Publications Descriptions

  List of Publications

Official Manual

The Official Manual State of Missouri is a collection of political, statistical and historical information about the state of Missouri and is updated every two years. Commonly referred to as the "Blue Book," the Official Manual State of Missouri details each branch of government, executive departments, Missouri elections, cities and counties, Missouri information; and displays the Missouri Photo Contest winners.

Missouri Roster

The Missouri Roster provides information on the names and contact information for Missouri’s federal, state and county elected officials. Information about key personnel within executive branch departments, the General Assembly and our Judiciary can also be found within the Missouri Roster. Other helpful information includes municipal classifications and the results of general elections.

General Assembly Roster

The General Assembly Roster provides names, contact information and photographs of Missouri’s elected officials.  Within the roster you can find information about statewide officials, as well as information about the senators and representatives serving in the Missouri General Assembly and the United States Congress

Constitution State of Missouri

Originally adopted in 1945, the Missouri Constitution describes how state government is supposed to work and what it should do for the citizens of Missouri.  Both the Missouri and U.S. Constitution are provided.

School Information Packets

Designed with fourth graders in mind, the school packet lays out Missouri’s government, symbols and history in a fun and informational way.  The packet is comprised of seven different sections detailing information on Missouri’s government, capitol, flag, symbols and famous Missourians. The packet concludes with information on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and a coloring book that incorporates all the information into one fun-filled activity.