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Investor Education

Through the Securities Division, the secretary of state is active in the area of investor education and has developed educational programs with elementary, middle and high school students, senior citizens and other groups within the state. In addition, the division has a number of pamphlets available for consumers relating to investing.

Helpful Information for Investors

About the Missouri Securities Division
Information on how to file a complaint

Top Threats to Investors
Information regarding your rights as an investor.

Variable Annuities
Tips and questions to consider before investing in variable annuities.

Penny Stocks
Defines penny stocks and explains the intricacies of the over-the-counter market in which they are bought and sold.

Your Securities Account
Describes how to establish a securities account, conduct securities transactions and what recourse is available to consumers if a discrepancy occurs in their account.

How to Read a Prospectus
Provides a general overview of the content of a prospectus and explains some of the more important information contained in a prospectus.

How to Choose a Financial Advisor 
Provides information on how to select a financial advisor and outlines the information your financial advisor needs to know in order to make appropriate investment decisions that are suitable to your financial needs.

When a Financial Advisor Calls, Take Notes pdf file
This note pad provides a list of important questions to ask before you invest.

Information for Small Businesses: Complying with Missouri Securities Laws

Agricultural Cooperatives: Complying with Missouri Securities Laws

Missouri Investor Bill Of Rights

Protect Your Hard Earned Money

Financial Peace of Mind in the Age of Coronavirus