Wolfner :: Volunteer Intro :: Reviewer

Volunteer Work Description

Title:  Audiobook Reviewer

Major Function:
Ensuring the quality of production for a recorded book .


  • Satisfaction of providing a needed service.
  • Experience in evaluating recorded material.
  • Gaining knowledge of books and materials related to Missouri.


  • Critique the accuracy of the narration against the text for recorded material prior to distribution.
  • Critique the consistency of overall technical quality.
  • Critique the artistic elements of the completed recording.
  • Note clearly all errors, and where they occur in the text.
  • Ensure that announcement and format standards are adhered to.
  • Check labels to ensure accuracy.


  • Ability to read print material easily.
  • Ability to listen effectively.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to use a dictionary and other reference material, including online.
  • Ability to acquire competence in handling audio playback equipment.
  • Good command of the American English language.
  • Sensitivity to artistic elements of spoken communication.
  • High degree of discipline, motivation, thoroughness, and attention to detail.

Training Required:
Individual training in recording process

Time Commitment:
2 hours per week

Staff Contact:

Randy Wright, Director of Production and Special Projects 

[email protected]