assess the Society's collection and determine how to record it in an orderly manner, how to preserve it, how to display it and how to store it. The goals for the consultant fall into four general areas: policies and procedures, software, records appraisal and goal setting. The grant includes $915 to purchase preservation supplies.

Northland Genealogy Society, Parkville: $500 for preservation supplies (file folders) for NGS holdings including genealogical and historical records primarily from Clay and Platte Counties.

Osage County Historical Society, Linn: $3,022.73 for preservation supplies to preserve the Society's document collection, period photographs and books. The grant includes $272.95 for an open shelf file.

Platte County Historical Society, Platte City: $3,291.50 to purchase a microfilm reader/printer so visiting genealogical and historical researchers can make copies of microfilm and microfiche documents on file in the research library. The museum has Closed Probate Files before 1839, U.S. Census microfilms, old newspapers, etc.

Rockhurst University, Kansas City: $1,464 to microfilm the campus newspaper, which has been continuously published since 1917, the year in which Rockhurst first offered college courses.

St. Francis Xavier Church, Jefferson City: $322.50 for a microfilm reader for church records that include the beginning era of the Roman Catholic Church in early central Missouri.

St. Louis Genealogical Society, St. Louis: $7,184 to microfilm historically significant primary records obtained through the St. Louis Cemetery Records Preservation and Access Project. The purpose of the project is to preserve information from cemetery ledgers and index cards and promote access.

St. Paul Lutheran High School, Concordia: $7,800 to hire a consultant to oversee the transfer of materials currently stored in an attic to a temporary site where work can begin to organize materials and outline steps to place items in stable enclosures. The historical records reflect the 118-year history of the school as well as the community.

Sikeston Cultural Development Center, Sikeston: $5,000 to purchase preservation supplies (protective sleeves and acid free boxes) for the Don Miller Collection of Dysert-Baugher Pictures, an endangered 40-year photographic collection of Southeast Missouri history from the mid 1940s into the 1980s.

Society of the Sacred Heart United States Province Archives, St. Louis: $9,000 to purchase a fire protection component that includes fire detection and fire suppression systems for the Archives’ new facility.

Stars and Stripes Museum/Library Association, Inc., Bloomfield: $5,281.56 for stationary shelving in a dedicated space of a recently completed Museum/Library building addition.

University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis: $23,900 for the Department of Anthropology at UMSL to properly curate its archaeological associated documentation (e.g. paperwork, photographs, electronic documents). These records and photographs are the only documents that describe the archaeological work conducted by the University since the 1970s.

Ursuline Provincialate, Crystal City: $1,770.85 for preservation equipment (drawers and cabinets) to house large documents, papers, photographs and audio-visual material.

Washington Historical Society, Inc., Washington: $3,495 to retain the services of a consultant to conduct a formal survey to assess the condition and the needs of the Society's collection. Specifically, WHS needs assistance in identifying how to better catalog, preserve and arrange its collection in order to improve and facilitate its use.

Washington University (Civil Rights), St. Louis: $16,880.11 to purchase preservation supplies for a historically significant and invaluable collection of film, video and audio materials related to the Civil Rights Movement. Washington University was recently awarded ownership of the Civil Right Project Archive, which consists of the films and all production material in the making of the films of the late Henry Hampton and his company, Blackside, Inc.

Washington University (Sound Reformatting), St. Louis: $5,000 for a project to reformat cassette recordings of readings by prominent national and local poets who have read at Washington University in St. Louis. It extends and develops an emphasis on sound preservation begun with the first cycle, focused on preserving open-reel tapes from the Modern Literature Collection.

Webb City Historical Society, Webb City: $1,205.25 for installation of fire detection, alarm and suppression devices in the Webb City Historical Society archive, which is one of the more important historic buildings remaining in the City. The Society renovated the former Jasper County Health Department, which formerly was the Streetcar Employee's Clubhouse.

Webster County Historical Society, Marshfield: $4,094.57 for preservation supplies to organize, preserve, protect and increase accessibility to the items that have been loaned or donated to the Museum. Many items are very fragile and in need of special care.

Webster Groves Public Library, Webster Groves: $4,772 to purchase a microfilm reader/printer so that patrons may access the collections in the Webster Groves Public Library and the Friends of the Webster Groves Public Library.

Windsor Historical Society, Windsor: $2,336.75 for preservation supplies for photographs dating from the 1870s to the present, family files including 300 surnames and documents that require acid free sheet protectors. Also included in the grant funds is UV protection for the Society’s museum, which is a renovated century old house.

TOTAL AWARDS: $182,710.37