Jim the Wonder Dog


In 2017, the General Assembly designated “Jim the Wonder Dog” Missouri’s official state wonder dog. A Llewellyn setter born in 1925, Jim first gained notoriety for his hunting prowess. Legend has it that he tracked over 5,000 birds, a total no other dog has ever achieved. Owner Sam Van Arsdale also noticed Jim exhibited a wide range of talents not typically associated with dogs. He could identify a car on the street if told the license plate number, recognize unknown people in a crowd if given a description and carry out almost any instruction, whether spoken or written, in English or another language, by Morse code and even shorthand. Jim even had psychic powers, correctly predicting the gender of unborn babies and seven Kentucky Derby winners! Not suffering from stage fright, he performed before the Missouri Legislature and the University of Missouri’s students and faculty. Jim passed away in 1937 and is buried in Marshall, Missouri’s Ridge Park Cemetery, where caretakers say his grave is one of the most visited.


Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo)

§10.113.  Jim the Wonder Dog designated as Missouri’s wonder dog. – The dog known as “Jim the Wonder Dog” is designated as Missouri’s wonder dog. (L. 2017 S.B. 376)

approved 23 June 2017
effective 28 August 2017


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