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Whether there is spring in the air or the weather is dreary, you can enjoy your own slice of spring with these book selections by Reader Advisor Susan Higgins. Mystery, romance, family sagas, or science fiction, take your pick of stories that take place in the spring.

The Beginning of Spring by Penelope Fitzgerald.
A comedy of manners set in Russia in 1913. Frank Reid comes home one day to find that his wife and three children have left. The next day the children return, but not his wife. That is not the only curiosity in Reid's life-- a drunken bear cub gets loose in his house, and there is a break-in at his printing business. In the meantime he must find someone to care for his children. Enter Lisa Ivanovna, who may become more than a governess. RC 30345.

The Cat Who Sang for the Birds by Lilian Jackson Braun.
An elderly widow dies in a house fire after promising to leave her farm to the county. When a young artist also dies suspiciously, Qwilleran suspects that more than spring has arrived in Pickax. Meanwhile the Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum enjoy a gazebo that has been built for their bird watching pleasure. The Cat Who series, book 20. RC 46432, BR 11444.

Catch as Cat Can by Rita Mae Brown.
Just when the Crozet, Virginia, postmistress "Harry" Haristeen is welcoming the arrival of spring with her pets, cats Misses Murphy and Pewter and dog Tee Tucker, a local mechanic mysteriously dies. While they are investigating, Harry begins dating a handsome South American diplomat. Mrs. Murphy series, book 10. Some strong language. RC 53778.

Champagne Spring by Margaret Rome.
Chantal and her brother could hardly believe their luck when they inherited prosperous vineyards in France. However, their arrogant sophisticated neighbor, Marquis de la Roque, scoffs at their plans to work the land themselves. RC 18571.

Come the Spring by Julie Garwood.
U.S. Marshal Daniel Ryan tricks Cole into becoming a marshal, and together they track down a gang of bank robbers. In the process, both men fall in love with women who were in the bank. Clayborne Brides series, book 5. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. RC 45564.

The Last Ambassador by Bernard Kalb and Marvin Kalb.
This story of war, love, and betrayal during the final spring of South Viet Nam focuses on American Ambassador Hadden Walker--career diplomat, southern gentleman, and "true believer." Some strong language. RC 17399.

The Lost Salt Gift of Blood: New and Selected Stories by Alistair MacLeod.
Collection of stories by an established Canadian author who draws on childhood memories and folktales. Set primarily in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, these stories include detailed descriptions of the stark, beautiful landscape and the lives of fishermen, farmers, miners, and lighthouse keepers. RC 28436.

Madensky Square by Eva Ibbotson.
Susanna Weber's dress salon in Madensky Square is the focal point of a small neighborhood in Vienna just prior to World War I. On the first day of spring in 1911, Susanna begins to keep a diary. Through it she reveals the good and bad times in her life and in the lives of the residents of Madensky Square. RC 28975.

A Matter of Feeling by Janine Boissard.
Events of a winter and spring in the life of the Moreau family, who have a happy, comfortable home outside Paris. Centers on seventeen-year-old Pauline, who hopes to be a writer, and her bittersweet romance with Pierre, a forty-year-old Parisian artist. Moreau Family series, book 1. Some strong language. RC 16316.

Nightbloom by Herbert Lieberman.
Frank Mooney, an overweight New York detective, is convinced that a lone madman is responsible for dropping heavy objects from rooftops in the theater district and killing five pedestrians-- one each spring. A slender clue provided by a Demerol addicted fugitive with a bizarre past puts Mooney into a race to find the Bombardier before the annual murder. Strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. RC 21055.

No Body by Nancy Pickard.
Lucille Grant, president of the Union Hill Cemetery Historical Society, always goes to visit her ancestors on the first warm spring day. But as she stands by her grandfather's grave, the muddy ground begins to give away, and Lucille realizes there is no body buried there. Before long, it is discovered that 133 bodies are missing. Jenny Cain is called in to dig up some answers. Jenny Cain series, book 3. Some strong language. RC 41394.

Old Red, and Other Stories by Caroline Gordon.
Thirteen short stories of the rural South, depicting the rhythm and detail of its middle class life. RC 24272.

