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Governor's Executive Orders 2021

Executive Order 1 – Gov. Michael Parson terminates Executive Orders 03-11 and 02-05, and modifies provisions of Executive Order 05-06. (Jan. 7)

Executive Order 2 – Gov. Michael Parson establishes the Office of Childhood within the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. (Jan. 28)

Executive Order 3  Gov. Michael Parson declares a State of Emergency and exempts hours of service requirements for vehicles transporting residential heating fuel until February 21, 2021. (Feb. 11)

Executive Order 4  Gov. Michael Parson extends Executive Order 21-03 until February 28, 2021 and terminates Executive Order 20-17. (Feb. 19)

Executive Order 5  Gov. Michael Parson designates members of his staff to have supervisory authority over departments, divisions and agencies of state government. (Feb. 24)

Executive Order 6 – Gov. Michael Parson establishes the Show Me Strong Recovery Task Force and rescinds Executive Order 05-43. (Mar. 22)

Executive Order 7 – Gov. Michael Parson extends Executive Order 20-02, Executive Order 20-04, Executive Order 20-05, Executive Order 20-06, and Executive Order 20-14 until August 31, 2021. (Mar. 26)

Proclamation – Gov. Michael Parson convenes the First Extra Session of the First Regular Session of the One Hundred and First General Assembly for extending the Federal Reimbursement Allowances (FRA) and related allowances, taxes, and assessments necessary for funding MO HealthNet. (June 22)