Wolfner Advisory Council

The purposes and duties of the council are as follows:

  • To be a representative for the Wolfner Library patrons and to provide a conduit for information from the patron to the Library Director and staff.
  • To advise on the current services provided by the Wolfner Library and how these services may be improved.
  • To study programs and services developed by other libraries for the blind and disabled and by the National Library Service.  Make recommendations for their adoption based on analysis.
  • To communicate the value of reading and Wolfner Library services to people throughout the state, particularly those eligible for Wolfner services.
  • Members at large serve two-year terms and may request reappointment.  Those members who serve as representatives of stakeholder organizations hold their seat on the board for as long as the organization and the individual find the relationship beneficial.  All board members undergo a vetting process, with ultimate appointment contingent upon the decision of the Missouri Secretary of State.


Current Roster of Members



Wolfner Advisory Council Protocols