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Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

After the records are created in the state records tracking system, records center personnel will schedule pick-up of records in the Jefferson City area. Shipments must be transferred to the specific agency's building freight dock for pick up. State Records Center personnel are authorized to collect shipments from the agency's building freight dock only.  Security of the records and the transfer of the shipment to the freight dock area is the responsibility of the agency.

State agencies outside the Jefferson City area are responsible for arranging for their own shipment of records. This is done via coordination with the agency's mail room staff. Many agencies use parcel delivery services such as UPS or FedEx. For large shipments, agencies have used rental companies such as U-Haul to deliver records to the Records Center.

If your agency has records that have already met their retention, do not enter them in the state records tracking system or send them to the State Record Center. Please dispose of those records as dictated by the records retention schedule.

Note: Shipments not in the records tracking system will not be accepted for storage or microfilming and will not be picked up or will be returned to the agency at their own expense.