Professional Employer Organizations in Missouri

The following is an alphabetical list of currently registered professional employer organizations in Missouri.

Organization NameType of Registration
3J & Associates, LLC. Full
Abel HR, Inc. Limited
Access Management, LLC Full
Adams Keegan, Inc. Limited
Adams Keegan-GA, LLC Limited
AdaptiveHR, LLC Full
Administaff Companies, Inc. Group
ADP Total Source FL XI, Inc. Group
ADP Total Source I, Inc. Group
ADP Total Source III, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource CO XXI, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource CO XXII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource CO XXIII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource DE IV, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XIX, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XVI, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XVII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XVIII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XXIX, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource II, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource MI VI, LLC Group
ADP TotalSource MI VII, LLC Group
ADP TotalSource MI XXVIII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource MI XXX, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource NH XXVIII, Inc. Group
AK Employer Services, LLC Limited
Alabama Staff, Inc. Limited
Alcott HR Group LLC Limited
AlphaStaff Systems V, Inc. Full
American One Source, Inc. Full
American United Employers II, Inc. Group
Amlease Corporation Group
Amplify HR Management Limited
Applied Business Solutions, Inc. Limited
Aspen HR PEO, LLC Full
Ataraxis Nevada, Inc. Limited
Aureon HR, Inc. Group
Aureon HR I, Inc. Group
Aureon HR III, Inc. Group
Avalon HR, LLC. Limited
Avitus Group Full
Axcet Hr Solutions, Inc. Full
Barrett Business Services, Inc. Full
Bearing Tree, Incorporated Limited
Black & White Leasing, LLC Full
Canal HR, Inc. Limited
Carelon Employment Services, LLC Limited
Century II Staffing, Inc. Group
CEOHR, Inc. Full
Choice Employer Solutions III, Inc. Full
CoAdvantage Resources, Inc. Group
CoAdvantage Resources IV, Inc. Group
CoAdvantage Resources 16, Inc. Group
CoAdvantage Resources 24, Inc. Group
CoAdvantage Resources 60, LLC Group
CognosHR, LLC Limited
Cohesive Networks 2, Inc. Full
Complete Employee Services, LLC Limited
Concurrent HRO, LLC Full
Congruity HR, LLC Limited
Connectify HR, LLC Full
Core Innovative Solutions Group
Cornerstone Employer Solutions, LLC Full
CoStaff National Services, Inc. Full
DecisionHR I, Inc. limited
DCXL, INC. Limited
E3 HR, Inc.  Full
EA Advantage, L.L.C. Group
eEmployers Solutions, Inc. Limited
EIN Alliance, LLC Full
Emplicity Limited
Employer's Alliance IV, LLC Group
Employer's Alliance V, LLC Group
Employer's Alliance VI, LLC Group
Employers Resource Full
Employer's Risk Administrators, LLC. Full
Empower HR, LLC Full
ESG Consulting, Inc. Group
ESG Entities, Inc. Group
ESSG, Inc. Group
Extensis Inc. Group
Extensis II, Inc. Group
Extensis III, Inc.  Group
Extensis IV, Inc. Group
Extensis VI LLC Group
Extensis VIII, Inc. Group
FrankCrum 1, Inc. Full
FrankCrum 6, Inc. Full
FrankCrum 11, Inc. Full
FullStack, Inc. Limited
Fusion Employer Services, LLC Limited
G&A Outsourcing, Inc. Group
Genesis HR Solutions, Inc. Limited
GL Employee Services, LLC Full
GMS Missouri Full
Harbor America Central, Inc. Full
Harbor American East, Inc. Full
Helm HR, LLC Full
Helpside SL, Inc. Limited
Howard Leasing III, Inc. Limited
HR Buds, LLC Full
HR One Source, LLC Full
HR Outsourcing Associates, LLC Group
HR Plus, LLC Limited
HR Service Group, LLC. Full
HR Smarter IX, LLC Group
Human Capital Concepts, LLC Limited
Human Resources, Inc. Limited
Idilus, LLC Limited
Innovative Employer Solutions, Inc. limited
Innovative Employer Solutions, Inc. DBA Florida Employer Solutions, Inc. Limited
Insperity PEO Services, L.P. Group
InTandem Human Resources, LLC Limited
Rippling PEO 1, Inc.; Rippling PEO 2, Inc.; Rippling PEO 3, Inc. Group
Rippling PEO 2, Inc. Full
Rippling PEO 3, Inc. Full
Integrated Employer Solutions, Inc. Limited
Integrity Employee Leasing II, Inc. Full
Innoworks Employment Services, Inc. Full
INVO PEO, Inc. II Group
INVO PEO, Inc. III Group
