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“Defective, Delinquent, and Dependent Classes” Schedules

The census for 1880 was unique because the population schedule was modified by adding a separate schedule for particular classes of people.  Prior to 1880, these classes had all been enumerated solely on the regular population schedule.  However, this year, these classes were enumerated twice:  once in the regular population schedule and again on a supplemental schedule.  The supplemental schedules contain more detailed information about an individual’s particular situation.  There were seven classes surveyed this year:


  1. “Insane Inhabitants”
  2. “Idiots”
  3. “Deaf-Mute”
  4. “Blind”
  5. “Homeless Children”
  6. “Inhabitants in Prisons”
  7. “Paupers and Indigent Inhabitants in Institutions, Poor-Houses or Asylums, or Boarded at Public Expense in Private Houses”


Sample Forms
Sample FormStatistical Summaries
“Insane Inhabitants" PDF file Statistical summaries are available on the Census Bureau’s website  This link will take you off-site.  Once you are there, click on the year of the census.  Then click on the ZIP file for a specific report.
“IdiotsPDF file
“Deaf-Mutes" PDF file
“Blind” PDF file
“Homeless Children” PDF file
“Prisoners” PDF file
“Paupers, Indigent,” etc. PDF file