"Show Me" Tartan


The “Show Me” tartan was designated Missouri’s official tartan in 2019. Missouri is one of 29 other states to adopt an official tartan. Inspired by other state symbols, Kenneth Slayor of St. Louis created the unique design of crisscrossing blue, red, brown and white lines on a field of dark blue and green. Stripes of blue, red and white symbolize the eastern bluebird, the state bird; a brown stripe symbolizes the Missouri mule, the state animal; and second, narrower stripes of both blue and brown symbolize the crescent moon and grizzly bears from the Great Seal. The dark hues of the background then represent Missouri’s lands, waters and the Ozark Mountains. Combined, these elements reflect the concepts of vigilance, justice, valor, purity, steadfastness, hope and strength.


Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo)

§10.190.  Missouri “Show Me” tartan designated as official state tartan. – The Missouri “Show Me” tartan is selected for and shall be known as the official tartan of the state of Missouri. The tartan colors of blue, brown, and silver are derived from the eastern bluebird, the Missouri mule and bear on the state flag, and the crescent moon, representing vigilance and justice, valor, purity, steadfastness, hope, and strength. The thread count for the official tartan is G6, DT4, G4, DT4, B4, DT4, B6, A6, R4, W4, G8, W4, R4, A6, B6, DT4, B4, DT4, G4, DT4, G6, DT4, G16, DT12, G16, A4, G16, DT12, G16, DT4, where A = Aegean Blue, R = Garnet, DB = Admiral, DT = Umber, G = Bottle Green, W = White. The thread count for the official dress version of the Show Me tartan is G6, DT4, G4, DT4, B4, DT4, B6, A6, R4, W4, G8, W4, R4, A6, B6, DT4, B4, DT4, G4, DT4, G6, DT4, G16, DT12, W16, A4, W16, DT12, G16, DT4. (L. 2019 H.B. 565 merged with S.B. 210)

approved 11 July 2019
effective 28 August 2019


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Additional Resources:

Faiers, Jonathan. Tartan. New York: Berg Publishers, 2008.


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