A portrait photograph of Dr. Henry Wolfner.

Dr. Henry Wolfner Mini-Biography

Dr. Henry Lincoln Wolfner was born on November 1, 1860, in Chicago, Illinois.  In 1881, Dr. Wolfner received a degree in medicine from the Missouri Medical College in St. Louis.  This was followed by post-graduate work at several European universities.  In addition to practicing medicine at both Jewish and Bethesda Hospitals, Dr. Wolfner was a professor of clinical ophthalmology at the Washington University School of Medicine.  Dr. Wolfner also founded a private practice in 1894 and in November, 1931, he was honored by the St. Louis Medical Society for practicing for a half century.  Dr.  Wolfner would continue to actively practice medicine until approximately one year before his death on July 11, 1935.  Dr. Wolfner served patients in the St. Louis area for 53 years.


Outside of the medical field, Dr. Wolfner also participated in other community pursuits.  He served for nine years on the St. Louis Board of Education, including one term as president.  Dr. Wolfner also served as president of the board for Home for Aged and Infirm Israelites.


For thirty-five years before his death in 1935, Dr. Wolfner partnered with Dr. Meyer Wiener, a fellow eye specialist and the man who spearheaded the fundraising for the original Wolfner Library in 1938.  Dr. Wiener chose to name the library for his associate.  According to the June 7, 1938, issue of the St. Louis Star-Times, Dr. Wolfner “restored sight to hundreds of afflicted…and by his skill and knowledge was able to prevent thousands of others from losing their sight.  His motto was the golden rule.  His services were open to everyone at all times without the consideration of a fee.”


The practice Dr. Wolfner founded still exists today as Eye Care Associates of St. Louis.