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Because we know it is fun to read continuing stories about your favorite characters, we offer this bibliography that lists books that are part of a series. Whether you enjoy romances, westerns, or mysteries, we have a wholesome inspirational fiction series for you! Request any of these series by series name and we will send you the books in order, one at a time.

Lynn Austin. Refiner’s Fire series.
A sweeping look at the Civil War. Each book, one each told from the northern, southern, and slave points-of-view, offers a unique and shattering perspective on the conflict while exploring the deep effect the war had on the faith of a nation.

June Bacher. Heartland Heritage series.
Marvel Harrington and her family struggle to overcome the effects of the Great Depression. Hailstorms, fire, sickness and unemployment test their faith in God.

June Bacher. Love is a Gentle Stranger series.
When she is jilted, Chris Beth Kelly goes west to Oregon to teach school on the frontier. There she finds love with a minister and fights Indians, droughts, and plagues of grasshoppers. Her children and friends must likewise face their own problems, with God’s help.

June Bacher. Rachel and Colby Lord series.
To escape her father’s drunken rages, Rachel joins a wagon train going west. She marries Colby in name only, then struggles with storms, Indians, Colby’s dreams and her own faith before deciding what she really feels. Their faith makes them strong.

June Bacher. Love’s Soft Whisper series.
Courtney is sent to the Columbia Territory in Oregon to be a companion to her cousin, and it is there that she finds adventure and love. The challenges of frontier life are daunting, but her faith gives her strength to persevere.

Carrie Bender. Miriam’s Journal series.
A semi-autobiographical series about a charming, devout, opinionated Amish woman named Miriam, her husband Nate, and the tribulations and joys of their life on the farm.

Terri Blackstock. Cape Refuge series.
Thelma and Wayne Owens operate a bed-and-breakfast for ex-convicts on Cape Refuge, an island off of the Georgia coast. The Christian family teaches by example and solves mysteries on the side.

Terri Blackstock. The Sun Coast Chronicles series.
Set in Sun Coast, California, these novels feature interrelated characters. The protagonists are forced to deal with an outside problem, usually an evil character, while at the same time learning something about themselves and their faith in God.

Stephen A. Bly. Code of the West series.
Tap Andrews and Pepper Paige saddle up and set out on adventures set in the Old West.

Stephen A. Bly. Skinners of Goldfield series.
1905. The Skinner family heads to California, where they plan to settle down near Mr. Skinner's brother. But a detour into the town of Goldfield, Nevada, for supplies changes their plans. They quickly discover that this boomtown needs some Christian fellowship.

Stephen A. Bly. Stuart Brannon series.
Stuart Brannon is an upright man of faith isolated in the midst of the wild Western frontier. Follow him through a series of encounters with outlaws, unfortunate women, injured men, self-appointed politicians, shady land prospectors, Native Americans, and weather.

Sigmund W. Brouwer. Legends of Laramie series.
Follow the western adventures of Sam Keaton, a man of courage and faith who nevertheless struggles with alcoholism.

T. Davis Bunn. Priceless Collection series.
The post-communist world is seen through the eyes of London antiques dealer Jeffrey Sinclair, who secretly meets with impoverished Eastern block people to purchase their antique heirlooms, the last remaining items of value that many have.

T. Davis Bunn. Rendezvous with Destiny series.
In the aftermath of World War Two, Captains Jake Barnes and Pierre Servais of the United States Army are transferred to several different European bases. Along the way, they find adventure, danger, and wives, and they share their faith with many.

Orson Scott Card. Women of Genesis series.
The women of the Old Testament are brought to life and their relationships, faith, and frailty are explored.

Bea Carlton. Linn Randolph Mysteries series.
Linn Randolph, suffering from amnesia, has started a new life as a Christian. After converting her close family, Linn finds she often has to rely on God as she encounters a series of gripping mysteries.

Bea Carlton. Windthorn series.
Follow episodes in the lives of Carole Loring, a confirmed agnostic who comes to believe, and Skye Windthorn, a reclusive landowner who cannot seem to get away from intruders, spiritual and otherwise.

Jack Cavanaugh. American Family Portrait series.
From the first Puritan settlements through the tumultuous years of World War Two, the Morgan family depends on God's grace as they work for America's future.

