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Missouri Birth & Death Records Database

Permanent Record of Births

County Roll Number Page Number
Hickory C 2708 91 380

Date of Return
  1. Name of Child
  2. Sex
  3. No. of Child of this Mother
Race or Color
  1. Date of Birth
  2. Place of Birth
Mar 14 1885
  1. Sidney Young
  2. male
  3. 2
  1. Feb 14th 1885
  2. Cross Timbers TP Hickory Co. MO

  1. Nationality of Father
  2. Place of Birth
  1. Nationality of Mother
  2. Place of Birth
  1. Native
  2. Dade Co. MO
  1. Native
  2. Ill

  1. Full Name of Mother
  2. Maiden Name of Mother
  3. Residence of Mother
  1. Full Name of Father
  2. Occupation
  1. Name and Address of Medical Attendant
  2. Name and Address of Person making Certificate
  3. Returned by
  1. Lusenda E. Young
  2. McLould
  3. Cross Timbers TP Hickory Co. MO
  1. H. S. Young
  2. Farmer
  1. G. S. Millikan MD Preston MO
  2. G. S. Millikan, Preston, MO
  3. G. S. Millikan


Due to possible errors or discrepancies in this abstract it is recommended that researchers request a print copy. To request a copy of this record, please print a copy of this page and mail it to the Missouri State Archives, PO Box 1747, 600 W. Main Street,  Jefferson City, MO  65101 with a check or money order for $1.00 made payable to the Missouri State Archives.  Please include a #10 business size, stamped, self-addressed envelope with each request.  Please submit one photocopy request at a time.
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