Professional Employer Organization Registration

As provided in Section 285.705, RSMo., "A person engaged in the business of providing professional employer services shall be subject to registration and regulation under sections 285.700 to 285.750 regardless of its use of the term or conducting business as a professional employer organization, staff leasing company, registered staff leasing company, employee leasing company, administrative employer."

No professional employer organization shall conduct business in this state without registering with the Secretary of State and paying a filing fee.


Professional Employer Organization Registration Requirements

The registration requirements for Professional Employer Organizations are enumerated in Sections 285.700 to 285.750, RSMo.

A fully completed application including all required attachments must be submitted, along with the nonrefundable filing fee, before the Office of the Secretary of State will process the application.

Once an application has been processed, the PEO's name and type of registration will be publicly posted at the following link: List of Registered Professional Employer Organizations in Missouri.




Limited Registration

  • A PEO is eligible for limited registration provided that the PEO:
    • completes a limited registration form;
    • is domiciled outside of Missouri and is licensed or registered as a PEO in another state;
    • does not maintain an office in Missouri or directly solicit clients located or domiciled within this state; and
    • does not have more than fifty covered employees employed or domiciled in Missouri on any given day.
  • More information about limited registration is found in Section 285.715.6, RSMo.


Forms & Fees


PEO Group Pricing

Pursuant to Section 285.720.3, the Secretary of State has the authority determine the fee for a PEO Group registration. This fee has been set at $500.00 plus an additional $250.00 per PEO entity in the PEO Group.

  • Here are some examples of PEO Group fees:
    • PEO Group with 2 PEO entities = $1,000.00 ($500.00 + ($250.00 x 2))
    • PEO Group with 3 PEO entities = $1,250.00 ($500.00 + ($250.00 x 3))
    • PEO Group with 4 PEO entities = $1,500.00 ($500.00 + ($250.00 x 4))
    • PEO Group with 5 PEO entities = $1,750.00 ($500.00 + ($250.00 x 5))

In the event that a PEO Group has more than 5 PEO entities, please apply the formula of $500.00 + ($250 x # of PEO entities).


Contact Information


Note: Entities conducting business in Missouri may need to acquire certification from the Business Services Division of the Office of the Secretary of State of Missouri prior to operating in Missouri. Registering as a professional employer organization does not absolve an entity from that responsibility.