INVO PEO, Inc. IV Group
INVO PEO, Inc. VII Group
ISI HR, Inc. Limited
IS Administrative Services, LLC.  Full
IS Development Group, LLC. Full
Justworks Employment Group, LLC. Full
Key HR, LLC Full
Kruse PEO, Inc. Limited
Landrum Professional Employer Services, Inc. I Limited
Landrum Professional Employer Services, Inc. V Full
Legacy Human Resources, Inc. Limited
Lightsource PEO, LLC. Full
Lever1, LLC Full
Mid-South Business Services, Inc. Limited
MidwestHR, LLC. Limited
Modern Business Associates V, Inc. Full
Mutual PEO, Inc. Full
National Empoyer Services, LLC. Full
National PEO, LLC Full
Newton PEO, LLC Limited
Nextep Business Solutions, Inc. Group
Nextep Business Solutions, IV, Inc. Group
Noble People, LLC Full
Oasis DEG, Inc. Group
Oasis DHR, Inc. Group
Oasis HR Solutions III, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing Admin Group, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing Admin II, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing Contract, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing Contract II, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing HR, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing III, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing V, Inc. Group
Obsidian HR, Inc. Limited
Offsite HR II, LLC Full
OnePoint HRO, LLC
OneSource Employee Management LLC Full
Optimum Employer Solutions, LLC Group
Optimum HR II, LLC Group
PassioHR, Inc. Limited
PathGoal Employer Services, LLC Limited
Paychex Business Solutions, LLC Group
Paychex PEO I, LLC. Group
Paychex PEO II, LLC Group
Paychex PEO III, LLC. Group
Paychex PEO IV, LLC. Group
Paychex PEO V, LLC. Group
Paychex PEO VI, LLC. Group
Paychex PEO VII, LLC. Group
Paychex PEO VIII, LLC. Group
Paychex PEO IX, LLC Group
Paychex PEO X, LLC Group
PayDay Benefits LLC Limited
PayMaster HR, LLC Limited
Payroll Made Easy II. Inc, Limited
Payroll Plus Corporation Group
Payrolling Partners, Inc. Full
PBS ASO, LLC Limited
PBS of America, LLC Group
PBS of Central Florida, LLC. Group
Peopable, LLC Full
PEOPLEASE Corporation Full
Pinnacle Midwest, LP. Full
Platinum-Hr. LLC Group
Prestige Employee Administrators, Inc. Group
Prestige Employee Administrators II, Inc. Group
Pro Alliance, LLC Limited
Pro Resources Corporation Limited
Professional Employer Services, Inc. Group
Professional Employer Services II, Inc. Group
Progressive Employer Management Company III, LLC Group
Progressive Employer Management Company XXIII, LLC Group
Professional Staff Management, Inc. II Group
Propel PEO, Inc. Limited
ProService National, Inc.  Full
QTI Human Resources, Inc. Limited
Quality Business Solutions, Inc. Limited
Real Benefits Group, Inc. Limited
Regis HR Group 3, Inc. Limited
Resource Management, Inc. Limited
Resourcing Edge I, LLC Full
RMA Services LTD Limited
S2 HR Solutions 1C, LLC Limited
S2 HR Solutions 1D, LLC Full
Sequent, Inc. Full
Servant HR, Inc. Full
Sheakley HR, LLC Limited
Simpeo, LLC Limited
Simploy, Inc. Full
SOI-23 of FL, Inc. Group
SourcePointe of AL, LLC Limited
Spirit Human Resources, LLC Limited
Staff Management, Inc. Limited
Staff-Line, Inc. Limited
Staff One, Inc. Group
Staff One HR, LLC Group
Staff One HR II, Inc. Group
Staff One of Oklahoma, LLC Group
Staffmark Investment LLC Limited
Strategic Staffing Services, Inc. Group
SWBC Professional Employer Services Group
Syndeo Outsourcing, LLC Group
Syndeo Outsourcing II, LLC Group
Synergy HR, LLC Full
Tandem Professional Employer Services V, Inc. Group
Teamworks PEO 2 LLC Limited
The Employer Advantage, LLC Group
The Employer Group, Inc. Full
The New Alliance Group, LLC Full
Thrive Partners, LLC Limited
Tilson HR, Inc. Limited
Total Human Resources, Inc. Limited
Transport Leasing/Contract, Inc. Group
TriNet HR I, Inc. Group
TriNet HR III, Inc. Group
TriNet HR III-A, Inc. Group
TriNet HR III-B, Inc. Group
TriNet HR IV, LLC Group
TriNet HR XI, Inc. Group
Trion Solutions I, Inc. Group
Trion Solutions II, Inc. Group
Vensure HR, Inc. Full
Unique ASO Limited
Unique Staff Leasing III, Ltd. Limited
United Benefits Consulting, Inc. Limited
Vested HR II, LLC Full
WorkCentric, LLC Full
Workforce Business Services, Inc Limited
WorkSmart Systems, Inc. Limited
Xen 1, Inc. Limited


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