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You can subscribe to or borrow a wide variety of magazines through Wolfner Library. Topics available include the arts, news, sports, science, parenting, computers, health, and finance. Women's, men’s and children’s magazines are available, as well as several magazines written specifically for blind people.

To subscribe to a title or for help in determining if a magazine is available and in what format, call or e-mail Wolfner Library and we will be happy to assist you.

To view a listing of the magazines available from the National Library Service (NLS) and other organizations, visit NLS's Magazines in Special Media website or contact Wolfner Library to request a large print copy of the publication.

NLS Produced Magazines

Magazines produced by NLS are recorded on digital audio cartridge or produced in braille. The recorded magazines play on Wolfner Library’s digital players. They are mailed directly to you in paper envelopes with small address stickers. Braille magazines are also mailed to you directly. They generally arrive in cardboard boxes with small address stickers on them. These magazines are yours to keep and should not be returned to Wolfner Library.

Subscribing to NLS Magazines

To subscribe to an NLS magazine, contact Wolfner Library. Library staff will send your request to NLS. Do not contact NLS directly. All magazine subscriptions are handled through the regional libraries, so you must contact Wolfner Library to subscribe. Subscription processing often takes four to six weeks to complete. You will receive the first issue of the magazine you requested approximately two months after you place your order. No limit is placed on the number of magazines you may subscribe to through NLS. However, you should review your subscriptions periodically and cancel any you do not wish to continue receiving.

Wolfner-Circulated Magazines

You can also borrow magazines taped by other regional libraries. These magazines are not available on a subscription basis, but you can arrange to borrow them regularly from Wolfner Library. They will arrive in a standard library mailer with a reversible mailing label and should be returned to Wolfner Library when you are finished reading them. You can obtain a list of Wolfner-Circulated Magazines in braille, digital audio, or large print by contacting Wolfner Library.

Other Magazines in Alternate Format Sources

There are also magazines in recorded and braille formats that are produced by private organizations and other agencies. We can help you learn if a particular magazine is available, its cost, its format and how to subscribe. A subscription fee may be charged for some of these magazines. Wolfner Library cannot pay subscription fees.