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Office of the Missouri Secretary of State
Securities Division

600 West Main Street, Room 229
Jefferson City, Missouri

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Investor Protection Hotline:
Vulnerable Citizens Services Unit Hotline:
General Inquiry: 573-751-4136
Facsimile: 573-526-3124
Email: [email protected]



Investor Protection Hotline, 800-721-7996

Vulnerable Citizens Services Unit Hotline, 855-653-7300


Commissioner of Securities

Douglas M. Jacoby

Main Number, 573-751-4136 


Investor Protection and Education

Chris Marlow

Director Investor Protection, Education, Vulnerable Citizens Services, 573-751-1862


Registration & Licensing

Chris Branstetter, Securities Registration Specialist, 573-751-2061



William Dunker, Enforcement Counsel, 573-751-3126

Kim Apperson, Paralegal, 573-751-4704

Troy Cebulak, Investigator, 573-526-2155

Jennifer Chinn, Investigator, 573-526-4736

Scott Huston, Investigator, 573-751-1868

Kelsey Lyman, Investigator, 573-526-3901



For General Examination Questions:

Lori Trump, Senior Examiner, 573-522-3534 


Tyler Fishback, Examiner, 573-751-1863

Leslie DeWesplore, Examiner, 573-522-1337

Caleb Long, Examiner, 573-751-3127