Linda Chaikin. Heart of India series.
Kingscote Plantation, India, 1793. Coral Kendall adopts the son of her dead servant. But Gem is kidnapped by the Hindi, so Coral begins an arduous search for her godson. She grows spiritually along the way and tries to change the lives of the Untouchable caste.

Linda Chaikin. Royal Pavilions series.
When Tancred Redwan, part Moor and part Norman, is accused of killing his half-brother, he flees to Constantinople. There he joins the First Crusade and falls in love with Helena, niece of the Byzantine emperor. But Helena is betrothed to a Muslim prince.

Kate Charles. Book of Psalms Mysteries series.
David Middleton-Brown is a British solicitor and Anglican church historian; his girlfriend Lucy Kingsley is an artist and amateur sleuth. When crimes crop up in the church, the duo starts detecting.

Peter Danielson. Children of the Lion series.
Abram is told by God to leave Ur and settle in Canaan. He becomes Abraham, and he and his wife Sarah start a dynasty that will lead to King David and the ancient country of Israel.

Sandy Dengler. Australian Destiny series.
Samantha Connolly and her sisters have left Ireland as indentured servants bound for a Queensland sugar plantation. When tragedy strikes the plantation they head to southern Australia to work in the opal mines and wool industries of the outback.

Thomas Eno. John the Apostle series.
The Apostle John helps residents of small communities learn the powers of forgiveness and unconditional love to teach, to transform, and to heal.

Richard Evans. Michael Keddington series.
Michael Keddington takes a job at a nursing home. He befriends the quiet and withdrawn Esther Huish, and she encourages him to pursue his relationship with the well-to-do Faye Murrow. But obstacles like a murder accusation and family disapproval abound.

Richard Evans. Parkin Family series.
David and Mary Ann have an idyllic courtship and marriage until tragedy strikes. Eventually, Mary Ann is an elderly widow living on her own. She receives a second chance at building a strong family through the housekeeper she hires.

Harold Fickett. Of Saints and Sinners series.
In 1729, at age eleven, Abram White becomes indentured to Captain Jack Hawks and spends the next ten years sailing around the world. Then Abram meets Sarah Nicolls of New York, but they must face many hardships before they learn how to love one another.

Joseph Girzone. Joshua series.
A humble stranger named Joshua enters contemporary towns in the United States, Northern Ireland, and the Middle East and teaches the gospel of peace and love to troubled people.

Robin Lee Hatcher. Coming to America series.
Various individuals with troubled pasts immigrate into America and find love and faith.

Dee Henderson. Uncommon Heroes series.
A series of faith-based, suspenseful military romance novels.

Patricia Hickman. Land of the Far Horizons series.
This epic series portrays the lives and events of Australian history, dramatizing a people in bondage to the slavery of a cruel penal colony and of their struggle for freedom in the land down under.

B.J. Hoff. American Anthem series.
Three immigrant families find evangelism and opportunity in late nineteenth century America.

B.J. Hoff. Daybreak Mysteries series.
The Daybreak Mysteries feature the husband-and-wife team of Daniel and Jennifer Kaine. Each book finds these two reluctant sleuths in the thick of sinister plots and dangerous mysteries that challenge both their love and their faith.

B.J. Hoff. Emerald Ballad series.
Beginning in the 1840s with the Irish potato famine and continuing through the last half of the nineteenth century, Nora and Daniel Kavanagh are caught in the hardships of Ireland. They flee to New York where they seek a better life.

Angela Hunt. Theyn Chronicles series.
Journey back to twelfth century England, France, and Ireland to explore the world of knights, chivalry, castles and queens.

Robin Jones Gunn. Glenbrooke series.
Young women seek love in Glenbrooke, Oregon, often overcoming obstacles they themselves have erected.       

Robin Jones Gunn. Sisterchicks series.
Long separated friends and family reunite to fulfill long ago promises and rekindle friendships.   

Jan Karon. The Mitford Years series.
Mitford is a small town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Seen through the eyes of Father Tim, the long-suffering village rector, Mitford abounds in loveable eccentrics, mysteries, and miracles.

Jan Karon. Mitford Christmas series.
Set in the same beloved town of Mitford, these short stories are heartwarming tales of Christmas love.

