Wolfie's Mail and Make Kits

Wolfie dressed in a white smock, with paint on his paws and craft supplies covering over the floor and coming out of boxes and envelopes

Welcome to Wolfie's Mail and Make Program!


These crafts are for Wolfner Library's patrons who are developmentally between 8 and 13. Crafts are mailed out four times a year. Each craft will have large-print instructions included in the mailing and a video connected to the craft's activity badge through Wolfner Library's Beanstack Program: https://wolfpac.beanstack.org/.
Ready to sign a patron up to receive Mail and Make kits?  Participants must be registered patrons of Wolfner Library.  Signing up for the Mail and Make program is easy...just go to the following page: Wolfie's Mail and Make Program Registration. This form is needed to make sure the crafts are sent to the appropriate address. Or contact the library via email at [email protected]. You may also call the Wolfner Library at 800-392-2614 and ask for the our Youth Services Specialist, Lisa Kincaid. 

Mail and Make kits are designed for youth patrons working at an 8- to 13-year-old skill level, but are also open to adult patrons with intellectual challenges.  If you want to know more about the program, just contact us.




(To watch a how-to video on making a snowbuddy, go to How to Make a Snowbuddy.) 

Do you wanna build a snowman?  This month, Wolfner's Mail and Make participants will receive a craft kit for building their own indoor “snowbuddy”.  Kits will be sent out the week of January 30. Every other month this year, a different, unique kit will be sent to Mail and Make subscribers.  The kits will include supplies needed to make the craft, large-print instructions with the link to an online how-to video, and a list of recommended books tied to the theme of the project.

We would love to see pictures of your finished snowbuddies!  Photos should be of the project only, to protect the safety of our patrons.  Please email your Mail and Make photos to [email protected]