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Tactile Books

(December 2014)

This recommended reading list provides a broad list of tactile books. Tactile books are books that contain a textured item on at least one page. This list is recommended for those reading at a preschool through 2nd grade reading level up to a 4th through 7th reading level.

To order any of these titles, contact the library by email, mail or phone. You may also request these titles online through WolfPAC. Identification numbers for braille books begin with BR and large print books begin with LP. Happy Reading!

Preschool to Grade 2

Baby's World: A First Book of Senses by Grosset & Dunlap
LP 2454
This board book is filled with multiple interactive elements meant to stimulate the five senses. This book is perfect for babies 6 months or older and comes with textures to touch and feel and flaps to lift. A Sassy book. Board book. 2013

Fire Engine by DK Publishing, Inc.
BR 52183
Readers can feel different textures to explore items on a fire truck. A DK Touch and Feel book. Print/braille book. Board book. Uncontracted braille. 2012

Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger? by Betsy Snyder
BR 52186
All the critters love to be petted and patted, even the most unusual ones! Print/braille book. Board book. 2012

Little Puppies Love by Piggy Toes Press
BR 52124
Sweet, tiny puppies play with bright, colorful balls and crunchy leaves, cuddle soft, fluffy blankets and more in this fun book. Print/braille book. 2011.

Opposites by Xavier Deneux
LP 2459
Day, Night; Heavy, Light...an OPPOSITES concept book unlike any other. Board book. 2013.

Santa's Christmas by Bob Gordon
BR 51742
Santa is coming! Hang up your stocking and join in the fun with this sparkling touch and feel book. Print/Braille board book. 2005.

Shapes by DK Publishing, Inc.
LP 2453
From square, silky pillows to shiny stars, there are all sorts of textures to explore in this safe, sturdy book that encourages preschool learning. A DK Touch and Feel book. Board book. 2013.

That's Not My Train-- by Fiona Watt
LP 2568
A mouse searches for his train. Board book. 2006.

Touch and Feel Farm by DwellStudio
LP 2558

Learn about farm animals, a tractor, and a barn in this rhyming texture board book. 2009.

Kindergarten to Grade 3

Accepting Others as They Are: "Travis and the Dragon" by Trenna Daniells
BR 50251
BR 51488
Boo the Dragon wants to be friends with all the children, but they are frightened of him. Along with a boy named Travis, Boo learns how to accept others and not expect them to be the way you want them to be. A book about self-esteem. Print/braille book with no pictures. 1991.

All Things Change: "Maylene the Mermaid" by Trenna Daniells
BR 50249
BR 51487
Maylene the Mermaid learns that life doesn't always stay the same. Change is sometimes good. A book about self-esteem. Print/braille book with no pictures. 1991.

Grades 4 to 7

Cool as a Cucumber, Hot as a Pepper: Fruit Vegetables by Meredith Sayles Hughes
BR 12790
Discusses the history and uses of plants that are normally thought of as vegetables but share some of the traits of fruits, such as tomatoes, eggplants, avocados, cucumbers, peppers, squash, and breadfruit. Includes recipes. 1999.

Here Are the Mammals! by Harry Schuchman
BR 50110
Includes one page descriptions of various mammals from camels to rhinoceroses, along with raised line drawings of each. Print Braille. 1993.

Stinky and Stringy: Stem and Bulb Vegetables by Meredith Sayles Hughes
BR 12787
Describes historical origins, uses, and growing requirements of four bulb vegetables (garlic, onions, shallots, and leeks) and three stem vegetables (celery, asparagus, and rhubarb). Includes recipes. 1999.

Touch the Invisible Sky: A Multi-Wavelength Braille Book Featuring Tactile NASA Images by Noreen Grice
BR 18011
Discusses the Sun, the star Eta Carinae, the Crab nebula, the Kepler Supernova remnant, and the Whirlpool and Antennae galaxies. Describes the Chandra X-ray telescope and the Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes, which captured images of these celestial objects. Includes tactile photographs. PRINT/BRAILLE. 2007.

Touch the Sun: A NASA Braille Book by Noreen Grice
BR 17022
Astronomy teacher describes the Earth's closest star--the sun--and explains its layers, prominences, magnetic field lines, sunspots, and motion. Includes embossed shapes representing different views of the sun. PRINT/BRAILLE. 2005.