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Record 51 thru 100 of 1717

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Boulwan, Sarah L. Clay Twp Clark Aug 4th 1884 Boulwan, M. N. Boulwan, Sarah L. Caiskadden Detail
Beeson, Madison Twp Clark Aug 27th 1884 Beeson, Byron Palmer Beeson, Alice Virginia Rhoads Detail
Blyfield, Mary clay Twp Clark Sept 17th 1884 Blyfield, Henry Blyfield, Julia Blyfield Detail
Brown, Sweet home Twp Clark Sept 21st 1884 Brown, Pinckney E. Brown, Sarah L. Webster Detail
Brewster, Grant Twp Clark Sept 18th 1884 Brewster, George Brewster, Malinda Neff Detail
Bogue, Lincoln Twp Clark Sept 3rd 1884 Bogue, Nathaniel Bogue, Mary E. Rittenhouse Detail
Bennett, Clay Twp Clark Nov 295h 1884 Bennett, Thomas T. Bennett Bash Detail
Blum, Julia Lincoln Twp, MO Clark Dec 1st 1884 Blum, Jacob Blum, Julia Tolmann Detail
Brewer, Jackson Twp Clark Dec 18th 1884 Brewer, J. H. Brewer, Lucia Riney Detail
Buckley, Folker Twp Clark Jan 10th 1885 Buckley, Daniel Buckley, Mary Emma Ferguson Detail
Butler, Gertrude Perscilla Wyaconda Twp Clark Jan 11th 1885 Butler, Daniel Milton Butler, Martha Victoria Myers Detail
Billings, Wyaconda Twp Clark Jan 28th 1885 Billings. Anson J. Billings, Caroline Miers Detail
Beers, Eli S. Washington Twp Clark Jan 25th 1885 Beers, William H. Beers, Nancy A. Walker Detail
Baker, Maggie Edith Athens, MO Clark Feb 7th 1885 Baker, George Clark Baker, Clarissa Emma Fentum Detail
Bennett, Clay Twp Clark Mar 1st 1885 Bennett, William Bennett, Mary Jane Bash Detail
Banks, Harriet L. Clay Twp Clark Mar 4th 1885 Banks, George W. Banks, Carrey Knieper Detail
Baird, Edie May Jefferson Twp Clark Mar 8th 1885 Baird, Andrew B. Baird, Anna B. Stephens Detail
Butler, Clay Twp Clark Mar 25th 1885 Butler, Edward Hogan Detail
Blum, Kahoka, MO Clark Mar 12th 1885 Blum, Henry Blum, Augusta E. Weigner Detail
Buckner, George Lowry Peaksville, MO Clark Feb 8th 1885 Buckner, Arthur J. Buckner, Florence V. West Detail
Bartlett, DesMoines Twp, MO Clark April 1eth 1885 Bartlett, Henry Bartlett, Mary Cook Detail
Burkett, Washington Twp Clark April 17th 1885 Burkett, Thomas J. Burkett, Minerva J. Anderson Detail
Ballard, Lincoln Twp Clark July 2nd 1885 Ballard, Robert Mitchell Ballard, Alma Davis Detail
Beaird, Sweet Home Twp Clark July 20th 1885 Beaird, Samuel L. Beaird, Mary Ellen Hogan Detail
Baker, Jackson Twp Clark Aug 18th 1885 Baker, John Baker Boss Detail
Breckenridge, August C. Fairmont, MO Clark Aug 30th 1885 Buckenridge, Edison M Buckenridge, Annie Carothers Detail
Boyd, Melissa Clay Twp Clark Sept ~~1885 Boyd, William A Boyd, Amanda Sturgeon Detail
Burnett, Camora Sweet home Clark Sept 23rd 1885 Barnett, Thos R Barnett, Mary Jane Knox Detail
Bailey, Union Twp Clark Sept 17th 1885 Bailey, William E Bailey, Nettie Lewis Detail
Blatner, Washington Twp Clark Oct 10th 1885 Blatner, William H. Blatner, Emma Whitehead Detail
Ball, Sweet Home Twp Clark Nov 21st 1885 Ball, John A. Ball, Laura J. Kantz Detail
Boyles, Clay Twp Clark Nov 19 1885 Boyles, Arch. Boyles, Lizzie Boyles Detail
Brotherton, Grace Union Twp Clark Jan 12th 1886 Brotherton, Joshua F. Brotherton, Adelia J. White Detail
Boley, Joseph Lincoln Twp Clark Jan 24th 1886 Boley, Isaac Boley, Margaret Davidson Detail
Brewster, Ira Ellis Grant Twp Clark Feb 7th 1885 Brewster, John Brewster, Jane Nixon Detail
Botkins, Israel J. H. Jefferson Twp Clark Feb 19th 1886 Botkin, Miriam M. Botkin, Miriam M. Wilson Detail
Board, Washington Twp Clark Mar 6th 1886 Board, Albert S. Board, Amanda E. Suter Detail
Baldwin, Alexandria Twp Clark Mar 7th 1886 Baldwin, Alonzo Baldwin, Bettie Goode Detail
Beard, Clay Twp Clark Mar 25th 1886 Beard, George H. Beard, Mary F. Moore Detail
Brown, Clarinda Jefferson Twp Clark Apr 2nd 1886 Brown, Mark Brown, Pauline Gammon Detail
Bane, Cyrus Claude Jackson Twp Clark Apr 11th 1886 Bane W. T. Bane E. Tryon Detail
Beidman, Pennie C. Grant Twp Clark Apr 23rd 1886 Beidman, Talbot Beidman, Emma F. Wilson Detail
Barnes, Union Twp Clark June 13th 1886 Barnes, Wm. S. Barnes, May A Nichols Detail
Brickey, Loomis Winchester, MO Clark July 19th 1886 Brickey, James Brickey, Sarah E. McCarty Detail
Bennett, Jackson Twp Clark Aug 5th 1886 Bennett, Wm Bennett, Lucy Bash Detail
Baker, Union Twp Clark Aug 23rd a886 Baker, John Baker, Annie Stanforth Detail
Brannan, Jackson Twp Clark Aug 26th 1886 Brannan, Thos. Brannan, Mary Wheeley Detail
Bogener, Union Twp Clark Sept 9th 1886 Bogener, J. H. Bogener, Allenia Hall Detail
Butler, Clay Twp Clark Oct 15th 1886 Butler, Geo Butler, Lizzie Detail
Breeden, Clay Twp Clark Oct 16th 1886 Breeden, Jesse Breeden, Susan Reed Detail
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