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Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board (MHRAB)

April 2004

American Jazz Museum, Kansas City: $20,000 to clean, repair and transfer ten rare 16 mm. films (approximately 5,000 ft.), dating from 1932-1954, from the Baker Film Collection to 16 mm. composite prints. The Museum will publish a catalog of the restored prints.

Barry County Genealogical and Historical Society, Cassville: $1,037.80 to microfilm Barry County scrapbooks, funeral home records and community records from the construction of the Campbell Point boat dock on Table Rock Lake.

Bonniebrook Historical Society, Walnut Shade: $3,297.40 to purchase archival storage materials and establish preservation practices and procedures for the Rose O’Neill Archives.

DeKalb County Historical Society, Inc., Maysville: $3,055 to microfilm privately donated papers of DeKalb County veterans from the War of 1812 to Operation Iraqi Freedom and the original real estate records of lawyers, abstractors and realtors of Maysville whose records cover land transactions from 1816-1933 and show the development of the area from Howard County (1816) to Clinton County (1833) to present day DeKalb County (1839).

DeSoto Historical Society, DeSoto: $753.30 to purchase preservation supplies for important papers, letters, documents and photographs. Funds will be used to purchase file folders, document storage boxes and photograph enclosures, which will enable the Society to make these items available to the public.

Forsyth Library, Forsyth: $1,795.70 to purchase supplies for housing the archives materials in its genealogy and local history holdings. To further preserve and provide greater access to this collection, the Library plans to microfilm these materials.

The Historical Society of Maries County, Vienna: $3,599.59 for preservation supplies to protect and make more accessible several of the Society’s collections by housing them in archival enclosures and boxes. The collections include county records, family genealogies, county newspapers as old as the 1850s and photographs.

The History Museum for Springfield-Greene County, Springfield: $12,642 to increase access to its photographic collection, which has continued to grow since the project began with a MHRGP grant in 2001. The goal of the project is to complete the Historic Photograph Access Project and to produce an index.

Jackson County Historical Society, Independence: $15,600 to obtain professional assistance with arrangement, description and cataloging of specific women’s history collections. The Society expects MHRGP funds will allow it to process and make available for research five significant women’s history collections.

Jackson Heritage Association, Inc./Oliver House Museum, Jackson: $4,450 to provide protective housing for its local history collection and to fund a trained archivist to organize the collection and develop finding aids for ease of access.

Joplin Historical and Mineral Museums, Inc., Joplin: $3,578.62 to purchase supplies and contract manpower to preserve 10,000 negatives donated by the daughter of late Joplin photographer, Murwin Mosler. The collection covers six decades of images of the Joplin area.

Kent Library, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau: $19,881.25 to re-house Lueders prints and negatives and to create a traveling exhibit from this collection. The Lueders Collection, which represents 70 years of commercial and portrait photograph in Cape Girardeau (1920 – 1955), is one of the most used resources in SEMO’s Special Collections and Archives.

KOPN 89.5 FM, Columbia: $7,888.85 to reformat tapes to compact discs from its reel-to-reel collection of programs relating to Missouri history and African-American and Native American issues. KOPN has a production studio for reformatting; funds will be used to contract an engineer, a cataloger and project coordinator.

Morgan County Historical Society, Versailles: $1,373 to microfilm documents and ledgers too fragile for regular patron use and to house ledgers in protective drop-front boxes.

National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni, St. Louis: $4,845 to humidify, relax and flatten approximately 200 rolled photographs of CCC companies, purchase conservation supplies and retain the services of a part-time consultant to assist staff in stabilization and preservation of the organization’s historic records.

National Military Heritage Society, Inc., St. Joseph: $18,675 to process and store 42-50 bankers’ boxes of archival documents in its new archives area. Two student interns, under supervision of the project director, will provide the labor for the project. This plan of work implements the recommendations of the consultant funded by MHRGP Cycle 1.

