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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Ada May Drake Mexico,MO Audrain July 5, 1883 Morgan Drake Mary Drake Mary Wetmore Detail
Paris, Audrain Co.MO Audrain July 11, 1883 Jackson Paris Martha A Paris Detail
Hall, Audrain Co.MO Audrain July 19, 1883 Geo.P Hall Susan Hall Detail
Guy O McFarlane Mexico,MO Audrain July 22, 1883 Geo.B McFarlane Alice O McFarlane Alice O'Rean Detail
Allen, Mexico,MO Audrain July 30, 1883 John Allen Martha Allen Marhta Hampton Detail
Haines, Mexico,MO Audrain August 17, 1883 Joshua Haines Mollie Haines Detail
Shafer, Mexico,MO Audrain August 17, 1883 N B Shafer A F Shafer Detail
Griggs, Audrain Co.MO Audrain August 23, 1883 Albert Griggs Mary J Griggs Mary J Morris Detail
Norton, Mexico,MO. Audrain July 21, 1883 Harry Norton Pheny Norton Pheny Cripps Detail
James S. Dunn Mexico,MO Audrain August 4, 1883 Saml.A Dunn Mattie J Dunn Mattie J Bartee Detail
Brashears, Audrain Co.MO Audrain August 12, 1883 Guy Brashears Rhoda Brashears Detail
Pediford, Audrain Co.MO Audrain August 23, 1883 R D Pediford Detail
Cunningham, Mexico,MO. Audrain Sept.3, 1883 Jack Cunningham Lucy Cunningham Lucy Gay Detail
Fowles, Audrain Co.MO Audrain July 15, 1883 W L Fowles Nannie Fowles Nannie West Detail
Emma Mason Mexico,MO. Audrain July 15, 1883 J Wick Mason Belle Lee Mason Belle Lee Detail
Elvira Lee Cuivre Twp.Audrain Audrain July 16, 1883 Jas. W. Lee Mary L Lee Mary L Smith Detail
Eva Lee Mexico,MO Audrain August 11, 1883 Leslie E Lee Sally Lee Sally Jones Detail
Clark, Mexico,MO Audrain Sept.11, 1883 Jno. M. Clark Hattie L Clark Hattie L Flye Detail
Forbitt, Mexico,MO Audrain August 1, 1883 Jno. M. Forbitt Mary Forbitt Mary Hill Detail
Gass, Audrain Co.MO Audrain August 22, 1883 Albert G. Gass Ann E Gass Ann E Spencer Detail
Brewer, Rush Hill,MO Audrain July 20, 1883 A.L.Brewer Juliet Brewer Juliet Lanius Detail
Lida Gibson Mexico,MO. Audrain Aug.1, 1883 Thos.J. Gibson Sally Gibson Sally Clendenon Detail
Myrtle Williams Audrain Co.MO Audrain Aug.1, 1883 Edw.F.Williams Maggie C Williams Maggie C Phillips Detail
Campbell, Mexico,MO Audrain Aug.4, 1883 Jno.Campbell Detail
Thos. Keath Mexico,MO Audrain Aug.18, 1883 E.B.Keath Emma J Keath Emma J Goodwin Detail
Saml. Edw. Lee Mexico,MO Audrain Aug.25, 1883 Jas.E.Lee Nancy E Lee Nancy E Mason Detail
Johnston, Farber,Audrain Co. Audrain Sept.5, 1883 Wm Johnston Ellen J Johnston Ellen J Sykes Detail
Smith, Mexico,MO. Audrain Sept.19, 1883 Chas F Smith Maggie N Smith Maggie N Garretson Detail
Ora Greeves Laddonia,MO. Audrain July 15, 1883 Wm D Greeves Jennie S Greeves Jennie S Shrout Detail
Montgomery, Laddonia,MO. Audrain Aug.24, 1883 Chas. Montgomery Ada Mongomery Ada Hapgood Detail
Westley H. Kemp Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Aug.21, 1883 Jas.H Kemp Sallie L Kemp Sallie L Canterbury Detail
Mundy, Laddonia,MO. Audrain Sept.10, 1883 Ruben E Mundy Rebecca D Mundy Rebecca D Westrope Detail
Louie L.Leet Laddonia,MO. Audrain July 11, 1883 Archie Leet Annie Leet Annie Clark Detail
Jno. Wm.Ramsour Loutre Twp.Audrain Audrain Aug.14, 1883 Michael Ramsour Nancy E Ramsout Nancy E Cox Detail
McIntyre, Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.20, 1883 Alfred M McIntyre Virginia McIntyre Virginia Early Detail
Willie Olivia Cox Laddonia,MO. Audrain Aug.20, 1883 Jno.W Cox Eulalie Sarvant Cox Eulalie S Hoskins Detail
Cox, Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Aug.30, 1883 Jas. A Cox Martha E Cox Detail
Shell, Laddonia.MO Audrain Sept.13, 1883 Jas. R Shell Neppie Shell Neppie McCune Detail
Geo.A.Cosby, Laddonia.MO Audrain Sept.16, 1883 Joe Cosby Fannie Cosby Fannie Wagner Detail
Marie F Akridge Prairie Tp.Audrain Audrain Sept.18, 1883 F S Akridge Marie R Akridge Marie R Thomas Detail
Lewis, Audrain Co.MO Audrain Sept.18, 1883 Geo W Lewis Nancy Lewis Nancy Day Detail
Alice W Cook Laddonia Mo Audrain Sept.22, 1883 W R Cook Sarah F Cook Sarah F Cols?in Detail
McGuire, Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Aug.1, 1883 Thos M McGuire Margaret McGuire Margaret Horton Detail
Sallie Ann Woolery Audrain Co.MO Audrain July 1, 1883 Geo F Woolery Nancy C Woolery Nancy C Cleeton Detail
Williams, Mexico,MO Audrain July 29, 1883 Franklin P Williams Alvira Williams Alvira Dawson Detail
Jones, Audrain Co.MO Audrain Aug.1, 1883 Geo Jones Laura B Jones Laura B Curdt Detail
Minnie Jerman Audrain Co.MO Audrain Aug.6, 1883 Thos J Jerman Sarah N Jerman Sarah N Park Detail
Baker, Audrain Co.MO Audrain Aug.23, 1883 Zack S Baker Sarah E Baker Sarah E Grindstaff Detail
Beulah Wright Audrain Co.MO Audrain Aug.25, 1883 Saml. O Wright Wilmoth A Wright Wilmoth A Gillispie Detail
Beulah M Davis Audrain Co.MO Audrain Sept.2, 1883 Jas Hord Davis Mary C Davis Mary C Robinson Detail
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