Karen Kingsbury. Reynolds series.
John and Abby Reynolds are about to inform their children that their twenty one year marriage is over when their daughter announces her engagement. Can this announcement rejuvenate their marriage?

Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer. Cape Light series.
Cape Light is a small Massachusetts community where everyone knows and cares deeply for one another. Reverend Ben Lewis ministers to all the townspeople, especially the Warwick family, the local eatery owners, and single mother Molly Willoughby.

Al Lacy. Journeys of the Stranger series.
John Stranger is a man of deep religious faith who travels about the American frontier, guided by a strong desire to help those in need. He encounters many individuals in trouble and freely aids them, then disappears, moving on to find the next person who will need him.

Beverly LaHaye and Terri Blackstock. Women of Cedar Circle series.
Each woman living on Cedar Circle has her own concerns, from single motherhood to empty nest syndrome, career, and insecurity. As they bond together for support, they discover the preciousness of life.

Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Left Behind series.
Portrays humankind’s last days, based on the book of Revelation. Rayford Steele and his daughter Chloe are among those who have been left behind after the mass of people vanish. The survivors team up to search for the truth.

Beverly Lewis. Abram’s Daughters series.
Pennsylvania Dutch country, 1946. Amish teenager Leah Ebersol wishes only to court young Jonas Mast, but her father has someone else in mind. Her older sister Sadie defies their faith during her rumschpringe, when Amish youths explore the world before baptism.

Beverly Lewis. Lancaster County Heritage series.
In her quiet Amish community in Pennsylvania, Katie Lapp discovers a satin infant gown in a musty trunk while preparing for her wedding. Katie is determined to learn the truth behind the garment, even if it destroys the only life she has ever known.

Beverly Lewis. Postcard series.
Rachel Yoder spontaneously lost her sight after the death of her husband, son, and unborn child. Now she lives quietly with her parents in an Amish community, but her life is turned upside down when she discovers an old postcard and meets journalist Philip Bradley.

Gerald Lund. The Work and the Glory series.
From the frontiers of early America to the complexities of the last half of the twentieth century, the series chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of the Steed family, caught up in the events of the Restoration, and relates the history of the Mormon Church.

Robert Morgan. Powell Family Saga series.
1920s, Appalachia. Ginny Peace is seventeen when she attends her first Pentecostal revival and religion becomes a major force in her life. She marries Tom Powell and they raise two sons; Muir is the favored, ambitious brother, and Moody is the older, wilder of the two.

Gilbert Morris. American Odyssey series.
This historical fiction series follows the lives of the Stuart family through the early twentieth century and the World Wars.

Gilbert Morris. Appomattox Saga series.
From the first rumblings of unrest and secession in the South, this dramatic saga follows the Rocklin family as they face the struggles of the Civil War.

Gilbert Morris. House of Winslow series.
From the landing at Plymouth Rock through the World Wars, the Winslow family must overcome bitterness and dark circumstances in each generation. The family lives through the Salem witch trials, the westward movement, the Civil War, and the cattle drives from Texas.

Gilbert Morris. Liberty Bell series.
Caught in the middle of the American Revolution, two families are united by blood but divided by loyalties. The Gordons are Tories, the Bradfords are Patriots. Cousins Dake and Clive struggle to win one woman's affections and, then, to win the war.

Gilbert Morris. Spirit of Appalachia series.
Hawk Spencer, a recent widow and lapsed Christian, leads a wagon train of settlers west. Elizabeth and Patrick MacNeal, with their two children, join the train of pioneers. The series follows these two families through hardship, tragedy, rivalry, and romance.

Gilbert Morris. Wakefield Dynasty series.
Share the drama, intrigue, and adventure of England's history, and experience the struggles of those who fought so valiantly for religious liberty.

Lynn Morris and Gilbert Morris. Cheney Duvall, M.D. series.
Cheney Duvall is one of the first women to graduate from medical school after the Civil War, and she finds prejudice everywhere she practices.

Harold Myra. Yosha and Asel series.
An allegory about a subterranean civilization which exists entirely in darkness. Yosha and Asel grow up in this world, but finally find that the way to the dawn is through the pit of sacrifice. Eventually their offspring will become the champions of those still trapped in the dark.

