Adult Winter Reading Program

Each January-March, Wolfner Library offers an Adult Winter Reading Program. Each year features a unique theme and a choice of 100 titles to read. Prizes are awarded to top readers and there is a selection of smaller, randomly drawn participation prizes.

The 2019 Adult Winter Reading Program ended in March. Voting for the 2020 theme ended on June 1, 2019. Results will be announced in the fall edition of Wolfner News

Previous Themes:

Below are the available recommended reading lists for previous years. Feel free to explore the themes to find new books to experience! All of the lists are linked to BARD.

2019: And the Award Goes To...

2018: Read-a-Likes

2017: Passport to Adventure

2016: Thrillers and Killers (Mysteries and True Crime)

2015: The Beginning of Our Great Nation (American History)

2014: Broaden Your Horizon! Read Locally Produced Books

2013: Books Made Into Movies 

2012: Stories from Our Past: American Historical Fiction

2011: Mystery Loves Company

2010: Getting to Know You (Biographies)