Ice Cream Cone


The ice cream cone became Missouri’s official dessert in 2008. In 1904, visitors to the St. Louis World’s Fair, formally the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, were invited to try a brand-new treat. Vendors were folding waffles into cones and filling them with ice cream. They marketed the frozen treat as an “ice cream sandwich” or an “ice cream cornucopia.” The dessert was a hit and folks across the nation have been eating ice cream cones ever since. Today’s standard ice cream cones are the sugar cone and the original waffle cone (pictured).


Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo)

§10.180. Ice cream cone, official dessert. – The ice cream cone is selected for and shall be known as the official dessert of the state of Missouri. (L. 2008 S.B. 991)

approved 10 July 2008
effective 28 August 2008


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Additional Resources:

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Click here to read a St. Joseph, Missouri 1915 patent for an ice cream cone (courtesy of Google Patents).

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