Touching and Sensing

Wolf Playing in Sand

Recommended Reading List



This is a list of print/braille and large print books available for you to check out that help support the Touching and Sensing skill from Wolfner Library’s Racing to Read curriculum. The books all have tactile elements.


To order any of these titles, contact the library by email, mail or phone. You may also request these titles online through WolfPAC. Identification numbers for print/braille books begin with BR and large print books begin with LP.




Babies (Birth through One)


Animal Kisses by Barney Saltzberg


A touch and feel book introducing words which name textures associated with various animals such as scratchy cat, velvety cow, and rubbery fish. Print/Braille board book. 2008.


Baby Animal Kisses: A Touch and Feel Book by Barney Saltzberg


Animal babies and their parents kiss. Print/Braille. Board book. Tactile. 2001.


Baby's Very First Touchy-Feely Book by Katrina Fearn

BR051991 (Uncontracted UEB)

High contrast illustrations and touchy-feely patches are specially designed to appeal to the very young. Designed by Katrina Fearn. Print/braille. 2009.


Baby's World: A First Book of Senses by Grosset & Dunlap


This board book is filled with multiple interactive elements meant to stimulate the five senses. This book is perfect for babies 6 months or older and comes with textures to touch and feel and flaps to lift. A Sassy book. Tactile book. Board book. 2013


Dinosaur by DK Publishing, Inc.


The reader is invited to touch the textured illustrations of various dinosaurs. A DK Touch and Feel book. Print/braille book. Tactile. Board book. 2008


Happy Birthday by Dawn Sirett


From a cupcake with sprinkles to party hats and balloons, this book presents things associated with children's birthday parties. A Baby Touch and Feel book. Photos by Dave King. Edited by Shannon Beatty. Board book. Tactile book. 2013.


If I Were a Monkey by Anne Wilkinson


Each page depicts monkey characteristics accompanied with sensory stimulating materials for youngsters to explore. An If I Were Print/Braille. Tactile. Board book. 2008.


Quack! Quack! by Roger Piddy

BR052125 (Uncontracted) 

Large areas of textured fabrics for children to touch and feel. Touch and feel words as well as pictures helps babies to develop sensory awareness. Soft to touch flocked words and pictures. A Baby Touch and Feel book. Print/braille book. Tactile. 2004.


That's Not My Squirrel--- by Fiona Watt

BR052267 (Uncontracted)

A mouse searches for its squirrel. Print/Braille tactile board book. Uncontracted braille. 2016.


Touch and Feel: Clothes by DK Publishing, Inc.


A Touch and Feel book. Bright pictures and realistic textures to explore. Print/braille board book. For preschoolers. Tactile book. 1998.


Toddlers (Two through Three)


Cuddly Baby by Fiona Watt

BR051741 (Uncontracted)

Babies cuddle various animals and a blanket. Print/Uncontracted Braille tactile board book. 2006.


Dance Bunny Dance by Jellycat


A little rabbit has big dreams of becoming a ballerina. Print/Braille. Tactile. Board book. 2008.


Just Like Mommy by Cecilia Johansson


Baby animals enjoy playing and try to act like their mothers. Print/Braille tactile board book. 2006.


Little Feet Love by Piggy Toes Press


Adorable tiny tootsies walk across fresh green grass, cuddle up to a soft blanket, crunch in fall leaves and more! Print/braille. 2009.


On the Farm by Little Bee Books

BR052279 (Uncontracted UEB)

A touch-and-feel board book featuring baby animals and their mamas. Print/braille tactile board book. Uncontracted braille. 2015.


Playtime Peekaboo! by Dawn Sirett

BR052086 (Uncontracted) 

Babies use their imaginations when they play. Illustrated by Victoria Blackie. 2005.


The Touch Me Book by Pat Witte


A favorite of parents and children for years, contains fun things to feel, like soft puppies and spongy sponges! Print/braille and Tactile Book. 1992.


Toys by DK Publishing, Inc.

BR052227 (Uncontracted) 

A train, a drum, stuffed animals, dolls, and more of baby's favorite playtime things are waiting to be discovered. A DK Touch and Feel book. Print/braille book. Tactile. 2014.


The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

BR050291 (UEB) 

All the farm animals try to divert a busy little spider from spinning her web. Raised line drawings of the web help the reader follow the progress of the web to its completion. Print/braille tactile board book. 1985.


Preschool (Four through Six)


The Caterpillar by Josephine M. Stratton


A visually impaired child discovers something in her backyard. Print/Braille. Tactile. On the Way to Literacy series. 1991.


Feely Bugs: To Touch and Feel by David Carter


Fuzzy bugs, feathery bugs, lacy bugs, and leathery bugs are among the tempting textures that kids of all ages will want to identify (and play with.) Print/braille tactile board book. 1995.


Fire Engine by DK Publishing, Inc.

BR052183 (Uncontracted)

Readers can feel different textures to explore items on a fire truck. A DK Touch and Feel book. Print/braille book. Tactile. Board book. Uncontracted braille. 2012


My Fuzzy Safari Babies by Tad Hills


Baby animals ask young readers to feel their fur. Print/Braille. Board book. Tactile. 2001. 


Pet the Baby Farm Animals by Lucinda McQueen


Come pet the furry bunny. Feel the little lamb's wooly fleece. Touch the piglet's fuzzy back. They're all in this book--along with other soft, new baby animals. Come meet them. They're waiting to be petted by tiny hands! Print/Braille, Tactile, Sturdy Book. 1996.


Touch and Feel Farm by DwellStudio


Learn about farm animals, a tractor, and a barn in this rhyming texture board book. Tactile book. Board book. 2009.


Wake Up, Little Ones by Piggy Toes Press


How do mama and papa farm animals wake up their little ones? Touch and feel the baby animals in this sweet good morning tale and find out. Illustrated by Melanie Mitchell. Designed by Arlene LeFebre. Print/braille. Tactile book. 2009.


Where Is Love, Biscuit? by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

BR051994 (UEB)

Discover all the wonderful places where love can be found in this delightful touch-and-feel adventure! Print/braille. 2009.


Who Do You Love? A Touch and Feel Book by Margaret Wang


Several bear families show their love in this story. Print/Braille. Tactile. 2006.