About Safe at Home

What Safe at Home Does and Does Not Do

Safe at Home does:

  • Authorize survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, rape or other crimes to use a substitute address on new records with government agencies and the courts.
  • Authorize participants to use a substitute address for receiving first-class mail, legal documents and certified mail.
  • Provide a free mail-forwarding service for program participants.
  • Enable participants to use the substitute address to meet the requirements for a home, work or school address on public records.
  • Receive personal service of process for participants.

Safe at Home does not:

  • Help participants change their identities or relocate.
  • Remove or delete existing public records.
  • Offer legal advice.
  • Relieve participants of their legal or financial responsibilities.

If you think Safe at Home is right for you, find out how to apply.