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Affixing Box Labels

Affixing Labels

All records boxes sent to the State Records Center must have a self adhesive box label created by the state records tracking system. Once the box information has been entered into the system, labels may be printed directly onto the label stock. Boxes that are either delivered to the State Records Center or are requested to be delivered to the State Records Center will not be accepted without the proper label. Please refer to the user's quick guide for printing instructions or contact your analyst/archivist if you have any questions.

Once labels have been printed, affix label to the front of the box as shown. The labels must be in the upper right hand corner.

Affixing File Labels

Files that are requested from the State Records Center, or are sent individually to the State Records Center, must have a file label created in the state records tracking system. The label must be 1" by 2 5/8" and placed on the front of the file somewhere on the top half of the folder.

File Labels

NOTE: Make sure that nothing obstructs the bar codes, like packing tape. The scanner must be able to read the entire barcode for accuracy.

If you have any questions, please contact the Records Management Office at (573) 751-3319 or by email at [email protected].