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Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board (MHRAB)

Other Grant Opportunities


The following resources may enable staff or volunteers at historical records repositories to find and obtain outside funding through government, corporate, and private foundation grants. This list is designed as a resource for historical records preservation and/or educational programming related to history, not general operating expenses or preservation of historical artifacts and buildings. The list should not be expected to include all opportunities available; instead, it is a representative sample of resources that may be of use.

The Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board (MHRAB) provides this list as a courtesy for historical records repositories. Inclusion of a grant program does not constitute an endorsement by the MHRAB. The MHRAB is not affiliated with and has no role in the provision of any of these resources.

    Central storehouse for information on over 1,000 federal grant programs
  • Northeast Document Conservation Center
    List of grants related to preservation assessments, conservation treatment, microfilming, and digitization; Guidance offered on applications proposing to use NEDCC services