Retail Distribution, Wholesale Distribution, Construction, and Hotels Schedules

The 1930 special census schedules were varied.  These schedules included the following:

  • Retail Distribution (Lists the business classification; types of operation; operating expenses; number of employees.)
  • Wholesale Distribution (Lists the business classification; number of employees; salary and wage payments; total expenses; stocks on hand for sale, net sales, and credit sales.)
  • Construction (Enumerates construction businesses whose annual business amounted to at least $25,000 during 1929.  Lists classification; estimated value of the business; analysis of contractors’ equipment; construction materials; types of construction; salaries.)
  • Hotels (Enumerates hotels in operation in 1925 that had at least 25 guest rooms.  Excluded boarding houses, apartment houses, clubs (such as YMCA), tourist camps, Turkish baths, and farm houses with paid guests.  Lists number of guest rooms; seating capacity for dining rooms; total receipts; average number of employees for the year; total salaries and wages; proprietors and firm members; auxiliary data.)


Sample FormStatistical Summaries
Retail Distribution (form not available) Statistical summaries are available on the Census Bureau’s website  This link will take you off-site.  Once you are there, click on the year of the census.  Then click on the ZIP file for a specific report.
Wholesale Distribution (form not available)
Construction (form not available)
Hotels (form not available)