Missouri Family Trust Companies

A family trust company is a corporation or limited liability doing business in the state of Missouri that is controlled by one or more family members. This excludes any former spouse of a family member. A family trust company operates for the exclusive benefit of a family member regardless of whether compensation is received or anticipated. A family trust company does not engage in business with the general public or otherwise hold itself out as a trustee for hire.

No family trust company shall conduct business in this state without paying a filing fee and registering with the Secretary of State.


Registration Requirements

The application and all forms must be fully completed and submitted, along with the nonrefundable filing fee, before the Office of Secretary of State will begin processing of the application.




 Family Trust Company Rules 

  • 15 CSR 30-120.010 Definitions
  • 15 CSR 30-120.020 Application to Register as a Family Trust Company
  • 15 CSR 30-120.030 Application to Register as a Foreign Family Trust Company
  • 15 CSR 30-120.040 Annual Registration Report
  • 15 CSR 30-120.050 Records
  • 15 CSR 30-120.060 Examination
  • 15 CSR 30-120.070 Application Process and Forms