Once upon a Time on the Banks by Cathie Pelletier.
When in the spring of 1969, in Mattagash, Maine, Amy Joy Lawler announces her plans to marry Jean Claude Cloutier, her mother becomes ill. How dare Amy Joy marry someone from Watertown, the wrong side of the tracks, who is not only French, but Roman Catholic. The citizens plan for the social event of the year with various goals in mind-- stealing hubcaps, hijacking the van carrying food for the wedding, and kidnapping the groom. Mattagash, Maine series, book 2. RC 31320.

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone by Tennessee Williams.
Mrs. Stone, former American actress, wealthy, middle aged, and widowed, is biding her time in Rome when the Contessa, a female pimp, introduces her to Paolo, a handsome young gigolo. As the novel begins, Mrs. Stone laments her fading beauty and the end of her stage career. In part two she muses on the demise of her way of life and of her husband and enjoys her current affair. Finally, Mrs. Stone must deal with her attempt to replace real life with fantasy. RC 37632, BR 11585.

Seasons of Her Life by Fern Michaels.
In the spring of her life, Ruby escapes an abusive father and servile mother, heads to Washington, D.C., and becomes an admiral's secretary. "Summer" finds Ruby with two children and an abusive husband. In her "fall," Ruby starts a cookie business with a friend and finds happiness in her "winter." Strong language and some descriptions of sex. RC 44286.

Second Chances by Alice Adams.
Describes the hopes and fears, losses and gains of six affluent old friends entering the "false spring" of early advanced age in a comfortable California enclave called San Sebastian. Follows their lives through the course of a year, during which they experience their new views of themselves as aging. RC 28131.

See Jane Run by Joy Fielding.
One afternoon in late spring, Boston housewife Jane Whittaker goes to the store for some milk and eggs and forgets who she is. What is happening to her? She remembers why she went to the store, but she has no idea who she is, or where she is. Then she realizes that her dress is covered with blood and her coat pockets are full of $100 bills! Some strong language. RC 32049.

Snow in April by Rosamunde Pilcher.
Caroline Cliburn is supposed to be married in a few days. But first she and her brother Jody are determined to find their vanished brother Angus, who is working in Scotland. They only expect to be gone for a few days, but when a spring snowstorm hits and they have a car accident, they end up at the home of Oliver Cairney, a charming bachelor. RC 42485, BR 3159.

Spring Always Comes by Emilie Loring.
Vivacious Connie Wyndham returns to Stony Brook to attend to her father's estate. When her brother is threatened with blackmail, Connie turns to a former love for help and sets a course for disaster. RC 18127.

Spring Came on Forever by Bess Streeter Aldrich.
Depicts the lives of two German-American pioneer families who come to Nebraska in covered wagons. RC 26690.

Spring Fancy by LaVyrle Spencer.
Only a few months before her own wedding, Winnifred Gardner is to be the maid of honor at the Minnesota wedding of her friends Sandy and Mick. Winn, a practical young woman, is certain that plans for her own wedding are well organized and that nothing can go wrong. Then she meets Joseph Duggan, best man at Sandy and Mick's wedding. Some descriptions of sex. RC 30749, BR 8174.

Spring's Gentle Promise by Janette Oke.
The farm had belonged to Grandpa and Uncle Charlie. Now it belongs to Josh, and it is up to him to make the farm bring forth and support them. Then Josh adds the challenge of a family of his own. All is well until the Great Depression hits. It will take Josh's great faith in God to see that he and his family make it. Seasons of the Heart series, book 4. RC 31897.

Voyage to Santa Fe by Janice Holt Giles.
Married less than a year, Judith Fowler sets out with her husband in the spring of 1823 on the long trek from Arkansas Territory to Santa Fe. The journey by wagon train tries their love many times over. Cooper and Fowler Families series, book 6. RC 12836.

When Comes the Spring by Janette Oke.
Elizabeth, a schoolteacher from Toronto, is adjusting to life on the Canadian western frontier and her marriage to a Royal Canadian mountie. Their move to an outpost in the far north challenges their love for each other as they face the loneliness and the harsh winters. Canadian West series, book 2. RC 23583.

World's Spring edited by Vladimir Gakov.
Twenty prize winning science fiction stories from the Soviet Union. The title story is about the arrival of spring on a perpetually frozen world. The other stories deal with the themes of space, the future, time travel, parallel worlds, and aliens. RC 19674.