Law Enforcement

According to Revised Missouri Statute 589.669, government agencies and the courts shall accept the designated address as a program participant’s address when creating a new public record. This includes all state and local law enforcement agencies.

The substitute address must be used in place of a home, work or school address on all new records created by a law enforcement agency such as:

  • incident reports
  • citations
  • witness statements
  • arrest reports
  • correspondence
  • any document or database entry regarding a Safe at Home participant

Once an officer is aware that someone is a Safe at Home participant, the officer cannot require the participant to disclose his or her confidential address. Program participants are responsible for informing officers that they participate in Safe at Home and are requesting address confidentiality. Officers may request to see the participant’s authorization card to verify participation.

Questions regarding the use of the authorization card may be directed to the Safe at Home toll-free number: (866) 509-1409.



Additional Information