Erotic Fiction


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A patron, who shall remain anonymous, recently requested a list of erotic fiction available from Wolfner. A Reader Advisor, who shall also remain anonymous, was happy to help, and the selections on this list fairly sizzle with sex. In fact, you may find some of them are "too hot to handle".

Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey.
Butterfly is a Beverly Hills brothel where any woman can fulfill her wildest sexual fantasies. It is run by Rachel Dwyer, who at age fourteen became a hooker- thanks to abuse by Danny Mackay. Now, thirty years later, Dwyer is about to get her revenge as she plots against Mackay, who has become a charismatic televangelist and presidential candidate. Strong language and descriptions of sex. RC 29430.

Captive Innocence by Fern Michaels.
A sheltered New England beauty and a passionate Latin planter collide time and again as owners of neighboring plantations in tropical Brazil. As lovers, they surrender to a frenzy of desire that far exceeds their lustiest fantasies. Captive series, book 5. Some strong language. Explicit descriptions of sex. RC 17635.

The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty by A. N. Roquelaure.
Anne Rice, who uses the name of A.N. Roquelaure for her erotic novels, has taken the story of Sleeping Beauty beyond the traditional ending. Here the Prince awakens Beauty with much more than a kiss, and she becomes enslaved to him. Beauty later surrenders herself to Tristan, a slave, and is sold at an auction for punishment. Sleeping Beauty series, book 1. Strong language, violence, and explicit descriptions of sex. RC 40643.

Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling.
Lisa works at The Club, which she helped create--the grandest exotic sex club in the world. Sex slaves are chosen at auctions and paid $100,000 for a two-year stint of fulfilling the sado-masochistic fantasies of The Club's guests. Lisa has a female slave herself. After a brush with death, photographer Elliott gives in to his own fantasies and signs on as a club slave. Strong language, explicit descriptions of sex, and some violence. RC 51017.

The Fermata by Nicholson Baker.
Arno Strine, who works as a "temp" in Boston, is in the process of writing his autobiography, which he plans to call The Fermata. "Fermata" is a name he has given the Fold, the period in which he stops time and undresses unsuspecting women. As Strine works on his book, he frequently drops into the Fold and later recounts his adventures. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex RC 38765.

Guide by Dennis Cooper.
Lurid story of a gay group’s descent into a perverse and drug-wracked gay urban demiworld. Describes the aimless and desperate lives of burned-out drifters who thrive on child pornography and sadistic fantasies. Strong language, violence, and descriptions of sex. RC 46745.

Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton.
Crime investigator Anita Blake pursues a serial-killing vampire who preys on female strippers. Blake's psychic ability fuels her compulsion for sex, and lust interferes with her judgment. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, book 12. Explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language. RC 59069.

In Praise of the Stepmother by Mario Vargas Llosa.
An erotic novel on the nature of happiness and the corrupting power of innocence, evolving around Don Rigoberto, attentive father and loving husband; Dona Lucrecia, the stepmother, who is celebrating her fortieth birthday; and Alfonso, the prepubescent male child. A birthday note from Alfronso triggers a bedside visit by Lucrecia, visits that continue until a story by Alfonso brings them into the open. Explicit descriptions of sex. RC 32164.

The Jade Stalk by Jonathan Fast.
This historical novel set in China during the T’ang Dynasty tells the story of a young boxer who really lacks talent as a boxer, but has a genuine gift for love making. Huai-i, lifted out of obscurity, becomes the object of sexual delight for the Empress Dowager, who showers him with gifts. Explicit descriptions of sex. RC 28663, BR 7600.

A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton.
Following several assassination attempts, faerie princess Meredith NicEssus hides in Los Angeles posing as an investigator specializing in supernatural crime. Suddenly outed and summoned back to the royal court, Meredith returns to discover the true intentions of her aunt, the Queen. Meredith Gentry series, book 1.  Explicit descriptions of sex, violence, and strong language RC 59461.

The Love Slave by Bertrice Small.
As the second-born twin, Regan MacDuff faces life as a nun. But when she is taken to the convent at age fifteen, she is sold into slavery and ends up in training to be a "love slave" for a Moorish caliph. As Regan learns erotic arts, she and her trainer break the first rule, they fall in love. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. RC 45233.

Mortal Flesh by Gilbert Phelps.
An aging man develops an intense erotic attachment to the young nurse watching over him in the hospital. As the relationship develops, he recalls in sensuous detail all the women he has known and loved. Explicit descriptions of sex. RC 8044.

Perfect for the Beach by Lori Foster.
Six romantic, guy-gets-girl (or vice versa) novellas. In "Some Like It Hot" a doctor falls for a member of his best friend's office staff. In "My Thief" a businessman finds a naked woman waiting inside his hotel room. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. RC 59389.

The Price of Passion by Susan Sizemore.
As a young woman, Cleopatra Fraser was seduced by her father's archaeology assistant while in Egypt. Ten years later, he reappears in Scotland as Dr. Azrael David Evans. Cleo rediscovers passion and conflict as she helps him search for stolen treasure. Explicit descriptions of sex and some violence. RC 53432.

Temperatures Rising by Sandra Brown.
Scout Ritland travels to Parrish Island in the South Pacific to construct the Coral Reef resort. While attending the grand opening celebration, he is kidnapped by the alluring Chantal duPont. She wants Scout to build a bridge for her native village. But is that all she wants? Explicit descriptions of sex. RC 31801, BR 50351.

Unconquered by Bertrice Small.
Forced to marry an English cousin to keep her home, strong-willed Miranda Dunham grows to love her husband passionately. Traveling alone to Russia to find him, long overdue from a secret diplomatic mission, she is kidnapped by a Siberian slave breeder as the perfect match for his prize stud. Yet her spirit remains unbroken as her heart longs for only one man. Some strong language. Explicit descriptions of sex. RC 17708.

Vox by Nicholson Baker.
Jim and Abby meet over the phone when they call a 900 number. He lives in a western city and she lives in the East. Because they like the sound of each other’s voice, they begin a frank conversation in which they discuss intimate details of their lives. They talk about what they are wearing, but never what they look like. Descriptions of their sexual fantasies lead each of them to an increasingly erotic state. Explicit descriptions of sex. RC 34337.

Wicked Loving Lies by Rosemary Rogers.
Historical fiction centers on Marisa, the goddaughter of Napoleon’s first wife Josephine, whose life begins in a sheltered convent. From there she progresses to the intrigues of Napoleon’s court, undergoes captivity in a Turkish harem, and is sold as a slave in Louisiana. Explicit descriptions of sex. RC 10223.

A Woman Run Mad by John L'Heureux.
A married, unsuccessful professor/writer indulges in an intensely erotic affair with an elegant but mentally unstable stranger. As the professor’s obsession deepens, so does his wife’s knowledge of the adultery and of the gruesome story behind the strange woman’s insanity. Betrayal leads to a passion for vengeance in this psychosexual thriller. Explicit descriptions of sex, strong language, and violence. RC 27896.