Janette Oke. Canadian West series.
Elizabeth Thatcher goes west to teach in a one room schoolhouse in Alberta, Canada. There she meets Royal Canadian Mountie Wynn Delaney. When they move north, the hardship there challenges their marriage and faith.

Janette Oke. Delaney Family series.
The Delaney siblings, Henry and Christine, rely on faith and family to help them deal with life's challenges.

Janette Oke. Prairie Romance series.
Clark and Marty Davis, both widowers, raise a large family on the frontier, facing hardships with faith and determination.

Janette Oke. A Prairie Legacy series.
Growing up is never easy. But a loving family, a strong faith, and a courageous spirit help Virginia Simpson meet the challenges of adulthood. Follow Virginia from adolescence to marriage as she learns to rely on God's guidance.

Janette Oke. Seasons of the Heart series.
Josh, an orphan, finds his security in God after his aunt, who has raised him, marries and moves away. However, as Josh grows up, he questions life, love, and God, but finally commits himself to the challenge of family and running the farm.

Janette Oke. Song of Acadia series.
In 1753, Catherine Price and Louise Belleveau, from rival English and French colonies in Acadia, meet while gathering flowers for their upcoming weddings. Their friendship grows despite language differences and the prospect of war looming.

Janette Oke. Women of the West series.
Stories of unusual Christian women who settle in the frontier West. They face the difficulties and sorrows that life sends their way and discover they are not alone.

Judith Pella. Lone Star Legacy series.
After the Civil War, Deborah marries a distant relative, but he was not who he seemed. Falsely accused of murder, she fled as an outlaw and began a new life and family. Twenty years later her past returns to haunt her, but faith in God will see her through.

Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson. Ribbons of Steel series.
Carolina Adams and her mentor James Baldwin share dreams for the railroad and its role in America's westward expansion, but Carolina faces a society that looks down on such aspirations in a young woman.

Judith Pella and Tracie Peterson. Ribbons West series.
This companion series continues the saga began in the Ribbons of Steel trilogy, now featuring the Baldwin children and the race to complete a transcontinental railroad.

Tracie Peterson. Westward Chronicles series.
Gripping suspense and romance weave through these tales of betrayal, grief, trust, and redemption. They are all based on America's historical Harvey Houses, a unique and intriguing early 1900s restaurant enterprise that focused on serving railway travelers.

Michael R. Phillips and Judith Pella. The Russians series.
Beginning in the 1870s, the lives of a peasant daughter and the daughter of a Russian prince are intertwined. The commoners struggle to survive and maintain their dignity and the nobility face uncertainties as the revolutionary underground threatens to explode.

Michael R. Phillips and Judith Pella. Stonewycke Trilogy series.
A sweeping saga of an aristocratic Scottish family during the mid-nineteenth century.

Michael R. Phillips and Judith Pella. Stonewycke Legacy series.
A continuation of the Stonewycke saga, featuring an aristocratic Scottish family and the challenges they face.

Michael R. Phillips and Judith Pella. Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister series.
Beginning with a wagon train journey west in the early 1850s, Corrie Hollister tries to make her way as a writer in a man’s world. She grapples with the reasons why people see the same events, like the Civil War, from different points of view.

Michael R. Phillips. Journals of Corrie and Chris series.
This companion series continues the story of Corrie Belle Hollister, now married to Christopher Braxton, a former pastor.

Michael R. Phillips. Secrets of Heathersleigh Hall series.
During World War One, Amanda Rutherford, a suffragette activist living in London, inherits the Heathersleigh estate in Devon. Soon she is working desperately to foil plots to rob her birthright and destroy England’s war effort, masterminded by a traitor with a false identity.

Deborah Raney. Camfield Saga series.
Missionary Daria Camfield returns home, grieving her husband’s death. She overcomes the loss of her husband and falls in love again, only to find out her husband is still alive.

Francine Rivers. Mark of the Lion series.
This series is set in ancient Rome, where the trials and passions experienced by so many of the early Christians come to life.

Lauraine Snelling. Red River of the North series.
This series tells the story of the Bjorklund family, Norweigan immigrants to the Red River Valley in North Dakota, late nineteenth century. The settlers must rely on their faith in God and family values.

