Records & Archives

FY2012 Annual Report

May 17, 2013


Dear Governor Nixon and Members of the General Assembly,

It is my pleasure to share with you the Records Services Division Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12). Records Services consists of three divisions: Missouri State Archives, Local Records and Records Management. The collaboration of these divisions allows for the preservation of government documents, and their easy access for state employees and the public.

All three divisions are committed to serving our state and its citizens, and this report will detail for you exactly how much effort they put into this mission. In addition to numerous historical acquisitions and partnerships with local governmental bodies, Records Services continued to provide assistance to the State of Missouri. One example of this is the storage of materials that are required to be retained for their potential historical value. The retention of these materials by Records Services saves the State of Missouri $1,437,389 per year in storage costs.

I hope you find this Report to be informative and useful. I am proud to lead a division that is so committed to assisting the people of Missouri, and to preserving our past for the benefit of our future.


Jason Kander
Secretary of State