Osage County Historical Society, Linn: $2,305.74 to purchase protective enclosures and housing for its historical records. MHRGP Cycle 1 funds allowed the Society to preserve a large portion of its collection and generated interest, which has resulted in additional donations of documents and papers. Phelps County Genealogical Society, Rolla: $184.50 to purchase protective enclosures for the naturalization papers in the Society’s holdings.

Polk County Genealogical Society, Inc., Bolivar: $4,928.93 to preserve a miscellany of documents donated to the Society. The Society believes proper care and storage of these documents will encourage others to come forth with other historic documents.

Powers Museum, Carthage: $3,740 to complete processing several records groups that have the potential for immediate public use and to purchase archival supplies. MHRGP Cycle 1 funds were used for similar efforts and resulted in a significant increase in inquiries.

Rockhurst University, Kansas City: $4,922 to reformat open-reel tape recordings to compact disc of visiting scholar lectures (1959-1989) considered by faculty of the school to be of the greatest interest to the campus community, historians and disciplinary specialists and the general public. These lectures will be more easily accessible to a wider audience through this reformatting.

St. Charles County Historical Society, St. Charles: $5,000 to hire a consultant and purchase supplies for its photographic materials. Society plans to gain intellectual control of its materials by inventorying, re-housing and cataloging them for more easy access by the public. The consultant will develop and train staff and volunteers.

St. John’s United Methodist Church, St. Louis: $3,500 to provide per diem expenses for a Western Historical Manuscript Collection consulting archivist to conduct a professional review of the archives, form a plan for archival work and guide the volunteer training practices. To complete the project, funding also was provided for preservation supplies.

Shelby County Historical Society, Inc., Shelbina: $4,648.75 to hire a consultant to inventory, accession and process the Society’s documentary materials and to establish procedures for the same, as well as draw up deeds of gift and loan forms and accession and inventory sheets. Funds also were provided to purchase archival supplies and UV filtering lights and film.

Still National Osteopathic Museum, A.T. Still University of Health Science, Kirksville: $4,586.40 to compile a full inventory of the Museum’s three collections and create an accessible inventory and catalog with the software Past Perfect, which is already owned by the Museum.

Tri-County Genealogical Society, Nevada: $4,975.90 to purchase archival supplies to clean, preserve and store Vernon County records.

Tri-County Museum and Historical Society, King City: $4,169.75 to microfilm miscellaneous materials currently in loose-leaf binders, ledgers and individual pieces of paper. Materials include handwritten family histories, rural school minutes, Knights of Pythias records, death records, cemetery records and church histories.

University Archives, University of Missouri (Architecture), Columbia: $3,508 to improve the current state of preservation of the design and construction plans and drawings held by the University Archives. Records will be evaluated; items will be given necessary conservation and re-housing, and they will be transferred to the University Records Center as feasible.

University Archives, University of Missouri (Microfilming), Columbia: $1,470 to microfilm a collection of loose-leaf programs, news clippings, fliers, announcements and press releases documenting events, people and the history of the University of Missouri from 1913-1974.

Ursuline Provincialate, Crystal City: $430.20 to purchase supplies for the preservation of photographs and slides in its collection.

Vernon County Historical Society, Nevada: $4,999.80 to purchase supplies to properly preserve and archive the documents and paper artifacts in the Society’s collection; this is the continuation of a program started with MHRGP funds in 2002.

Webster Groves Historical Society, Webster Groves: $845 to purchase preservation housing for historic photographic prints and negatives.

Webster University (Webster University Archives/Emerson Library), St. Louis: $2,075 to preserve several thousand photographs and slides by purchasing archival enclosures and storage containers.

Weston Historical Museum, Weston: $1,739 to provide preservation housing for photographs and documents, many relating to the Bless family, who operated the Weston Chronicle for more than 100 years.

Westphalia Historical Society, Westphalia: $649.60 for preservation housing for Volksblatt, a German newspaper published in Westphalia from 1890-1910, and documents and papers from early Westphalia settlers.

TOTAL AWARDS: $181,151.08