Lauraine Snelling. Return to Red River series.
Thorliff Bjorklund has been writing since he was a young boy and now longs to attend college to study journalism. But his father has other plans for him and refuses to agree. Will family loyalty prevent him from fulfilling his dream?                                   

Bodie Thoene and Brock Thoene. Galway Chronicles series.
Just as Mad Molly Fahey predicted, it seems a miracle has come to Ballynockanor this Christmas Eve, 1841. A stranger named Joseph Connor arrives claiming to be the original lord’s heir, who was replaced with a tyrant after his death. Hope comes once more.

Bodie Thoene and Brock Thoene. Saga of the Sierras series.
This saga follows the lives of various settlers in California.

Bodie Thoene and Brock Thoene. Shiloh Legacy series.
Four men bond while fighting together on the battlefields of World War One. When they come home, they have to fight racial, religious, and cultural intolerance. Their own personal struggles for peace and security on the home front form the core of the series.

Bodie Thoene and Brock Thoene. Zion Legacy series.
This series portrays the sweeping historical saga of Jerusalem in May, 1948, when the British troops withdraw from Palestine, leaving behind hostile Jewish and Muslim forces poised for battle.

Bodie Thoene. Zion Chronicles series.
A sweeping historical drama of the birth of Israel out of the ashes of the Holocaust reveals the bravery of her people and their struggle against overwhelming odds. Rachel returns to Israel after the Holocaust and is caught up in Israel’s war for survival in 1948.

Bodie Thoene. Zion Covenant series.
Elisa Lindheim, Shimon and Leah Feldstein, and others are caught in the Nazi terror. Elisa, a Christian, struggles to resist and save those she can from the horrors of being Jewish in Europe during World War Two. They save Jewish children by smuggling them to Palestine.

James Walker. Wells Fargo Trail series.
Zachary Cobb finds adventure and love in the Old West as an undercover agent for Wells Fargo.

Marian Wells. Starlight Trilogy series.
Living in New York and the frontier districts of Ohio in the early 1800s, Jenny’s search for truth takes her from poverty and an abusive, alcoholic father, to an initially unhappy marriage to a young lawyer, and finally to fulfillment.

Marian Wells. Treasure Quest series.
Drawn into the abolitionist cause, Alexander and Thomas help slaves escape via the underground railroad to freedom in the North. Along the way they share their faith and find love.

Marian Wells. Wedding Album series.
Rebecca is fond of Joshua Smyth, son of the family that took her in after her parents’ death, but when she comes of age, she converts to Mormon and travels to Utah. She weds Andrew Jacobson and is happy, until they get home to his other wife and children.

Stephanie Whitson. Keepsake Legacy series.
Whitson uses a sentimental, physical object as a storytelling device to weave together these novels about overcoming hardships, finding love in unexpected places, and growing in faith. Each chapter opens with a scripture pertaining to the novel.

Lori Wick. The Californians series.
The Donovans left their home in Hawaii and sailed to San Francisco, unaware of how dramatically their lives were going to change. These heartwarming stories weave together the faith and romances of this courageous family with the lives and hearts of the people they meet.

Lori Wick. English Garden series.
Collingbourne, England. In 1810, William Jennings becomes the guardian of three children and his life changes dramatically, but he finds faith in God helps him adjust. Other neighbors and their relations have similar revelations.

Lori Wick. Inspirational Romance series.
Tender stories about the Cameron family. Hidden love flowers, and faith is nurtured, in the farmlands of nineteenth century Wisconsin.

Lori Wick. Kensington Chronicles series.
Travel to an era of wild adventure, gentle love, and courageous heroines who stand up for themselves and their beliefs. Set in striking landscapes, like the high seas or the courts of powerful kings, these historical tales follow the search for true love and peace.

Lori Wick. Rocky Mountain Memories series.
Adventure, romance, and unfailing faith are the three interlinke d themes of this series about the Fontaine and Taggart families. Set in the thrilling days of the pioneers, these stories explore real problems, wholesome romance, and solid Christian family values.

Lori Wick. Yellow Rose Trilogy series.
Three brothers- Slater, Dakota, and Cash Rawlings- learn to take life’s surprises in stride by trusting in God. They fall in love along the way.